Tim Horton's Field !!!!!!!!!!

BREAKING: New Hamilton stadium to be called Tim Hortons Field
The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Tim Hortons are set to announce a naming rights agreement for the new Pan Am Stadium that will see facility bear the coffee shop chain's moniker for 10 years, the Spectator has learned. It will be called Tim Hortons Field.
The Ticats have called a press conference for Friday afternoon where the deal is expected to be made official.

http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/ :thup: :thup: and it is sceduled to be on time, under budget :thup: :thup:

A multi million dollar deal over 10 years :thup:

Could be a lot worse. Memphis' arena (I think) is the KFC Yum Center. Somewhere in the US is the Amway Center. At least this makes some sense. Tim Horton lived in Hamilton and started the chain there.

A fitting partnership.

Fits well for sure. Sure glad it's not another bank or car company or airline company. Tim's is a meeting place and a community place for many people to socialize so it has a much better feel to it than many other businesses.

perfection with the naming rights partnership. Tim Horton's has a heavy amount of places throughout the Southern Ontario and into Northern NY so what better way to strenghthen their partnership and spread the Ti Cats to surrounding areas. I am sure there will be a Tim Horton's concession stand at the stadium as well. Purchasing Tickets for events at the Stadium through Tim Horton's will make things much easier for everyone.
With the spreading to Guelph this year. Probably seeing a traveling Training camp to surounding Universities of Hamilton will also be in the Future.
Things are indeed looking up for the Ti Cats for the future revenue wise.

...are the tiger-cats required to change their name to the Hamilton Tim-Bits?

..that would be really lame...not a good name for a football team

I like the Hamilton Maple Glazes

a perfect fit for 2 Hamilton institutions

You do your socializing at Tim Horton's? You really mingle in high places. :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

Tim Hortons Field is the most lucrative stadium naming rights deal in CFL history! :thup:

It seems the construction crew is always on coffee break - 3 months long. Fitting name.

That's not saying much.
What other stadiums are corporate named in the CFL ( besides rogers Centre, which the argos don't own anyway)?
BC place, commonwealth, McMahon, IWS, Lansdowne.
Leaves just mosaic, IGF, and possibly Percival Molson ( not sure if that's corporate or not? ).

What does investors group pay the bombers for naming rights?

Mosaic paid 5 million for naming rights if I recall. Can't remember if that was a 5 or 10 yr deal. That's decent coin. That's a whole year's payroll for a team. If Hamilton did better than that then they did good. :thup:

No it isn't. From the Als website:

Named in memory of Captain Percival Molson, a McGill University athlete and member of the renowned Molson family, he died in World War I and bequeathed $75,000 towards the construction of a stadium.
The stadium was renamed Percival Molson Stadium in 1919.

Yeah, not like millions of people go there every single day or anything. :roll:

I heard its a 10,000,000 million plus deal :thup:
This deal, in addition to the new stadium will put the Ticats into the Black, and Gold for Years to come :rockin:

IT will help but attendance is key it that drops then thats when your in trouble.

The Demand will be there, especially for a new Stadium, everyone will want to see it, Ticats have averaged around 25,000 for the past several years :thup: it hold almost 25,000 with the suites :thup:

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/3889795-milton-tims-and-tabbies-a-perfect-pair/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/388 ... fect-pair/[/url]

Although Tim Hortons Field will have a smaller seating capacity than Ivor Wynne did — there's clearly a limit-the-supply, increase-the-demand concept in play — its footprint is nearly 50 per cent larger. At seven storeys tall, it will be visible from much farther away

The gathering areas beyond the end zones and in the concourses — which provide views of the field, not just wall — are great concepts. They hearken to what Ivor Wynne and Civic Stadium provided for this city: a de facto town square.

Many longtime CFL fans may still be upset that the stadium will not be a bowl, except for Grey Cup games when extra seating will be constructed beyond each end zone. But bowls are really for American football. The Canadian field occupies better than 3,300 square yards more than an American field, so it's far more important from a sightline perspective to have as many seats as possible on the sidelines, between the end zones. And 80 per cent of the new building's seats are exactly there.

tc, nobody in their right mind misses bowl stadiums, eg below of Three Rivers:

They don't build these anymore, sightlines trying to play to baseball and football didn't work too well. :wink:

I think you mean more of an oval rectangular shape?