Tim Burke a Bomber !?

Interesting bit of news coming out of Winnipeg. Looks like Burke would be heading to the Bombers. Please, please baby Jesus dont send Daley to Montreal :frowning:

Don't worry; Daly will never be in Montreal. If Burke does leave, I say Tim Tibesar,our linebacker coach, will be promoted to Defensive coordinator; he is Marc Trestman type.


Not Daly but Daley.


Assuming that he's still under contract in Montreal, Winnipeg would have to offer him more than just the D/C post. . .it'd have to be D/C and Assistant Head Coach, otherwise it'd be a lateral transfer. Not sure LaPolice would make him the assistant head coach, they've never worked together as far as I know. . .

IF Burke left, and if we were to promote from within, I might lean more to DL coach Sinclair than to Tibesar. . .

I can`t see the Als letting Burke go to a division rival, unless there are philosophical differences with Trestman.

I recall reading that after one of the Als blow-out losses in the latter part of the season, that Trestman was sitting in on defensive meetings. So maybe there is something there.

This is BS. If Burke is under contract to the Als, Popp cannot and should not grant the Bombers permission to talk to him about what would, in essence, a lateral move. They can dress it up all they want with titles like assistant head coach, but it's bogus to me. The only way a GM should give permission is if the vacant position would be a true promotion for the employee.

I know nothing about Tibesar. Like MJ (surprise), I'd be comfortable giving Sinclair the position if Burke does indeed leave. But I also trust Popp and Trestman to hire the right person.

The article from the Winnipeg Sun is posted in the Bombers forum. It does say that the Assistant Head Coach tag would be added. It also said that Burke's contract status with the Als is "unclear" but doesn't explain what that means.

I wish Burke all the best if he does leave (except when the Bombers play the Als, of course :wink:). But I have a hard time understanding why he'd leave a great situation in Montreal to make what is essentially a lateral move (never mind tacking on the bogus Assistant HC thing to get around the rules). I imagine Winnipeg would have to offer him a substantial raise on what he's making in Montreal and some kind of job security to boot.

Could be that the situation isn’t as rosy in Montreal as you think?

Fired the President.
No practice field
Owner angry at lack of boxes sold
Disinterested cynical media
Aging QB coming off cancer surgery
Bringing in underachievers from other teams
Aging defense
HC who somehow gets his name mentioned in every opening south of the border. Good agent I’d say.
GM who loves the limelight.

Could be just me but I smell trouble.

Try a shower.


Ah, the troll is back. I was wondering when you'd show up. :lol:

Whoa…why is this trolling.
Are not we able to post thoughts on here about what we are thinking about a team? Is this a private club?
Do we have to live there?
Can we not post thoughts that suggest a non lovey dovey perspective?
Just because we dont live there doesnt mean we dont follow the squad?

Or should we just stick all contrarian thoughts in the CFL section?

Als are REPEAT Grey Cup Champs. Huge issues.... huge :roll:

Yes they are.
And I could be wrong about the future.
But why is it against your rules to bring them up?

I mean why dont you two just PM one another with your agreements. Others must be allowed in no?. Or are you the gatekeepers here?

President wasn't fired, he quit so you start off with a false stetement. But I'll play.... It was his job to make sure the team had a place to practice, to make sure the press enjoys covering the team and to make sure the decision makers of the wealthiest companies and corporate sponsors found the box packages attractive. If I was the owner I would have had some serious questions for him too.

As far as the health and age stuff , it is the same for every team in the league. Stars twinkle, they shine, they dim and they go out and new ones appear. Phillion, Lapointe, Strickland, Chiu... Every year guys retire and others take their place. they will all go through it, does not matter if your name is Anthony, Geroy or DAMON.

Real fans of this team know that the team will have some dips. It is part of sports but NO the sky is not falling.

I didn’t suggest the sky was falling. I dont want the sky to fall.

I was responding to the question: “Why would Tim Burke leave a great thing and go to Winnipeg?”

You asked the question or maybe it was the other gatekeeper.

So I’m offerring a viewpoint, an answer to the question as I see it.

Whats this “real” fans bs. Gimme a break.

I’m a huge supporter of the CFL.

But at least you offered a rebuttal of my points.

You aren't respectful when posting here. You pepper your posts with absurd overreaches about the state of the team. Clearly you love the idea that our franchise might be in decline. Never mind that 90% of what you write is BS. You aren't even pleasant about it. I have no time for someone who only shows up in the Als forum to trash talk and stir the pot. You're just like those trolling Cats fans who only came to our forum to talk trash after the 40-3 win last season, but were nowhere to be found when we beat the Cats on the road with our backup QB.

Seriously, get a life. We're coming off back-to-back Grey Cup wins and you're in here ludicrously trying to argue that the franchise is in trouble. Only a troll would bother to do this. Just go away.

No Gatekeeping going on. Your laundry list suggested came across as overly negative and the factual errors make it difficult to start a conversation. The real fan was not aimed at you, but more so at the fans who follow teams only when they are at the top (lots of those in Montreal)

As far as cynical media. This could be said in Hamilton, Toronto, Winnipeg and even Calgary to a certain extent.
In Montreal It has been that way since the mid-seventies when the old beards all predicted Skalbania's NFL lineup would burn through the league and that the NFL was coming to Montreal. They never accepted responsability for how stupid they made themselves look.

Frankly journalism is pretty much dead, most of the news posted on sports site and printed media is picked up from forums like this one. Corporate news outlets are no longer relevant.