Well earlier in the year I gave Tillman a B+ rating while being poo pooed by some I said if they managed to get to the CUP he gets an A....Winning the Cup A+

Congrats Tillman on an A...I wish you a speedy recovery and Hope you can witness the spoils of your success

The best move he has made all year was staying home for this game. I don't think his heart would have been able to take all the emotion and highs and lows of being at the game in person, it was tough enough on TV for someone without heart problems!

Yeah, he did the right thing.

Arius probably has him up to a solid B- by now....

That'd be some progress! :slight_smile: :thup: :slight_smile:

I forget what I gave him on my last update, but I think he was maybe a B+ for finishing second.
An A+ is impossible because the Riders needed to finish first and win the cup to attain the highest mark.
After the season is over, a final assessment will be possible--success in the play-offs is all on the players and the coaches, so ET's grade is largely set--but he is likely going to finish with an A of some type.
Kent has an opportunity to get an A+ as he has done a great job keeping this team on an even keel especially given the astonishing number of injuries we have had.
He gets at least a solid A regardless of the results in the Grey Cup.

You could give him an F for all I care, the Riders are in the Grey Cup! It's awesome just thinking about the game on Sunday and the great opportunity these guys have to bring the Cup home to all us starving fans, I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it!

summed up nicely Dust. I mean we're in the frickin Grey Cup and Austin and ET are still being graded..lol.....GO RIDERS

...if he does this well with a C, D, or F rating from some, imagine what he could do with their A!

I believe he deserves an A no matter what happens today. Usually 12-6 is good enough for first, but with the Lions winning so many games by a TD or less, IMO, that skewed the standings a bit. We got a home game, and WON, and played on the road in WF and WON. If the Riders bring the GC home, he definitely gets an A+.

I was just going to ask if he was in Toronto. A shame that he's going to miss the game, but not much he can really do. Health comes first.

Go Riders!

I believe Tillman is in Toronto for this game, Chief...I heard he was given clearance last week...

Oh, I guess this is an old topic. Should have looked at the date, I suppose. :lol:

Well, good for him. Hope he enjoys himself! And if his heart is up to it, swing a flag! :smiley:

A+ Tillmans own words "Rider fans expect more of this"
Thank you for giving the Football team back to the Fans and hiring Kent Austin