Tim Hortons Field, first impressions.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have received the following statement from City of Hamilton’s General Manager of Public Works Gerry Davis:

“Contractors have advised us that they will be completing all the key construction pieces over the next two days, and getting final sign off this weekend. These assurances give us confidence that the Labour Day game will proceed.?

Now that we know we are playing in two days at the brilliant new Tim Hortons Field stadium we need a new thread for our impressions of the stadium.
And while you are welcome to point out whatever shortcomings you see, please be polite. Too many people have put too much effort into delivering a great new stadium for our city for us not to be grateful!
A big thank you to the following: (don’t hesitate to add anyone I’ve overlooked)
The City of Hamilton, including citizens, taxpayers, Mayor, Council, and City Staff.
The people of the Province of Ontario.
The people of Canada
The Pan Am Games Committee
The Construction workers of Ontario
ONSS, aka The builders
Tiger Town Council, Tiger-Cat season ticket holders, and Tiger-Cat fans everywhere.

Can't wait, going to be a FANtastic day!

Oskee wee wee!!

And a big Thank You to the Owner of the Tiger Cats, as well as his Management team, and staff for getting us through these challenging times.
And we will be thanking Kent Austin and the team on Monday for the first win a TH stadium!
Thanks again Caretaker

Thanks to Caretaker, it really could not be accomplished without you!

Thanks to this guy, one the inspector's, working his long weekend to get it done.
Is that the covering for the Press Box, Media in the background?

Looking Good Tiger-Cat fans and great pictures again by all the fans who have participated in taking pictures, videos and updates on Tim Horton's Field.

When all is said and done and the first game is played on Monday that's when we can all say thank you to all those involved in making this stadium the new home for our Tiger-Cats, I'm sure coach Austin, all the coaches and players are proud of their new facility, truly a place to call their own.

Cheers to the Caretaker Bob Young, The Tiger-Cats Management, Mayor Bob Bratina and City of Hamilton,OSS, Designers, all the Trades & Construction Workers on this project and so on and all levels of Government in making your vision a reality!!


One to add to the list of people to thank, one Robert Young, aka bob, aka Caretaker, aka the man who should be Prime Minister.

We are not worthy, we are not worthy, repeat as necessary... :thup: :thup: :thup:

Sorry for sounding like a sycophant but there truly is no other way for me to express my heartfelt gratitude.

Michael IS watching you know and is very proud of his brother. But if my psychic abilities aren't failing me too much he wants his team to wipe the new carpet at THF with blew team blood, and then win the whole enchilada - the Earl's cup.

This post sums it up nicely. You just forgot to thank everyone who was involved such as the :

  • Ticat staff,
  • Players,
  • Daily workers in the stadium,
  • Guys here who provided updates and photos.

I.W. was the best place I have ever been to watch a football game but it was a dump. This place has all the positives of I.W. and none of the downside. Looks great. Thanks to everyone involved - including/especially Mr. Young.

Simply put, THANKS for all the Labour from everyone who have now have enabled my son and I to cheer on our Cats at THF Monday afternoon


Thanks Hamilton Firefighters!

Thank You CareTaker Bobbert and everyone who had a Hand in THF!

Bless You! :thup:

Although, I will miss the ol gal (IWS). This stadium is a beauty, with the seating, arrangement, and view looking out at the escarpment. The designers to everyone involved, got this right.

I had the chance to stop at the stadium just a short time ago and checked it out from the Cannon St side. First impressions are as follows:

(Disclaimer, Caretaker asked for polite comments on shortcomings, i wouldnt want to be considered a complainer)

  • It is overpowering in a positive way, the fact that its open from the main streets as opposed to previous layout makes it look much bigger than it actually is from a seats point of view.

  • Patio is very NFL like, having common areas is a new thing in North America (previously there were hawks making sure you stayed in and around your seat) in other stadiums. Love this open concept look.

  • Had a chance to see the (and hear) the screen/sound system. Really cool. Unfortunately i managed to see the entrance video but thats my fault for going down the day before the game.

  • team was doing their walk through, they seemed incredibly happy walking off the field.

  • mid field logo seems small (from my vantage point).

  • the structure holding you in to the edges of the stadium are see through, now im not sure how that will look if i was sitting in one of those seats but i really liked the enclosed feel at IWS, if i had a fear of heights im not sure id want to be in that edge seat with the see through "screen" like material to my side.


To those complaining about the place being a "construction zone" and "unsafe" etc. Its clear you will not be able to get to those areas, and you wont be walking through dirt/mud to get to your seats. The fact that the sponsor signs are up and some landscaping done (as corny as it sounds) gives it that finished effect.

I could not be more excited for tomorrow.

It’ll be Christmas Eve for Mike tonight just as if he were 5 years old again. Hopefully I can sleep. :thup: :thup: :thup:

My impressions have been ongoing. I've been going to the site since the first stages of demolition of Ivor Wynne. as I'm sure Waldorfian and any who have visited the site regularly will agree, watching the stadium rise up from footings and foundation to the (almost) finished product is decidedly different from those who will be seeing it for the first time tomorrow. We have received many thanks and compliments for the pictures posted, but I have considered it a privilege.
The stadium, at least to me, has a resemblance to Ivor Wynne. The East side in particular. That is not a criticism. It is a compliment of the highest order. I loved that building. It was old and run down, but it was home. For many years I sat in the old building, through the bad times and the good. Hearing that the rubble from Ivor Wynne was being used as aggregate in the new concrete made me think that the ghosts of Ticats past will live on.
There is only one criticism I can think of. It's currently August 31 and I'm not sitting in the stadium yet.


Are they donating calendar sales to THF?

Putting out the fire at Tim Hortons Field.

[url=http://joeycoleman.ca/2014/08/30/mechanical-room-fire-at-tim-hortons-field-causes-25k-damage-inspectors-determining-impact-on-monday-game/]http://joeycoleman.ca/2014/08/30/mechan ... nday-game/[/url]

It's 7.30 and I'm off to Tim Hortons Field for our first real home game in a year and a half. I won't, for obvious reasons, be checking the forums until later tonight but I'm looking forward to a thread full of first impressions, whether in person at the stadium, or "as seen on TV". :wink:

Have a great Labour Day everyone!

Cheers, Bob.

Early bird. Try not to doze off during the game. :wink:


8) This joeycoleman doesn't know what he is talking about.
   He states that due to the fire in the HVAC room, (which supplies A/C to the Corporate Suites), that the Corporate
   Suites will now be closed for this game !!

   Those suites were already closed for this game,  long before the fire occurred !!!