Tim Hortons - A Major CFL Sponsor?

I was just looking through the Timmy's website... no particular reason... and I came across a little blurb that said sponsor of the CFL. So I clicked on it, and it says:

Canadian Football League

For over 10 years, Tim Hortons has been honoured to partner with the Canadian Football League (CFL) as a major sponsor. In conjunction with the league sponsorship, Tim Hortons is also sponsoring all eight CFL teams on a regional level for the 2008 football season. In addition, Tim Hortons is excited to sponsor of this year's CFL playoffs and the Grey Cup championship. The 2008 Grey Cup will be held in Monteal on November 23rd, 2008.


Link to Timmy's site

I'm wondering what this sponsorship entails. Is Scotiabank no longer the major name in the playoffs? I think it's pretty awesome that Timmy's is stepping up though... It does have a fair bit of Canadiana clout.

Had anyone heard of this before? Or am I just way behind in the news?

I think its called commercials.

I wouldn't really say a company that is "sponsoring the playoff and Grey Cup games" is just a company that has bought commercial time though... They had commercials in previous years, but this announcement seems to make a bigger deal of this year than any past year.

First time I'm hearing of it, but it's pretty cool. Too large Canadian organizations getting together. Nice. :smiley:

Technically if they buy comercial time during the Grey Cup, they are sponcers

free double double with every canadian on tap you buy this year lol

And Wendy's is also a major sponsor, both are still subsidiaries of the TDL Group right? I can't remember...

I believe Scotiabank paid over a million dollars to sponsor each division final over the past two or three years. I know last year they said they were ending their sponsorship of these games. It is great news if Tim Horton's picked up the slack that was left by Scotiabank.My only question is, do you guys think they bought the naming rights to the Grey Cup? I would suspect that the CFL would announce this before T.H. does.

I want to be right beside Kel when they announce the Grey Cup is now the Baconator Bowl.....

The 2008 winners of the Tim Hortons Chili Bowl will be......

For $10M annually I would have no problem naming the Grey Cup, The Grey Cup Sponsored by Tim Horton.

How much would it take for you to have no problem givng the GREY up???

Tim's makes a Canadian maple donut, good enough for me! The donut bowl!

Correction - The Donut Plate

Or better yet, The Horton Donut, or The StarbuckA&W Mug

...brave man there AL, I'd be concerned about being in the next province that Kel is in if this announcement were made....

Kel: "WHAT! Are your kidding me?! The Baconator Bowl?! I can't believe this, what were they thinking....aarrrrggh...why are arms getting bigger??.....BACONATOR BOWL!!!!!.....aaaaaaaaiiiiee....arrrr, arrrrgh...shirt ripping?....what happening to me?....skin turning green....what going on with Kel?....Kel feel like CRUSHING baconator....Kel arrr SMASH triglycerides....cholestrol make Kel ANGRY, make Kel want to take PUNY marketers and grind their bones....ARRRAAGAHHHH!!!!"

in other words, business as usual :twisted:

Although, after the draft, the real response will forever remain a mystery.

just one draft?

Most guys can handle at least half a dozen

Hahahha .. I had to laugh.