Tim Hortons Field a Premier Concert Venue!

Other then the late gate opening, the Isabella, Rucker, Urban concert went off without a hitch.
The performances were awesome, the production quality, especially the sound clarity, blew me away!
And this is with a stadium that isn't even finished yet!

I think the fact that the stadium is open at the end must have helped with the sound as there would be no bounce back effect that you often get off the back wall inside arenas like the ACC or First Ontario (a.k.a. Copps).

Must be terrible in the Rogers Centre too, I was there yesterday for the Jays game and I couldn't make out any of the announcements, the sound just bounced around.

Now lets get a real Rock Band there

I wonder what the neighbours thought of it?

Looks the neighbours want more concerts

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news-story/4885268-bring-on-the-concerts-say-east-end-residents/]http://www.thespec.com/news-story/48852 ... residents/[/url]

I was up behind the Juravinski Hospital Saturday afternoon biking around along the mountain brow and you could clearly hear the sound check up all the way up there. So to be fair to ALL neighbors I would limit it to a handful of concerts each year and I think enforcing an 11:00PM end time would be fair.

WAS A AMZING TIME! Here i a video I took!


Apparently the concert could be heard up near Upper Gage and the Linc.
We could hear it fairly clear from my back yard and we're near Sherman and Fennell.