Tim Burke Fired !!!

8) Well, the inevitable finally happened this morning.
   Bombers have announced that they have fired HC Tim Burke.

    What else needs to be said !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I have never seen a more depressed and uninspiring character attempt to lead a football team. All he did was complain and throw his own players under the bus.


I have to agree, whether he was a good guy or good x's and o's coach, he made bad excuses and threw people under the bus. Tell you the truth the Esks should have kept Reed and fired Hervey for the same reasons.

No kidding!

Really!? :lol: :thup: :thdn: :cowboy:

I'm not surprised Burke was fired, but I have to say his remarks in response to the announcement were classy.

he's a decent defensive coordinator,,,but obviously not head coach material,,,,similiar to greg marshall and rich stubler or ,,even george cortez.