Tim Brown Released

if anybody cares as it has been quiet here in this forum.

Surprised if so; he could come to Montreal.


I'm not surprised. I was not all that impressed with Tim Brown's play. Sometimes he could break things open and thrill the fans on punt returns but most often Tim was often stuffed as soon as he caught the ball, making little gain, if any, on punt returns. As far as other play making goes I can't comment but I really don't recall Tim Brown making the kind of contribution I was hoping for.

yeah, he was better when he played for the raiders :wink:

And to top that off Rodgers has informed the team he does not intend to play football for the 2015 season.

Apparently, he was low on the depth chart.

Do you guys think Brown’s release was strictly football related, or is there something off-the-field that could be part of the cause? I am asking because Rob Maver thought Brown is still a threat. In fact, Maver says he expects to be kicking away from Brown again in the near future.

One thing I was not aware is that Brown leaves the organization as its all-time leader in kick return yards with 6,391 yards combined since the 2011 season.

That being the case the following may help to answer the question…

"“The kind of offence that we want to run, we felt that the running back maybe had to have some … skills as a receiver, not as a pass catcher,? said general manager Wally Buono in a phone interview.

“Running backs that catch the ball are not the same as running backs that can also play receiver. Timmy has good hands. He does. But he’s got good hands as a running back, not necessarily what I would classify as a dangerous receiver.?

The direction of the offence was to have that individual be a running back, at times be a receiver, at times be a … gadget guy and if we need to use him in the return game, then we would do that.

Buono called Brown a “warrior.?

He also hopes Brown will catch on with another CFL team, and releasing him now as opposed to later in June, when other teams are making cuts and there are more players available, should hopefully help his chances of doing so.

“The running back position, the direction is we wanted to be a little bit more multi-purposed,? said Buono."

Any idea on what Benevides meant by "trash" and who he was talking about? I would not think a coach would use the term "trash" for just lack of ability.

“I totally understand that we just failed and very much needed a change for the market. We didn’t win. I’m going to be as straight as possible: They got rid of some of the trash,?

[url=http://www.theprovince.com/sports/football/bc-lions/Ullrich+Former+coach+Benevides+coach+still+pride/11088007/story.html]http://www.theprovince.com/sports/footb ... story.html[/url]

Well when your team finished at 9-9, and getting their A@S handed to us in the post season. Half the team was getting on in age. We needed to get younger. And change was needed. And some of the players in my opinion didn't seem to care.