Tim Burke?

From the Winnipeg Sun:

The turtle derby to become the Winnipeg Blue Bombers defensive co-ordinator has a new contender.

After getting spurned by both Richie Hall and Corey Chamblin, it appears Bomber head coach Paul LaPolice is now attempting to pry Alouettes defensive co-ordinator Tim Burke out of Montreal.

Burke has spent the past three seasons with the Alouettes as their DC and defensive backs coach. Montreal made it to the Grey Cup all three years, winning the last two championships, and its defences were always one of the league’s top-ranked units.

Burke’s contract status with the Alouettes isn’t clear, but LaPolice would likely have no trouble appointing Burke as his assistant head coach if a “promotion? is needed to get him out of Quebec. There is also the possibility that Burke isn’t currently contractually obligated to the Alouettes for the 2011 season.

Coincidentally, Burke was one of the candidates to become the Bomber head coach last winter before GM Joe Mack ultimately picked LaPolice.

After Kavis Reed left the Bombers in December to join the Edmonton Eskimos as their new head coach, LaPolice said he wanted to replace him with someone who had plenty of CFL experience on the defensive side of the ball.

There aren’t many qualified candidates remaining, but Burke would certainly fit that bill as he spent three seasons on the Calgary Stampeders defensive staff before joining the Alouettes. The Cedar Rapids, Iowa, native started out as the secondary coach in Cowtown and became the defensive co-ordinator midway through the 2007 season when Denny Creehan was fired.

Before coming to the CFL in 2004, Burke spent 27 years in the NCAA ranks and was on the defensive side of the ball for all but two of those seasons.

Burke has even coached close to Winnipeg before, guiding the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux secondary from 1986 to 1988.


...I think this would be a good move :thup: ..I don't know if we can pry him out of Mont. but from what i hear in the rumour- room...Milanovitch could/is slated to take over from Trestman when he decides to move on...which leaves the question for Tim...could he be an asst. head man in the Peg, standing a chance of becoming THE headman. orrrrr remain in Mont. with no chance at all....Up to Burke.... :wink:

No offense, guys, but I hope Popp denies permission to talk to Burke. This would be a sham promotion, not a real one -- it's a lateral move from one coordinator position to another and as such Burke shouldn't be allowed to talk to the Bombers.

The whole leagues a sham dis when it comes to getting around 'the rules'. Having said that though, I hope the Bombers push hard for Mr. Burke and whatever it takes to at least speak to him about the position. Seems to be the trend lately, add assistant HC to the coordinator title and it's an upward position.

.....no offense but i guess your club wouldn't be as gracious as us, with regards to our giving permission to the riders to talk to Harris....That would also be a lateral move the riders would make should they hire Harris as well...UNLESS they hang a designation other than his present title he has with the Bombers :wink:

I wish that article had indicated what exactly is unclear about Burke's contract status. If he hasn't signed a new one for the 2011 season then Popp may not be able to stop him from talking to other teams.

Hmmm... one coordinator position to another coordinator position. I wonder if that's why Kavis Reed was also an assistant head coach last season. 8)


I'm an Als fan, not a Riders fan. :lol:

And I thought SSK was interviewing Harris for the DC position, which would be a real promotion.

At alsinsideout.com, Herb Z. speculates that the window of opportunity for other teams to talk to Als coaches might already have passed. I know this was an issue a year or two ago when another team wanted to interview one of our coaches but Popp shut the door because it was well into January and thus too late for that conversation to happen.

Hmmm... one coordinator position to another coordinator position. I wonder if that's why Kavis Reed was also an assistant head coach last season. 8)
I don't think Reed's example is relevant, though. In 2008, he was DC for the Argos, but got handed his walking papers along with the rest of the coaching staff when Barker took over. So he was free to accept any coaching position he pleased on another team.

In this case, Burke hasn't been fired, and AFAIK is still under contract to the Alouettes. Cohon really needs to clean up the "lateral movement" rule so that teams can't just poach coordinators by tacking on a meaningless assistant HC title to make the move a promotion.

Harris isn’t being considered for the DC position by the Riders. That’s supposed to be Richie Hall.

Milanovich was talking to the Argos well into January last season. After he turned down the Argo HC position (reported on Jan 31) the Argos then asked permission to speak to Burke but were denied.

The Argos have nothing to do with it. I was referring to Reed being ST coordinator in Saskatchwan in 2009 and DC and assistant HC with Winnipeg last season.

We don't know that for certain, but you're probably right.

Milanovich was talking to the Argos well into January last season. After he turned down the Argo HC position (reported on Jan 31) the Argos then asked permission to speak to Burke but were denied.
Then I assume there is no problem with Winnipeg talking to Burke.

It really is a ridiculous loophole.

Word on Twitter is that Tim Burke has signed as the Bombers new DC.

It really is a ridiculous loophole.
Not sure that Reed becoming DC in Winnipeg is an example of the loophole. Going from ST coordinator to DC is not a lateral move. DC is a clear promotion.
The Burke move, if it’s true, could be. But I suspect Montreal is letting him go.

Very credible move for the Bombers if true.

I'm not sure whether being named DC would be considered a promotion over STC. Both are coordinator positions so I would think they would technically be considered equal.

But Special teams has always been considered a lighter job and recognition, the Ranks in the coaching world seem to go as follows:

Head Coach
Offensive/Defensive Coordinator
ST coordinator
Position coach

A link would be nice.

No question.
Thats the salary order and pecking order.
STC to DC is not a lateral move by any description. Not sure if any STC has become a HC before being tested as an OC or DC.

....discipline....i know your an Als. fan.....i guess i didn't make myself clear ...Riders talking to Harris could only happen IF WE GAVE PERMISSION....likewise i thought the Als. would be as gracious with our wanting to talk to Burke...AND apparently the Als. have because Burke has only to sign on the dotted line (may have already) and he is the new defensive co-ordinator...asst. head coach for the WPG. BLUE BOMBERS :wink: :thup:

.....(did Lapo and Mack and have this plan all along??????) :roll:

Well, good luck to the Bombers and to Burke if the rumor is indeed true. However, I haven't seen anyone post a link to a source confirming that Burke is going to be the new DC / Assistant HC in Winnipeg. There's nothing on TSN, or on Herb Z's Als blog. Can anyone provide a link?

Well certainly no proof as of yet, most recent I can find is this:

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/bombers-coaching-picture-blurry-113837944.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 37944.html[/url]

"The club is said to be also dangling the title of assistant head coach in order to lure him away from the Als."

Wouldn't they have to offer him the Assistant HC title in order for this whole thing to be valid? Otherwise it would technically be a lateral move and Popp would be justified in denying it.

In any case, all I've read so far on the Burke issue is hearsay and speculation. Even Burke's so-called confirmation of Bomber interest, in this 'article,' is through an unnamed source. :roll: