Tillmans PRIDE evident...

I dont know why we are so lucky, but Eric Tillman loves Rider Nation. And we love him right back.

To see your GM of 1 year running up and down the sidelines in dress shoes with a Rider flag, pointing it into the crowd(as if to give props), and generally going bananas over a HUGE win, is simply magical.

Thank you for bringing some joy back into my life Eric Tillman. And the team and staff that you've assembled out of the previous regeimes wreckage. Thank you.

You'll all be exstatic to hear that I feel I can shut up now. I'll just let the Riders speak for me from now on.

Not really though, Im still a little insecure(lol), and like nothing more than talking about the CFL. Mr. Tillman has showed me how to do my talking. What a great guy.


Somehow I thought it was a troll when I saw the title...

I thought it was great that he came out in the rainy ugly weather and waved the flag, the fans sure loved it.

hey Dust...wanna meet me and call me a troll? Next game perhaps?


Put the testosterone away.

Taking me out of context, I never said I saw the poster and thought you were a troll...

Shouldn't you still be chewing...?

sheesh, no wonder I don't come here that much anymore

Im tryin to call the coward out JM...think I need ur advise? For a couple of guys whos comments are typically very positive and well thought out I'd expect more. Grow up, and put ur money where ur mouth is.


Dude shut up... Show respect to the mods...

Again, taking me out of context, I never said anything bad about you, and would gladly meet you before a game, yeesh.

When I first saw the thread, I instictively thought it was created by a fan of another team, as a trolling post. I wasn't taking anything away from your post at all, I was at the game and I saw what Tillman did as well.

Way to jump all over me.

Hey if I misread Im sorry, but I seriously doubt that namecalling is how you like to celebrate...cmon and join hands...smile on ur brother and help me finish the blowout bird. Somebody please take a wing!!!


This coming from a guy who thought Arius and I were not Rider fans… I guess you havent looked at our reponses to your post in the other thread.
On topic, its great that ET showed the fans that he cares about this team. It shows that he wants to bring a winner here, kudos to him for showing that above all else , he is a fan of this game as well.

Is the Tillman Pride Parade kind of like the Gay Pride Parade?

What namecalling?

EDIT: What RLR wrote above me is the type of thing I was expecting when I opened the thread.

Only if you are the Grand Marshall

How was the gizzard?
Make sure you eat ALL the gristle....and the bones...

CFLgame, you totally misread, and you acted like a complete jerk.....while you apologized to Dust in a backhanded way, perhaps you should retract some comments you made towards me that show your disdain for someone trying to keep the peace?

And if by "guy" you mean me, you're grossly misinformed.....

Prob as good a time to ask as any, while Im in hot water here. Whats with your Derrick armstrong card anyways?


'He plays for Winnipeg man"...you know our most loved brothers and most hated team?


You're only in "hot water" because you created it for yourself.

When you make a thread title like "Tillmans PRIDE parade", I'm sorry but a few mental pictures come to mind.