Tim Horton Field Falling Apart

:thdn: A report by Bubba on CHCH today indicated that a faulty light fell out of its standard and landed in the east side seats today. When the fixture was checked, it was revealed that most or all the lights in this fixture were loose and could fall at any time.

Councillor Ferguson was interviewed and mentioned the array of problem
found in the facility and that this particular one, being a danger to fans below, was one of the worst yet.
This adds to the list of screw ups by the builder that the team and the city would sue for.
Repairs are expected to be made immediately.

What a dump! :thdn:

If someone were seriously injured or killed by an event like that, the city would be sued for millions, and win or lose, taxpayers would be on the hook for a huge legal battle.

A 150 pound speaker fell on to the seats below. No big deal unless it happened during a game :? :? :oops: :oops:

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news-story/6712950-plummeting-speaker-spurs-tim-hortons-field-closure-safety-investigation/]http://www.thespec.com/news-story/67129 ... stigation/[/url]

Leave it to Bubba to get it wrong! I'm not impressed with his reporting skills! Makes me miss Ken Welch even more!

TiCats next gameday giveaway. :frowning:

That's kind of scary considering there is an Open House this weekend, and a preseason game next week.

I wonder how they actually inspected those speakers after installation? Especially with all the constant vibration they would be exposed to from their use. You would think that there would be some kind of secondary or failsafe in case something like that happened. Even just a cable that wrapped around for support.

I know nothing about construction - but I have to admit - having sat directly underneath one of those speakers in the last row of Section 217 in the East Stands at the first game played there on Labour Day 2014 - I did joke with my niece - who I took to that game - that my sister (her mother) would kill me if that thing fell on her head - because we both thought it looked a little precarious the way it appeared to be attached as it appeared to be moving a bit on that windy day.

So not totally shocked that here we are less than two years later to hear one of them has fallen.

Maybe the workers in charge of upkeep maint, should check these things instead of sitting around playing cards and drinking coffee

This makes me wonder what else in there was installed half-ass? Can we trust the elevators or a child leaning on a railing? This place needs a thorough inspection by engineers before somebody gets killed. :frowning:

outrageous is what it is.
You can't host a game with the potential liability that presently exists.
had that speaker (the size of a bar fridge) fallen during an event we would have had a tragedy on our hands.
Somebody needs to be accountable for this. Whoever installed and or inspected should be in a different profession.
Inexcusable on every level!!!!!
The worst thing I have heard yet in the bad stadium experience to date.

Before yall get your panties in a bunch these problems have been rectified and safety cables have been put in place if 1 falls the cables will stop it from falling to the ground.

Any building old or brand new needs to be inspected on a regular basis I know if the TiCats Owned THF all these problems would be fixed sooner than later.

Eight more speaker brackets are faulty and they are bringing in a forensic engineer to check them. The brackets are cracked so it may not be the fault of the person that installed them or the person that inspected them.
Could be a manufacturing fault or it could be the wrong bracket used for that weight.

A Professional Engineer (Mechanical/structural/civil) had to sign off on multiple facets of the design of the brackets, installation of the brackets and safety mechanisms. Someone didn't do his job and should be professionally liable for this extreme failure. There are laws in place for these sign offs to ensure safety.
Will it happen? Likely not. :thdn:

It would also be an installation error as not all the safety cables were attached, if what I read in the Spectator story is correct.


People literally could have DIED because this was allowed to happen. But by all means, continue to use dismissive and condescending language. :roll:

WOULD have.

I saw the damaged seats while at the open house on Sunday. They were pretty mangled. Both the seats in the 200 level, and the 100 level were destroyed. Had someone been sitting in those seats at the time, game over. 160lbs falling that distance would have killed an unsuspecting victim.

Anyone down playing the significance of these incidents needs to give their head a good shake. This isn't some isolated just faulty bracket either, 8 of them were deemed unsafe.

I can't recall in my life reading about a stadium that has massive speakers just falling off and crashing into the stands, new or old, and thank god it didn't happen at a game or the city would have a nightmare on their hands.

I may sound dramatic here, but it does slightly worry me walking into that stadium because before all this happened, we all thought things were safe (maybe not 100% complete or whatever) but definitely safe, now it turns out there are multiple safety hazards and a few that result in 150lbs speakers raining from above.

As a kid I always would analyse the underneath of Ivor Wynne and just kind of marvel I guess at how the hell the stadium could withstand all the punishment through the years, and was always worried about a collapse or something...turns out when they tore the old girl down I wasn't far of from being right, apparently it was ready to give at any time in some areas.

This stuff just worries me, it's not a good look for the team (I know it's not their fault but they are the face of THF) and lets not forget they play high school games, soccer games, minor league games etc there as well, this place can't be falling a part just two years in, it's actually ridiculous we are even talking about this.

The Great Speaker Drop reminds me of the gripping thrilling moment when the complete overhead light standard and it's pole at old Ivor Wynne toppled a couple of years back, in the middle of the night. Together they reminded me of the age old question; if a speaker or light pole fall in a stadium when nobody is around does it still disturb the neighbourhood?

Before you get your panties in a knot...nice comment. Very 80's.
Anyways I have been disconnected from the news all day today. Has Scott Mitchell or Caretaker addressed the public on this?