Tillman's blog post after the game

Wonder if any of you read this blog of Tillman's after the defeat in Calgary? I don't have the link, but here is an excerpt:

"Bottom line, as GM of this team, I am responsible for getting things fixed, regardless of whatever is required. Plain and simple, our defensive performance is unacceptable!

I will not be posting on this forum this week because, frankly, it is not in my best interest at this point. And, instead of my words, Kent and I should be judged by our actions. There is no simple "light switch" to flip, but we will, and should be, "accountable" at multiple levels...and that starts with ME!!!

I can't remember when I've been this angry or embarrassed, and, while that starts with ME, it won't stop with me!!!

In closing, we appreciate the incredible support our fan base continues to give. We need the very best of you this Saturday versus BC, and, you have a right to EXPECT the same from us. In the meantime, any and all criticism is fair game. We understand that, and my lack of responses to your posts this week will not being me "running to hide." Rather, I, unfortunately, have some serious matters to address. And, popular or not, the accountability is going to begin before the sun comes up tomorrow.

Kent Austin IS the right man for this job. He and I will work together to make whatever changes are necessary. Period!!!"

Tillman has balls, and I can see him shaking up the house!

That makes feel a little better.

While I think it's nice that Tillman posts a blog after games, do you any of you find it as unprofessional as I do? The type of language he uses, as a GM in the CFL, is a bit odd to be honest. Just the whole idea of him typing with big capital letters is a bit bush league if you ask me.

We are in a new age of technology, I think it's fantastic that a GM is using it to try and interact a little bit with the fans.

Internet blogs and forums are fascinating things. They have been around for such a short time now, and yet are so common that they seem as if they have been here forever. A whole culture is developing around them complete with "does" and "don'ts" and rules and such.

Some of my favorites are "don't use capital letters because some people may think you are yelling" or "don't post here unless you do so often, or have been a member for a long time because those have been here a long time think internet forums are their own personal property and you run the risk of being labelled a troller (whatever that means)"

If you are fortunate enough and are noticed by the 'select' few that you spend an extra-ordinary amount of time on certain forums, you may be invited into that mysterious group known as the "moderators." Then you can become a cruel omnipotent god and delete posts, sensor and edit at will and gossip about others in your group (speaking from personal experience)

Internet blogs and forums were developed to give us yet another avenue to exercise freedom of speech. I think we should just leave them at that.

I may or may not like what Mr. Tillman said or how he said it, but I will fight to my death for his right to say them the way he does.

Just give me a winning football team please is all I ask of him. Do well in that department and I will name children after him.

I don't think it is at all unprofessional. I think it is totally hip and modern and I agree with Dust that it is cool that he is trying to interact with the fans.

I still don't like it.

Had whining Wally written it, you would have loved it!

While I agree with Eric's right to post on a blog and interact with fans. I think it is important that he thinks about what he says before he posts.

There are two things in his post that I take exception to.

First his saying, I will be to busy and not hiding. In reality, if you are there when the team is winning you should be there when the team is losing...no exceptions.

Secondly, just as his rant on Hillbilly got him into trouble. Publicly saying the team embrassed him and he is mad about could have the opposite effect on the players. And now that he says something is going to change and implies it will be significant, he is going to have to do something or people won't take him seriously.

Mike sit down I think you are right. It is okay to communicate with the fans no problem. But the way this can be preceived is somewhat puzzling and can give the wrong message if players were reading this. I think it should have been written in a manner of professionalism. This was not. It was not well thought out. Fine make changes to correct the situation but let Austin figure that out. I am sure Austin will have the answers before Tillman will. Let the coach make the changes and if it is personnel then he will come talk with you Eric. RLR, Wally is not great at communication to bad he would be great after some of these games. It seems communication broke down with Simmons and yet Wally was so high on this guy.

Mike, I have to agree with you there. I keep expecting to see that a move has been made, based on his comments.

No guarantee you'll see any moves before game time. At no point does Tillman say personnel changes will be coming or that any changes at all will be coming. Accountability does not necessarily equal personnel change.

For me the capital letters kinda makes me feel that he feels superior. I write on the sportsnet forum and his sign in name is ERIC TILLMAN, kinda godly i think. Eric is a marketing genius and knows how to win over fans. He comes off to me as putting on a show with the way he talks by saying this is saskatchewans team and we win it for the fans. You can't tell me that the only reason you want to win is for the fans. with blogs like the one he entered after the game I think that is the kind of person he can be, but i guess i would be angry too.

While I agree he doesn't say people are going to lose their jobs. Lets look at some things in perspective;

The Riders defence has played poorly the last 4 games. It has been mentioned in the media and by the team prior to the last game.

Earlier in the season, Austin moved Fantuz down in the in the depth chart. It seems to be working.

Eric comes out and states, accountability, need to fix things. So, what are the options,

threaten players if they don't respond next game they are gone,

increase practice times

change players

change coaches

I don't think the first two are are what was intented by Eric's message.

Yeah, but he was at Sportsnet before he was GM, obviously... Like Im not sure because Im never at sportsnet's forums or w.e, but do all uhh employees i guess you could say have their names in caps? Again, Im not totally sure, but could that be the reason?

That post by ET was kinda goofy.
But then again, ET is kinda goofy...

What more can one say...?

Arius, hell has frozen over. I agree with you.

Believe me, it frightens me more than it frightens you...

Im not even involved and it freaks me out.

Is Tillman sniffing something....on the weekend he all but says...people will be changed....then he comes out with http://www.canada.com/topics/sports/foo ... 85&k=63638

In the same interview...we are playing for the grey cup this year and then he states at the bottom it is the first year of a rebuilding....