Tim Cheatwood retires

I read in the Gazette this morning that he failed his physical due to his injury not being completely healed. However, because the Als have not played a game yet, he can return at any time. Probably unlikely that this will happen though.

Too bad. I was really hoping to see big things from him this year for the Als. Looks like another DL is out before the season even starts.

Yeah he wasn't at camp. I was pumped to see him and Anwar destory the line but Truluck, Kashama and Acholonou were plowing past the OL today! Very impresive rush we got it seems.

its too bad, I loved sitting at Ivor Wynne watching him and Joe Montford destroy QB's it would of been a treat for the Als fans to see that too if he was healthy..

Best of luck to him :slight_smile:

Maybe he just did it to do some more work in the gym. Never know maybe he will get the clearance and be able to help us eventually down the road!

Training Camp spots are limited.

When a player is known to be undergoing rehab,

and medically, he may be quite ready
with no risk of re-injuring himself

yet team doctors declares him unfit anyways
to open up a Training Camp spot so the coaches
can evaluate another player in his place.

I suspect this is going on with Tim.