Tim Horton's ad really p*ss*ng me off

Can anything be done to fix the Timmies ad at the top of the forum pages? Instead of being banner shaped like the other ads that appear at the top of the page, it is very large and square, covering the nav links. It used to only pop up once and awhile when I read posts in the different subforums, but now it pops up almost all the time. This ad is very annoying and needs to be changed to a banner so that it sits at the top of the page without blocking anything.

what TH ad. cant seem to find it no matter how long I wait on any page. Mostly I get kick for diabetes.


Ad blocker on?

I've never seen the ad. Must be your computer.

it is your computer.... Whe I log on downstairs I cant even access this forum, because of the ad... when I log on on my laptop I can though....

time to run malwarebytes me thinks