Tim Burke New Argo DC

8) The Argos have announced this morning that they have hired Tim Burke to be their new DC.
   Burke replaces Chris Jones who left last week to become the new HC in Edmonton.


Hopefully the blows' defense will be as unmotivated next year as the bummers were this year! :thup:

Yes Tim Burke has coached in a lot of GC's, but he seems like a bit of a bump on a log to me and has experience blah blah....


Burke is a good defensive coordinator. Where the Argos will miss Jones is in player personnel. He's the one who brought Marcus Ball and Patrick Watkins to Toronto.

Bang on Jordan. Burke's performance as a head coach was abysmal on several levels, but he has been a darn good D/C in his career, from Calgary to Montreal to Winnipeg.

But yes, they'll miss Jones most for his recruiting.