Tim Burke to Toronto Argonauts?



Great news.

Unfortunately with Winnipeg moving to the West next year, Burke's defence won't have as many opportunities to pad their stats against the Bombers embarrassment of an offence.

.....Firstly....congrats. to Tim for landing another gig with the Argos and coming to an equitable settlement with the Bombers...Secondly ...although Bombers won't be in the east...I believe Ottawa is and Tim will have a wonderful time plotting on how to take that juggernot apart...Talk about padding your stats... :lol: :lol:

Good one.LOL :smiley:

Quickly forgotten in all that mess in Winnipeg is that Burke was a DC in 4 straight Grey Cups from 2008 to 2011. So I would have to say he is more than qualified for a DC job.
3 of those GC were with Milanovich on the offensive side of the Coaching staff. Pretty confident this will be a good if not great fit.
Could this also give the Argos inside track on Muamba?


I think so and in Toronto he won't be able to get Milanovich's head cut off.

Have to wonder what kind of turnover there will be in players given Jones and Burke run very different defenses.

Looks like the Argos will be set for awhile now on the offensive and defensive side. Question now is who gets the Specials?

Have to laugh at Milanovich talking up the Argos and how everyone wants their coaches and it's a compliment. Um, Scott, most of your key pieces were poached from elsewhere. You and Brady came from Montreal. Jones from Calgary. Ray from Edmonton. Owens from Montreal. Barker from Calgary and he got his start in Montreal, just like Chris Jones and Tim Burke.

I can't think of a team that is less about developing from within than the Argos. :smiley:


He says a lot of dumb things.