Tilman interested in KK

Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman hasn't ruled out bringing Kenton Keith back to Regina. Keith was cut by the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, clearing the way for him to sign with another NFL club or to return to the CFL. "I have an excellent relationship with Kenton and, if he doesn't sign with another NFL club, I will discuss the possibility at length with (head coach) Kenny (Miller)," said Tillman. - The Leader-Post

I am surprised by alot who say we don't need nor want him. I have heard this alot. But everyone forgets what a sad day it was when he left. We can't keep hammering the crap out of Cates, he isn't made of steel (some debate that one too). With Domiquez, Fantuz, Bowman, Flick, Hughes, Berman, Acree, etc, etc, etc, down, and Washington gone, guess what is going to be said quite freqeunty "Bishop hands off to Cates, Bishop hands off to Cates".

I say bring in Kenton, and quickly. It doesn't look good for getting receivers in here anytime soon.

I’d be thrilled to have him. But can we afford him?
I think looking at our current starting receivers, we should just dress 4 extra lineman, and go with KK Wes and Bishop. Bishop will be able to handle the play calling then as well—KK left, Cates right, Bishop up the middle…

So we bring Keith back, then we are definately over the SMS and are you going to tell Cates after all he has done this year that he is now to share the RB duties.

Neither Keith or Cates will want to be in a two back system.

Look, it's very little different than the Bishop deal - if we swap KK for Childs, which we would effectively be doing, how is that not a good thing?

Plus i dont think Keith is gonna have alot of offers so we can get him back for a fraction what he was making before he left, and as much as Cates wants the ball u can only take so much of a beating. Depth is always nice to have and KK is a game breaker on top of it

Obviously, KK will go to a team that needs a feature back, if one is available. But if we can afford him, and if he wants to come here, we sign him---it's another nobrainer. edmonton might need a RB more than we do--anyone know the extent of Harris' injury yesterday?

KK would be a welcomed addition in our backfield. We have played with more canadians than required already this year. That frees up an import position. Both imports in the backfield would be great. Teams now who to key on now, they definetly wouldn't in that case senerio.

if tillman was smart he would pick up KK and then make a good trade with him :slight_smile: i don't really want him back he's a great player to much bagage, can't trust him. Pick him up and make a big trade

That logic doesn't work ... You'd be outbidding everybody else and then turning around and putting him up for auction. Although if you front-loaded his contract and made him really trade-appealing, you might get a decent reciever out of Calgary or Edmonton.

Thats what i think the Riders should do, with Domiguez career done and all the others hurt try for a reciever, maybe they can snag armstrong back from the Bombers, Bombers are going to be desperate and will make more changes and will start thinking about next year as this year is over for them.

Don't want him here or in Regina for that matter.

I was happy when the last of the "thugs" left.

I don't care how good of a football player he is, even when he was in the show he couldn't keep his nose clean what makes anyone think that he would be able to stay out of trouble if he came back here?????? The guy is a loser and is the perfect definition of that!

Boonedock82,If we chased everyone out of our province who has ever gotten into touble half our province would have to leave. His personal life has not effected 99.99% of us. If he would be a good fit for the riders, with his playing ability it would be more of a positive for our province. This province has had a good feeling for a change after winning the cup. If he could help us repeat why not? Or would you rather have him go to our arch rivals the evil empire and them better their chances to win.

I really love Cates, when he got traded here i was exicted, lots of people didnt know who he was but a handful of us knew darn well who we had got. That said KK is my favorite Rider of the last decade or so...bring him home,

Nothing good can come from the return of KK. We don't need him at this point in time. We have enough distractions without adding him and the personal baggage that follows him wherever he goes. He would look good in double blue I think.

common "nothing good can come". So your saying Henri Childs is even close to as good as Keith? if so i must be on crack. And i know one wants his off the field stuff but im sure he would be aware if he screws up He's gone.

But his baggage pales in comaprision to Bowman. We brought him here no problem. KK got into a couple of parking lot scrimmages. Big deal. Bowman? Possession of drugs? Did KK ever do that? Not to my knowledge. All I am saying is how can we ignore one and not the other?

His ability is not in question. It is his ATTITUDE and subsequent negative effect on clubhouse morale. The ability of Henri Childs should not even enter into the considerations.

we don't need him. Cates was more than capable of being a star RB in this league!

Keith was just a trouble maker. Saskatchewan does not need that on their team now.

the Pre-Tillman days will never be back here!

Screw KK Screw everything about him!!!! We have a beast at running back named Wes Cates He's had a great season thus far, and now we're just gonna bench him? If we get KK back I will be pist!!