Tim Burke Comments On Als Success

Do we read anything into the fact he doesn`t mention Trestman?

From today`s Winnipeg Free Press:

"Burke identified two keys to the Als' remarkable success. First, there's a well-heeled owner in Robert Wetenhall who is "generous with his money -- we never wanted for much -- but who doesn't meddle in everyone's business."

And second is Als general manager Jim Popp, who has demonstrated a remarkable eye for talent -- import and non-import -- and also benefits, Burke says, from a player personnel department that is more than twice the size of the one the Bombers have.

"He has a lot of guys helping him," says Burke, "and that makes a big difference. No question."

|I think the question was in regards to 8 gc appearances in 11 years. Trestman has been there for the last 3. I don't read anything in this. Burke probably wanted more input in to how things were done and he may have been put off a little for Milanovich getting a raise for considering leaving while he was offered nothing for being loyal. It isn't uncommon for a coach to move every 3 years or so. I wish him only good stuff. I always figured the soft zone coverages were his doing but they may have been Trestman's wishes or the personel he had on hand as he is said to be focusing on man to man in Winnipeg... The season will tell all.