Tim Burke as Head Coach

Pretty much everyone who watched it were puzzled, to say the least, at Burke's decision to gamble on 3rd and 2 at Calgary's 36 yard line instead of kicking the field goal to bring his team within a TD. Gamble failed.

A controversial decision to be sure.

So, it seems to me that the head coach if he had any smarts at all, would know that post-game it'd likely be the first thing the reporters would ask him about.

His answer to that expected question?

“I’m sorry. I just don’t remember the situation,? he said. “Remember, it’s a game when you’re in the press box. It’s a war when you’re on the sideline.?

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Now, I know a lot of Bomber fans rag on the Sun, but the same quote is in the Free Press as well; so I am taking it that that is in fact how Burke responded.

In which case. . . I have lost all respect for the guy as a head coach. Either he's flat out lying, or he's too dumb to be a head coach. Either way, lost cause.

It is so hard to tell where the main fault lies.Burke? Crowton? Mack? Or do you line them all up against the wall and hand out the blindfolds.I think we are fast approaching a time when heads will roll.

Thanks Madjack, I wasn’t aware. Now I’m as mad and disappointed as I was last night again. What a thing for him to say. Terrible response.

Remember Jim Daily......

I’m sadly being reminded…

That decision (3rd & 2) was entirely on the head coach. I can't believe he says he doesn't remember the play! Unbelievable. This guy obviously is not in touch with the team or the game!

I heard him, he sounded sincere.

I said in preseason, this guy was going to be a disaster. I got chewed out for it.
I am proven right with every passing game and every word he spouts in the media.

Sounding sincere and being sincere are not necessarily the same thing. Anyway, if he was being sincere, then he’s one dumb coach.

The decision itself (to go for it on 3rd & 2 and not kick the FG) absolutely has to be the Head Coach’s call. Crowton as O/C would then have called the play they ran, but it couldn’t have been Crowton’s decision to forego the FG and gamble on 3rd and 2.

As you say, otis, that decision is entirely on Burke. And for him to say he doesn’t remember the situation, well that just speaks volumes to me. Either he’s a bald faced liar or he is simply incompetent if he can’t even remember the crucial play in a game just finished. Words fail me.

But how, at this point in the season, can you dismiss Mack, Burke, Crowton, and Creehan (and good cases can be made for dumping each of them) and find anyone qualified to take over any of those positions on an interim basis? Who is out there that (a) could step in and (b) would step in, knowing that they are there simply to keep the seat warm for whomever will be hired in the offseason?

the bombers have made a habit of paying coaches to stay home. paid doug berry while LaPo was coach and are now paying Lapo to stay home while Burke is coach.
i can't see them doing this again, and has to be the sole reason Burke was made permanent HC this season.
they cannot afford have anymore former coaches on payroll.
this is why i expect them to ride it out for the year.

…Unfortunately drummer you’re most likely correct…Burke will not be fired midseason, although I’m thinking that Mack and Burke will be fired or demoted ,in Macks case fired at seasons end…Burke is failing miserably behind the bench in the head coach dept…looks lost and quite frankly does not have it…Something like Ritchie Hall who failed miserably in Edm. as the head honcho but is a pretty good co-ordinator…One guy they can tie the can to right now is Crowton…Wouldn’t matter if you put an inexperienced guy at the position, he would most likely get better results… :x

I have no issue with him going for it on the 3rd and 2. A better play call and they get the yards he looks like a genius. But you have to take ownership of the decision, good result or bad.

I don’t think they necessarily want it to be a habit, just guys they’ve hired haven’t delivered. you forget they had to pay for Mike Kelly as well, but who could’ve forseen how that unfolded. I think they should ride out the season with the current coaches but for a different reason other than payroll. You fire coaches midseason who is available to replace them? No one but chaff thats who. CIS, NFL, NCAA, other CFL coaches are all employed at cannot and will not be allowed to move to new jobs at this juncture. So who’s left? Guys no one wants sitting at home out of a job. Best to wait until the end of the season when you can start talking to guys around other organizations.

Personally i feel incredibly bad for Burke. He was a great Defensive coach and had been So close so many times at being handed a head coaching job. And now For some reason no one seems to take into consideration that he was handed this exact team last year, mid season. And unlike 99% of head coaches when brought in, he was not allowed to choose his own staff. He was stuck with what Joe mack has given him and said he has to work with it.
Burke has said repeatedly in the media that its Crowtons offense and he is left to do his job. That to me doesn't sound like a head coach that is allowed to coach and lead his team. It sounds like a head coach whos hands are tied and who answers much to much to the GM.
Joe Mack has been the guy calling the shots. He has been for years. Even with lapo its been the same sort of relationship and it just seems to me its what he wants. Think about it, mack brings in all the guys he wants for coaching, all the players he wants kept he keeps and the rest he just trades so the coach doesn't even get the chance to work with and carve out his team.
Crowton has proven himself to be a terrible CFL offensive coordinator. The guy just cant get off of 4 down football. We have seem more 2nd and 15 runs in the last 2 years than i ever have in all my years watching football.
As far as a 3rd and 2. Every once and a while every coach has to throw it in, if not to just say to your players "I believe in you" even if they are too much a motley crew to realize it themselves.
Too many years we have lived under joe mack and his "its a young team" excuse. Its a young team simply because he keeps trading or releasing vets.
I hope Burke Gets a real chance at head coaching, and one where the gm isn't trying to make the team implode. The guy deserves the chance.

In coaching, the head coach is 'bad cop' and the assistants are 'good cops'.
Burke was never going to succeed when these players had known him as 'good cop', then suddenly he's in the 'bad cop' role.
I have said over and over, he doesn't have respect of his players. They know him as the 'good cop'.
If he had become the head coach for a team he wasn't already an assistant or coordinator, the 'bad cop' role might have worked.

Bob Irving’s show last night was brutal. Doug Brown kept trying to bring up the need for changes in the coaching staff and Irving was cutting him off at every turn. It was like a bad comedy routine. The interview with Burke was surreal.

That’s the same sauce we were served about Lapolice : He didn’t have the respect of his players. I think its simply a lack of talent and depth. Calgary is a very good football team and Winnipeg isn’t there yet In large part because Mack has refused to acquire talent on the free agent market. Will be interesting to see if the Board let’s Mack hire the next staff at season’s end or if they clean house. Not sure who is out there who can replace Mack either.

Irving can do what he wants, he's the man !!!!! But I agree, the Bombers lack overall talent to compete with the top teams in the CFL . The Bombers didn't play that bad vs CGY and just couldn't compete.


The offense will look better with Watson and Mathews back in.........the defence, not so sure about, they look undersized and over matched compared to both the Argos and Stamps.

Coaching? what you going to do? Crowton could use some help calling the plays...what's Marcus Crandell up to these days?