Tilman's Gone - Who Next

I've not been following the CFL that closely this year, but am usually interested in the soap opera here in Ottawa. With Tillman gone to Sask., is there anyone in the wings who might be a next logical choice for GM for an Ottawa team, whoever they are, whenever it happens, if ever.

Pays to check spelling first before sending, eh? Tillman not Tilman :oops:

Dan Rambo is a name associated with the Golden Gate bid. I'd think that O'Bilovich is always a candidate as well.

Whoever they take, I hope it’s someone credible, and someone credible enough that Ottawa fans will KNOW they’re credible. Tillman fits that description, but he’s out of the picture now … I hope that doesn’t hurt the “new” (er, returning) Ottawa team.

If Shivers is still available, he's a pretty good candidate for the job. He did a pretty good job in Saskatchewan, which I think could have had a winner if not for a missed field goal.

maybe paopao coming back to ottawa to take the gms job


It won’t be Obie — he’s been out of GM racket for too long and at his age, does he want headaches of starting a teram from scratch.

With Marcel Desjardins of Als taking over as Cats’ GM today, you can strike his name from list.

Rob Katz with Joe Poapoa as head coach

Dan Rambo seems more and more like the first choice...

Shivers was going to retire anyways. It definately wont be him. Dan Rambo has just retired from a position with the Denver Broncos in scouting. He lives in Ottawa has a history with the Old Rough Riders. He was fired by that idiot Glieberman. He is a respected football guy and put him with Hunt and Golden Gate and you have all the credibility you need