Tim Hortons - A Major CFL Sponsor?

I encourage all to voice your opinions on the Sask forum as to wether the Riders will draft Shea Emry in the 5 spot(or for that matter any 1st round spot they may end up with) in the draft in 08’???

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...kel has hinted at not posting here anymore if the Riders don't pick him in the first round...well, not so much hinted as outright stated...gonna hold to it if your wishes don't come true, kel?

why would the riders care if someone posted on here???

They don't.

it wont be the tim hortons bowl or anything out of the blue...whatever sponser it would be it woul be the tim hortons grey cup or the bud light grey cup...the word grey cup would never leave

Labatta Blue Grey Cup. Now that would say a lot.

I'd rather drink a Double/Double out of the Grey Cup then that lousy Champaigne.

o ya go blue

viva la reva-loo-she-on

oh wait, that was the war before.

never mind, on with the show, this is it

Tim Hortons has been a solid sponsor for the Ticats for many years. I don't know about the rest of the league. Tim Hortons signs are all over Ivor Wynne, and they always have promotions with the Tiger Cats (i.e. $5 off of your ticket if you bring a special Tim Hortons Ticats cup).

Would be nice if they were a league wide sponsor though.

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Best post of the day so far!

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Wendy's.. Tim Horton's... same company, so its really a no-brainer that TH would become a sponsor...

Actually, I think I heard the other day that Arbys parent company just bought Wendys so I would assume that includes Tims too.

Wendy's isn't the owner of Tim's anymore... When Tim's became a publicly traded company on the TSX, all of Wendy's shares were spun off to shareholders.


I hope this won't have a change to the sponsorship of the league to include Wendy's Friday Night Football.

"In March 2006, Tim Hortons completed an initial public offering of the company and was fully spun off as a separate company as of September 29, 2006. Tim Hortons trades on the NYSE and TSX (THI)."