Tim Hortons Field - Drone View

Here is a video somebody took with a drone flying from the escarpment over to Tim Hortons Field during last night's soccer game


Great video but the fact somebody can have it take off from the edge of the escarpment and fly it directly over the stadium controlling it from a couple of kilometers away and you can understand why drones are such a security concern. Some great images though. This a screen capture from that video.


Pretty good. Amazing what they can do with drones.

As you know, I'm not any real soccer fan but I have to admit after watching Sportscentre and them interviewing a couple of the players after this match and they said that it was great playing this friendly in front of a big enthusiastic crowd that I have nothing but all the best for Canada's women's team in this upcoming World Cup.

Not a soccer fan that much but Go Team Canada Women's Soccer Go!

...the video has been removed :frowning:

...probably because of the security concerns raised

Bob Young probably demanded royalties to the video and wanted 19.95 per person per view..
So it was yanked


Well since they took down the video here is one more screen grab I had done off it before it got taken down. This from directly above.


Just curious--were people in attendance complaining about the faded lines? Looks good to me.

Wonder if TSN would consider using drones during a telecast. Might get some interesting perspectives.

How about this one from a drone at TD Place - no security concerns in Ottawa!!.


I saw Helicopters and small planes flying around that night but missed the drone. I can see it becoming a safety issue.

"He's at the 10 ...the 5.. he could run it back all the way...oh no a drone got too close and he's down at the 2"


But the players look like ants from this view, not "awe inspiring" in any way from that aspect, at least for me.

What is it about that statement that makes me very uneasy? :?

That's the first thing I thought. Rather than a blimp, what's the difference?

Looks great.

It's not a drone view but there was an Open House at THF today so I wandered around and snapped some photos. (Posted this originally on the Ti-Cats board).

I slept in so by the time I got down to the stadium on my bike the players were long gone. I did take a bunch of pictures that you can view at this link -

[url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10205048228658660.1073741868.1031186146&type=1&l=3ae96e18d6]https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 3ae96e18d6[/url]

Here are some of the shots from that album (but they do get cut-off here so better to go to the link).

The hallway behind the Club section


The Champions Club


Wall of Honour Club


Another shot from the Wall of Honour Club


Yes you can get a Tim Horton's coffee


The view of the west stands from standing at centre field


That ugly building a.k.a. Scott Park is coming down.


The little black pellets that are embedded in the field by the thousands.


If you look closely you can see just how many pellets are embedded


Players' view coming out of the tunnel


This is what I would call a badly obstructed view. I took this picture from a seated position in one of the seats on the Upper West Stands


Another view obstructed by the railings on the Upper West side


View from the last row of the Upper West side - 183 stairs up from Cannon Street (if my count was correct).


Another view from the top


The requisite selfie at the centre field logo :smiley:


Great photos, Pat.