Tim Hortons Field... Just because

It has been so long when I cycled past THF earlier today I just had to do this.


And no I did not sketch that an app on my tablet did. Lol

That is pretty cool! What app do you have that does that?

Very cool posterization effect. Much <3 for the Tiggers and THF.

You should do a poll and guess the date when fans will be sitting in those seats. See who comes closest to the prediction.

Edited myself for the better . :grinning:

It was one e of the filters that came with the camera on the tablet called Paint.

Looks great but still in a bad location.

Sorry, couldn’t resist. LoL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hope to be in stadium attending game while still in shorts.

I'm thinking July/August would be a logical date.

Hope so for at least some fans. Full stadium maybe October maybe vaccinated fans only? Who knows?