Tim Burke calls his team out for laughing during game !!

From TSN:

Not A Happy Camper, Tim Burke wasn't pleased with his players laughing during their embarrassing loss against the Stamps.


Hamilton better be ready !!

Ha, this guy will be history in Bomber land before you know it.

It appears that there were 4-5 chuckling culprits on the BB sidelines, including Collier, Brink, Elliot and another I believe.

Burke has every right to be perturbed, as well as the Bomber faithful who pack that stadium game after woeful game.
These folks pay good $ to witness players who exhibit little pride in performance by yukking it up during another drubbing.

To lose with concerted effort is honorable, yet to lose with apathy and indifference is a dishonor to those who pay their salary.

the fans.

Yeah, nothing funny about being 2 and 9. Hope Winnipeg cleans house. How the heck can you go from Grey Cup team to this?


Amen. Despite how well Hamilton played in the last game or how badly the Bombers played in their last game...this next game is crucial for both teams and the Ticats cannot afford to take the Bombers lightly. The Bombers will be playing in front of a home crowd...for pride and for many...their jobs.

Even though the Stamps pasted them 44 - 3, I think the Bomber front D racked up six sacks? or something like that. So in my opinion....it's imperative we have Colbourne in the backfield as we'll need his blocking for sure.

The Bombers were awful in the second half of the season last year. We backed in to first and won one home game against you guys to make the grey cup. Hamilton couldn't handle the cold and mailed it in. We were totally outclassed in the Grey Cup game and out coached, never had a chance. Then we lose a ton of key players in the off season and didn't replace that talent. Nothing surprising at all!

He was right to do that. I'm as far from a Bomber fan as you can get and that actually ticked me off. If my team were doing that I would lose it.

Totally embarrassing and unprofessional. They are the joke of the league right now.

Funny, I hope they don't change a damn thing. :wink:

I actually felt really sorry for Tim Burke every time the camera showed him in the loss to Calgary. The man looked genuinely somber. He was a top candidate for the Cats coaching job and had he gotten hired, he would have had the benefit of working with a team from training camp as well as growing into his new head coaching position. Instead he was thrust upon this abomination of a mess in Bomberland. I really hope Burke gets a proper shot at a head coaching gig.

8) I agree wholeheartedly. The Cats better be prepared well, and come with their A game, because the Bombers will be
  fired up and waiting for us !!!

   We have to win this game !!

Ah, that nickname they gave themselves. That is so 2011. :slight_smile:

The worst thing you can do to anyone in sports (other than beating the crap out of them) would be to feel sorry for them. kasps I am struggling not to do that to you. Once Ottawa returns to the East and Winnipeg moves to the West (ha ha) I hope your team turns things around. I still remember some pretty intense Grey Cups in the late fifties and early sixties between our two teams. Hopefully history will repeat and we'll meet at a future Grey Cup.

It,s frustrating watching a proud franchise get kicked around, fans in Winnipeg deserve better. Over 26 000 sold for friday,hope it's at least a solid effort by Winnipeg!

Over 26,000 sold for Friday? Didn't they sell a lot of tickets before the season started when people assumed that they were going to see games in the new Stadium? or did the Bombers offer to give back tickets when they announced the stadium wouldn't be ready to play in, this year?

Apparently, Burke had an ‘animated’ discussion with Mack at practice today regarding airlifting in bodies. If nothing else, I like him for having the spine to stand up to Mack and tell it like it is.

I think you're reading too much into what was reported. People agreeing with each other can have an animated discussion as well.

We have been selling out and close to it for a long time, well before new stadium seats became available.

Ham can go from very good to very bad very quickly as they've shown by their very inconsistent record. This is the time to hit the Peglets very hard lads. :x :x

Prior to last year, the bombers only sold out one game in 2010 and only averaged 26,083 (Over 9 games)


in 2009 they averaged 25,720

a sell out at Canada Inns Stadium is 29,533, so far from it !!