Tillman's bowl viewing

Riders' QB conundrum

Rob Vanstone, Leader-Post

Thursday, December 27, 2007

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8 QBs on the Riders' negotiation list
are in NCAA bowl games this season

just in time, too, Kerry Joseph and
Crandell are in their mid-thirties.

For Tillman's detailed comments
about each of his QB prospects

click the link below.

He sure is one G.M who tackles his job
with much enthusiasm and open-ness.

The Hamilton connection?

Recent Carolina Panthers cut Dalton Bell

whom the Roughriders acquired
in the same deal that brought

offensive lineman Wayne Smith
and slotback D.J. Flick

to Saskatchewan from
the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.


articles about the Ticats
and all the other CFL teams
are accessible at the link below.


Look at the extent of coverage the Roughriders
are getting on canada.com at this time of year,

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Eight quarterbacks who are on the Riders' negotiation list are: 2007 Heisman Trophy finalist Chase Daniel, Matt Flynn, Brian Johnson, Kellen Lewis, Ben Mauk, Todd Reesing, Paul Smith and Jeremy Young. All of them played for teams that received invitations to NCAA bowl games this season.

So,can we try bringing in 1 or 2 of them? Nothing like good old competition, I say!!
The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

Look at the extent of coverage the Roughriders are getting on canada.com at this time of year,
I did just that, Ron and I must say, I'm amazed at a CFL team getting that kind of coverage in the off season.

Lately, the sports section in the Hamilton Spectator has been so thin that unless you're into hockey, (on several levels, including high school) your SOL.

I think you are kidding, Eagle,
but for anyone who doesn't know...

If any of these players are interested in the CFL
only the Roughrider's can negotiate with them.

It's like the CFL draft of Canadian players

The team that drafts a player gets exclusive rights
among CFL teams to negotiate with that player, Eagle.

I like Eric Tillman, and I really like how he will give out information to the fans on up coming football talent.

The only QB mentioned in his reports, that I have seen play so far, is Ben Mauk. I agree with Eric's assessment, Mauk looks like a good future CFLer IMO.

Eric Tillman is presiding over an arms buildup."

Now this is a great line in regard to Tillmans search for a QB. Sure beats "Bengal Bunker."

Come to think of it, the Texas Bowl is on NFL Network ... :stuck_out_tongue:

Best time of year to be a football fan, indeed!

Oski New Year,

Its interesting to know but if I was a GM I wouldn't be interested in give out my neg list....just adds to the list of armchair quarterbacks and amateur scouts.

In my opinion, Eric Tillman is taking an enlightened, fan-friendly approach in periodically making the Rider negotiation list public to Rider fans and it would be nice to see the other CFL GMs eventually follow suit. Now that a salary management system is in place, the rationale for keeping these negotiation lists private has all but evaporated.

By the way, Tillman shared the Rider negotiation list with the public back in April, 2007 and it didn't stop his team from winning the Grey Cup this year. Here is the article by Rob Vanstone titled "Some love thrown my way" which was posted on the leaderpost.com website on April 5, 2007 discussing the release of the list by Tillman a few days earlier:

"Some love thrown my way

Rob Vanstone
The Leader-Post

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Wednesday in the life of a rumpled scribe was noteworthy for the succession of cooing e-mails from admirers.

Let the lovefest begin ...

"I am almost at a loss for words as to how you could be so irresponsible, unprofessional and, in reality, use unethical reporting tactics by releasing the Saskatchewan Roughrider negotiation list to the general public,'' wrote an ardent fan named Ryan. "That was a slimeball move by the L-P.''

For the uninitiated, Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman recently posted the CFL team's 35-player negotiation list on its organ, Riderville.com.

We deemed this list to be of interest to our readers. Hence the decision to publish.

"How can you be so blind?'' Ryan continued. "You disgust me, you infuriate me. I have a number of other 'choice' words that I would like to say but I am at a level in society that is much higher than you so I will not resort to name-calling. If you don't understand what I am saying, I offer you profanity.

"I fully expect you to issue a public apology on the front page of the sports section in Thursday's Leader-Post. Although this will not repair the damage it has done to the value of our paid memberships at Riderville, I would like to see you publicly humiliate yourselves in that fashion. It is the least you could do.

"I have also copied this e-mail to the Saskatchewan Roughriders organization. I hope that the Riders remove your Riderville account immediately, Mr. Vanstone. You are not worthy.''

Correct. I screwed up. Big-time.

Despite being a paid member of Riderville.com, I expertly managed to miss Tillman's posting on the Web site. A fellow subscriber e-mailed the list to me. I forwarded it to our football writer, Darrell Davis, who contacted Tillman for the purpose of doing a story on the conventionally confidential list.

The Roughriders' GM was not enamoured with this idea but, to his credit, did provide some insights on some of the key players. The story was published, along with the negotiation list, in Wednesday's paper.

The rationale: This information is likely to be of interest to our readers. Period. End of paragraph.

Some people have accused us of betraying a confidence by publishing the list. The list ceased to be confidential the moment it appeared on Riderville.com, which is easily accessible.

Judging by the vituperative reaction, you would think we had lifted the list from Tillman's desk or hacked into his computer.

"Was it a big scoop to print the Rider neg list in the L-P?'' Troy wondered. "I mean, come on ... You fellows obviously have some sort of insider, if not yourselves, that surfs the Riderville.com forum. If you did, you'd also know that that list was presented to the forum members as a perk for the membership.''

Maybe so, but the information willingly disseminated by Tillman to a cadre of Roughriders fans is of interest to a larger body. We would have been doing the readers a disservice by suppressing publication.

"Before you go on saying that Mr. Tillman perhaps shouldn't be talking (about) this kind of stuff on the site for all to read, you'd also know that he hasn't told us everything,'' Troy wrote.

"Some things are still confidential. However, you guys obviously don't understand that.''

Understand this: You can't be a little bit pregnant. Information cannot be selectively cloaked in confidentiality. It is naive to think otherwise in this electronic age. Mine is but one view.

"I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail giving you my thoughts about the article in today's Leader-Post,'' Jean-Guy commented on Wednesday. "For the past few years I have defended you and the L-P thousands of times on Internet forums but after reading what I did this morning that is now a thing of the past.

"How could you guys at the L-P backstab our new GM as well as every Rider fan who purchases Alliance memberships by posting the neg list that Eric did especially for us subscribers??? That is beyond bush-league journalism.

"Can't you guys get a story yourselves?''

Well, now that you asked ...

Darrell reported with exclusivity March 12 that FieldTurf would soon adorn Taylor Field. That breaking news also appeared on Riderville.com -- 22 days later."

Good for the Leader-Post....and for Tillman who confirmed everything and even added more information. Huge non-issue here.
Looks like these folks on Riderville.com have their shorts in a knot for the wrong reason...if the list was a big secret then its obvious that it should not have been on the website. Can't wait for training camp for some REAL stories!