Tim Horton's Field

Though I searched I couldn't find any reviews of the new stadium experience.

My first experience was like looking at a photo of your child - upside down. It was very familiar - but it just didn't feel right.

I'll begin by saying that the actual game experience is satisfying and fine. Though it took a while to get used to the massive difference in the distance from the field (ie the height of my seats) there really was no complaints. It was nice to have an actual seat with a back rest, and a personal space in which to enjoy the game. While I know it won't last - it was a pleasure to not have to listen to the mindless promotions, loud music, and useless announcer over the PA system - as it wasn;t working.

Pretty much everything about the stadium disappointed me. The hike up to my section and seat felt like a minor mountain expedition. I didn't think the stairs would ever end. It's a good thing I didn't bring my 70 year old father - cuz I doubt he would have made it.

The concourse is way too small to handle a capacity crowd, while it is structurally fine ... it is clear the designers never gave one thought to user experience. It is overcrowded, and not conducive to crowd movement. Any thought of meeting friends at the smoking area were squashed half way to the exit when I realized how long it was taking ... so I gathered my donkey and Sherpa and embarked on the mountain hike back to my section.

The weather was a PERFECT example of why I have always been disappointed in the lack of an awning over the stands. While the powers that be announced the game as a sell-out - it was rather sad to see 50% of the fans seeking shelter on the concourse level from the elements ... instead of sitting in their seats cheering on the team. I will NEVER , EVER forgive the designers for not including weather protection of any kind on the east end stands - it's cheap, and bush league, and totally detracts from the game day experience.

The stadium is OK ... it's not conducive to in game movement, has no protection from the elements, and is quite crowded on the concourse level. The seats are much higher than the old IWS ... and the scoreboard - while offering a sharp image - is a bit undersized. By the way what's with ALL stalls in the men's washroom ?? Urinals would make it that much more efficient.

Don't hate it. But I definitely don't like it as much as I should or could have.
What can I say - it's typically Hamilton.

WOW ! you wanna Hug :roll:

I'd like to thank the lovely young woman who frisked me when I entered the stadium. It got the entire experience off to a good start!

Note to self: Always choose a line-up with females doing the frisking.

WOW ! you wanna Hug
Wow ... wanna make a point ?

Mine was something like :
For $145 + million one might expect an actual improvement over what was replaced ... other than seats with back rests and a little leg room ... there wasn't any marked improvement in any facet of the game day experience.

What was yours ? :roll: :roll:

I’m quite surprised at your experience. I’ve had a couple extra seats per game this year and have taken different friends each time. All of them, myself included absolutely love THF, from the beginning of the Gate entrance, to the cup holder on your seat. I find it gives you such a "welcome home kind of feeling (along with Staff who we have found very kind and helpful). When my wife and I went to go see the STH Wall, we just paused and looked at the stadium, the fans, the experience and just felt happy that the new stadium is here.

We cannot wait until next year when THF has all the furnishings completed. It’s a shame you had such a bad experience. To me, Hamilton has certainly taken the rights steps to keep up with the times. Traditions, or new traditions have to start somewhere.

OSKEE WEE WEE my friends.

I've had ST for over 35 tears and love this new stadium. If you want shelter go to RC or stay home. We certainly won't miss you.

I had a first timer sitting next to me from Toronto and he loved THF and the atmosphere. I'll agree to the complaint about the concourse somewhat. Let's see next year when the concessions are fully equipped and not on a temporary game by game permit. This should move people quicker and not have lines crowding those just standing around.

As far as shelter goes...... we all knew for a week it was going to be cold and raining . What part of being a grown up and dressing appropriately do you not understand? I was warm and dry and I never left my seat for anything. If you want a covered facility..... pony up the extra few million dollars required.

I assume you'll not be going to the EAST DIVISION FINAL! :rockin:

What part of being a grown up and dressing appropriately do you not understand? I was warm and dry and I never left my seat for anything. If you want a covered facility..... pony up the extra few million dollars required.
I was dressed absolutely appropriately, and only left my seat at half time - thank-you very much ... your post could have been directed to the 40% of the stadium that wasn't in their seat through most of the game.

I understand the low standards of Hamilton ... but to try and defend them through insults is audacious.

I'll just assume what the A stands for in your screen name.

It's not a written rule here but it should be.


Someone drop a ban hammer on this guy!

Whats the point of this thread. We have a bunch others covering the same topic.

Also whats the difference between this stadium and ivor wynne? Millions of dolalrs in extra game say revenue that makes the ticats profitable for the first time in 40 years

Also 145$ million doesnt get u a whole lot. Nfl stadiums cost $1billion. Sask and winnipeg stadiums cost almost double thf.

The scoreboard is undersized? Have another? Its the largest outdoor board in canada. Much larger than the one at ivor wynne and larger than the board ar the rogers centre.


Pony up and pay the extra few million for an awning? News flash. Stadium roofs cost $100 million. As a tax payer id rather not pay that so someone like you who attends one game a yr doesnt get wet.

Have a look at what a roof cost winniepg and bmo. Also the delay it caused investors. Why would we spend $100 million on a roof when most games are in the summer sunshine. So you want to spend 100 mill on a roof thats useful for 4 fall games. You must think money grows on trees.

Wow I give you credit for reading the entire post. I stopped after the upside down child sentence.

Small scoreboard, ok he's not the whiner I thought he was. It's a troll
Montreal fan obviously

I will call it, the guy is clearly an idiot ! Anyone that post that after a huge win like that has issues ! :cowboy:

The Stadium is Awesome ! and Arguably one of the Best in Canada :rockin:

so your insulting remarks about Hamilton right off the bat are what? You creating this thread in the first place is audacious in itself. You're the only one of the 40%(i'm sure you counted them) to openly complain after the last home game of the season. If you only go to one game a year, then your opinion is nothing more than Hamilton bashing.
If you want to whine about something do it once youve been there an entire season. Then maybe your moaning will at least be taken somewhat in stride.

Flying A is clearly an upset Montreal or possible Arhol troll.

He's a Montreal fan, now that Stadium in Montreal needs some overhaul :roll:

my first thought was Montreal but than I thought his comment about sitting in the elements sounds like something a limpwristed Torontonian would say :wink:

"I can't wear my pumps in this weather, I hate Hamilton"

You know what, people; an opinion has been expressed that is clearly not agreed to by most (all) of you.

This man is entitled to that opinion whether we agree with him or not. Move on....

And we are entitled to our own opinion about his opinion. It goes both ways. Give and take.

No need to move on, he created this thread to voice his opinion. Forums are made for discussion. We are discussing his opinion with our own.

If this was his personal blog space all the power to him. But it isn't. This is a discussion forum. By creating this thread he opened himself up to a running dialogue about his views. We have just as much right to voice our disagreement with his opinion as he is to voice his.

If we were all just to "move on" there would be no point in discussion forums. May as well just post single articles in each thread.

sorry this a no troll zone. Maybe reread his post