Tim Brown headlines Players of the Week

From CFL.ca:

TORONTO -- Jamel Richardson, Alex Suber, Tim Brown and Ian Logan were named the Gibson’s Finest CFL Players of the Week for the opening week of the 2011 season.

The four players were chosen by a panel of judges including former Canadian Football League players Matt Dunigan and Duane Forde, now of TSN, and Pierre Vercheval of RDS.

Gibson's Finest CFL Offensive Player of the Week
Jamel Richardson
SB – Montreal Alouettes

Jamel Richardson, 98th Grey Cup MVP, dominated the Montreal Alouettes’ receiving corps in their first game of the 2011 regular season. Richardson had an impressive second quarter, scoring two big touchdowns. Richardson’s first touchdown, a 40-yarder, occurred at the beginning of the second quarter and his second touchdown, a 46-yarder, sent the Als into the locker room with a 27-10 lead over the Lions. Richardson finished the game with nine receptions for 162 yards, a career-high.

Gibson's Finest CFL DefensivePlayer of the Week
Alex Suber
DB – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Alex Suber earned the title of Gibson’s Finest CFL Defensive Player of the Week with a fourth quarter interception that resulted in a 66-yard touchdown and the lead for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Suber also registered six tackles.

Gibson's Finest CFL Special Teams Player of the Week
Tim Brown
RB – BC Lions

Tim Brown, rookie running back for the B.C. Lions, shone in his first CFL game. The former Temple Owl earned the title of Gibson’s Finest CFL Special Teams Player of the Week with a 97-yard punt return for a touchdown at the beginning of the second half. Brown finished the game with three kick returns for 50 yards and five punt returns for 132 yards.

Gibson's Finest CFL Canadian Player of the Week
Ian Logan
S – Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ safety, Ian Logan, intercepted two passes, forcing half of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ turnovers en route to a 24-16 victory at Ivor Wynne Stadium on Canada Day. Logan also registered three tackles on Friday night. This Wilfred Laurier alumnus is currently playing in his sixth season with the Blue Bombers.

No surprises as far as I'm concerned.

Eskimos have the most convincing win, and we get shut out. I call a conspiracy. :o

I seriously question whether the panel actually watched every game. Tim Brown get picked because of one return. If the selection is based solely on scoring a TD on a return, they better state that because other than the one return, Brown did not have as good a day as Taylor both in a losing cause. Taylor should have got the nod hands down

Defence, is another question mark, yes Suber shut down his man, but Sherritt shut down everybody. 11 tackles to 8, not close.

Offence, does playing in the East automatically give you an advantage. The panel again dropped the ball. Watch every game please, don't make your mind up on the first day then take the weekend off.

Canadian, Logan was the only good pick, again watch every game, not just the East.

Sherritt is a linebacker. More tackles is better - and I won't deny that he had a fantastic game. But for DB more tackles is bad. A DB making lots of tackles means lots of completed passes. If Suber had 11 tackles he probably would have had a terrible game. less tackles means incomplete passes and/or the QB just not throwing near him because he's covering his receiver.

Furthermore to claim that Sherritt shut down everybody would ensinuate that the Riders had a bad day offensively. They did not. They had 400+ yards of offense and 28 points - and would have had more if their defense could have gotten off the field.

No, and certainly not “hands down”.

Are you forgetting his bad fumble of a kickoff? I’ll bet those who made the selections didn’t forget it and took it into consideration in his not getting the nod, hands down or otherwise.

voice of reason i am seriously considering whether you watched all the games, suber completely shut down arland bruce, and had the game winning interception return for a touchdown, sheritt may have had a good game, but it wasnt even close....

Your right, 11 tackles vs 6 plus, not close.


LBs are supposed to have more tackles than DBs. Sherritt shut down everyone? making tackles doesn't mean you shut someone down. SIX receivers on the Riders had better days than Arland Bruce. The Sask offense had 400+ yards and 28 points. Wes Cates had a better day than Arland Bruce, too.

Suber turned a Hall of Famer into a non-factor. Every key offensive player on the Riders had a significantly bigger positive impact on their game than Bruce did save for maybe Durant, because of INTs, of which Sherritt had none. That isn't even arguable, and no, stating that Sherritt had 11 tackles does not make it so.

And if reducing one of the best receivers in the game to irrelevancy isn't enough, Suber then essentially won the game with a pick-6.

As I said in the other thread.. Sherritt impressed the heck out of me and had an awesome game, but there is absolutely no way he deserved it over Suber.

The positions are irrelevent, Suber shut down Bruce, Sherritt shut down Cates, both likely HOF candidates. Suber had 6 tackles, Sherritt 11. Both played specialty teams. The only deciding factor is that Suber scored a touchdown on an int. If by suggesting that Sherritt is a linebacker so he should get more tackles negates the 11-6 in tackles, then the fact that Suber is a halfback, halfbacks should get more interceptions, makes that a wash.

I am not suggesting that Suber did not have a great game, he did, I am just questioning the rationale for picking only the Eastern games while ignoring the games played out West.

The only selection that IMO was undisputeable was Logan. Taylor has 32 more total yards that Brown. Richardson too had a great game but if Richardson was not there would the Als have still won, likely. Would the Eskimos have won without Ray, no chance.

It appears that Suber and Brown got picked solely on the fact that they scored defensive toughdowns. If that is the rationale for choosing the awards, I will likely disagree every week.

So Taylor had 32 more yards than Brown. Advantage Taylor.

Taylor also fumbled a kickoff; Brown didn't. Advantage Brown.

Brown returned a kick for a touchdown; Taylor didn't. Advantage Brown.

also, Taylor's avg per return was 18, Browns was 22.75. Advantage Brown

Another deciding factor in Suber's favour - of Sherritt's 11 tackles, 9 came in the first half so, for whatever reason, he wasn't really a factor during the second half whereas Suber was for the entire game.

For some reason I think your post is serious, when I want to believe it's sarcasm. Wes Cates is not a HOFer yet, and he did not get shut down. He had 10 carries for 56 yards, or a 5.6 average, and 1 TD. He also caught 6 passes for 47 yards, for 104 yards of offense. The fact that he wasn't used along the ground much doesn't mean he was shut down. In saying that, I don't think the fault for those yards falls solely on Sherritt either. In comparison Arland Bruce had 2 catches for 22 yards.

We seem to have a very big difference in what shutting a player down entails.

Or who future Hall of Famers are. Looking at Cates' career stats, he doesn't seem like a lock for going into the Hall of Fame IMO.

Oy. I hope we don't have this argument every week. Gonna be a looong season. :lol:

OK Chief, I'll stop. They were by the way, all good picks, it was fun while it lasted. Has anyone seen cflisthebest lately, he was the easiest fish to catch on the board.

Hah, yeah unless he plays 5 more years and piles up 1,000 yard seasons he's no HOFer.

He lost a bet and can't post until August 1, I believe.

Cates had like what 10 carries because they were down to 20 points for most of the game. Ricky Ray shut down Cates.

Hey, Sherritt had a great game, no doubt, and I wouldn't really have aproblem picking him as PoW, although I would pick Suber myself, but to say Sherritt 'shut down everybody - not even close' I believe you said.

I think Suber makes it close ... :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify, none of the picks were really bad, I just thought there could be better picks and it would appear that the panel on first glance, made their picks prior to Sunday's game. Did Richardson have a great game, yes. Would Montreal still have won without him in the game, probably. Did Ray have a great game, yes. Would Edmonton still have won without him in the game, probably not. Some have stated that Suber gets props because halfback is a tougher position than linebacker. In my over 50 years of watching the CFL this is blantantly a false statement, CFL games and championships are won and lost at the linebacker position, Edmonton would likely not have won 5 straight without Dan Kepley and Danny Bass(thanks again Calgary).