Tim Burke pleads Not Guilty

Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Tim Burke believes he has done enough to earn the right to stay on as head coach next season.

Burke said considering the "talent deficiencies" on his roster and the lack of a true starting quarterback, he should get the chance to turn things around.

He said having his two bosses with interim titles makes life interesting but working with acting GM Kyle Walters and interim president Wade Miller is much better than what was previously in place.

Saying the three work together quite well and have a similar philosophy, Burke hopes all three can carry out their set plan for the future, which he admits will take four years to complete.

Burke has six wins in 13 months as head coach of the Blue Bombers.

Well, jury; have you reached a verdict? Lol

Its a weird situation there in Winnipeg. The President and GM are currently "temps".








With those words, Burke just made the strongest case for why he shouldn't be back. "Talent deficiencies," Tim? Are you an idiot, or just insane? A head coach with any sense of real-politik does not say that his team has "talent deficiencies" to the media. Behind closed doors to the GM? Sure, absolutely. "Wade, I need help at X and Y positions. The players I've got are hacks. Get me some playmakers." But in public? Stupid, stupid move. Why would the team trust or play for him after a statement like that?

Burke is another one of those coordinators who rose to his level of incompetence. He should be a DC, out of the spotlight, not a head coach.

That's what I like about him. He is not interested in politics whatsoever. He's not wrong.

He just threw everyone under the bus. You don't often hear good coaches throwing their players under the bus en masse like this.

I doubt a new GM keeps him beyond what the money situation requires. He's not head coach material.

Tim Burke needs to be fired ASAP! This guy is bad news!

....Tim...you're a helluva guy....wouldn't even mind having a beer with ya BUT geez man..trying to throw it all on the players to save your own hide :thdn: A new coach has to be brought in...unless Bomber management wants the team to play to an empty house....Drop the curtain on Tim and get on with lining up prospects for 2104...No other way.. :rockin:

Be careful what you ask for :wink:
I'd be far more inclined to purge the roster.

I'm not a fan of how Burke has handled things as HC, but seriously, what does anyone expect him to say? Yes well of course I deserve to be fired. No one ever says that. All he said essentially was I did the best I could with what talent I had, I think I deserve another chance with an upgrade in talent. You think Kavis Reed isn't making the same argument in Edmonton these days even though he has a "bona fide QB"?

And this is nothing new for Burke. He hasn't been shy about commenting on players since training camp began, calling out the efforts of his defensive players in camp. He doesn't call out individual players. He's made general comments as the season has wore on and while he's chosen his words carefully it's clear he's frustrated with what he's getting from the QB situation and the injuries and ineffective play of the Oline. Trying to dance around the issue would just make him seem more out of touch with reality. And this whole thing about throwing people under a bus is BS. He didn't go out and call individual players out in the media. The team is not talented enough to compete with most of the other teams in the CFL, that has become painfully clear over the course of the year.

That said I think he's been around football long enough to realize that the likelihood of him surviving into next year is slim. Despite some of the talent issues he's made a number of poor coaching decisions and for him to return as HC would hurt the bombers at the box office next year. Even the board in its current mess should have enough sense to realize that a new QB probably won't be enough to keep most fans coming back.

This is not a normal off season. If they are going to go with Miller and Kyle and they all get along. It might be wise to get cracking right away and prepare for expansion draft and free agency instead of making a HC change. But it will be a hard sell to the fans, no question.

Believe me,if the B.B.'s keep this plug of a coach on board,what little credibility they have left with the fanbase will burn that new stadium of theirs to the friggin ground........Burke,the three stooges,the entire coaching staff and 3/4 of the current roster have to be jettisoned on out of town.This team and franchise need a total rebuild top to bottom,and that isn't going to happen if you keep Timmy as your coach

....I'm sure you'd like us to keep Timmy so that we drift in obscurity for years....lol lol....Ain't gonna happen :wink:

:roll: Come on now. :lol: Fired Berry... Fired Kelly.... Fired Lapolice.... Fire Burke ?

But if he can't find quality experienced coordinators to work with him. Bombers may not have a choice.

Yeah went to look at attendance for fun and they've already lost 5500 paying fans. So pretty much their entire walk up. You got to think they will have fans not renew as well... They don't have a choice.

Ship the stadium to Toronto!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

You're conflating two things: Burke defending himself and him throwing his team under the bus. You can do one without the other. All he had to do was say: "It's been a very difficult year. We've faced challenges. I think I'm the person to lead this team, especially now that I understand our personnel issues, yadda, yadda." But no, he said that his team has "talent deficiencies." How is that not a slap in the face to the players? The optics of that statement are terrible; no accident at all that TSN led with that as a direct quote on their website.

Like it or not, being a HC in a pro football league means paying attention to optics. Your job is to coach the team, but the job also involves a PR component. You have to know how to deal with the media and use them to your advantage. You can be as pragmatic as you want behind closed doors, to players or GM, but the second you start airing your dirty laundry in public, you lose credibility with the team.

If Burke, at his age, at the tail end of his first season as HC, doesn't understand the importance of saying the right things in the media, it's only proof that he's not HC material. Maybe there was a reason it took him this long to get his first HC gig...

and with that, you've sealed your fate Burke, because with that you have lost the locker room. How the heck you think that makes Winnipeg's QB's feel, and how do you think your faltering offence is going to do with a QB that their coach doesn't believe in?

Purge the offence, make some trades on the defensive end to get a QB.

They have to clean house with the entire coaching team.

How can anyone expect the bombers to do anything other than lay down for the remaining 4 games?
They won't play hard for him now ( not that they really ever did) , thus sealing Burke's fate.