Was tempted to post in the Eskimos forum but this is where it belongs. Edmonton you have immense pride in your football team the rest of the CFL is trying to understand your dragging of feet here. BRING IN TILLMAN, Im a rider fan you guys sucking should make me happy but the two games against the stamps that was sick! Where's the pride? Or is the problem takeing a saskatchewan cast off crushes your pride. Because if you ask the people of saskatchewan if they would take E.T. back I bet you he would be running the team next year. The longer he sits the bigger the assault thing will get then it will take over his life and he wont be worth anything. Grab him now his contac's and football knowledge whould have you battling for 2nd if not top spot by the end of next year. He's worked with Hall, you all know he is the best candidate for the job swallow the dam pride. Looking holyer than thou dosent look so good when you shut the doors of the organization. The riders made it through crap seasons like your haveing but they have an insane fan base over the entire country.What happend to your fan base through the Danny Mac years? If you wait as long to bring in the right man as you did to fire the wrong man "Danny Mac" it will be a seven team league and "Your team" will be the Stamps. Take some ownership, tell the organization it's Edmontons team and the owners are just leasing them from you.
I know most people will be pissed when reading this but come on, its time you guys got pissed off! Giveing up is not an option. Theres about 40 guys who are going to walk out onto a field next week to once again take on Golaith I think the Esks could use some flat stones and a few slings. Heck just go to the game to get under Henrys skin the teams gonna crack soon.

tillman is a pissant

As for the Eskimos, they are crazy not to offer him the job.. if you go to esksfans, its amazing how many are sanctimonious and self-righteous. They talk about "the Eskimo way".. which is just a bunch of hogwash. As a Rider fan, I hope they don't hire ET.. I would love to see them have a reign of error like we did.. but as fan of the league, and want to see it not just to survive but thrive, hiring ET would be a no-brainer. There are times where you have take a person for who he is, warts and all... he may not have the strongest character, but Edmonton would be hard-presse to find someone with a better football mind, and contacts... the hiring of Tillman would definitely have them on top again, but my guess is they will go with someone else, just because it is "the Eskimo way"

I for one , personally would not like to see the Esks hire Tillman, I want them to hire Warren Moon.

but if I were the owner or the COE on their board of Governors/Directors, it would truly be the best decision they could make since they hired Hugh Campbell back in the 70's.

but, I say Make Tillman the President AND GM. not just GM. cause Lalacheur has got to go.. there is no if's or perhaps's here...

Lelacheur might be a good president, I do not know, but if he is why not keep him? As long as football decisions are made by the GM, the Esks should be fine.

I'm against a President AND GM. That's just too much on one person's plate, at least in the beginning. Maybe after some proven performance it may be okay.

I'm also not against hiring Tillman. The charge against him was incredibly minor and probably should not have been laid at all, and he likely only admitted it to make it go away (the word "deviant" was never brought up, so no, he did not admit to that). He clearly has a great football mind and should be given another chance to use it, if he is even interested in stepping foot in Canada again after that shameful debacle in Saskatchewan that has nearly ruined his life.

Rick LeLacheur is an excellent team president - as long as that role remains focused on the business aspects of the organization (which RL does). What the Esks need is a President (or VP) of Football Operations to oversee the football side - personnel (coach and player) decisions, drafts, etc.

What people who are hard core football fans seem to forget is that football is a luxury, it's entertainment, and it's part of the community. That last part is of particular importance. However minor ET's indiscretion was, it happened, it involved a minor and it has cast a pall about the man. There are people across the country who see him as vile and/or tainted as a person. And they don't care if he's 'a good football mind' they only say that they don't want him in his community - at least not until he has atoned for his actions. And any team that takes him on too soon will suffer the wrath of the fans - even if they are being morally righteous - which could spell disaster for the team within its community. That is a heavy burden and risk that must be factored in.

Now THIS is a laugh!! YOU call the fans of another team - ones who have forgotten more about football than you've learned - sanctimonious and self-righteous??? :lol: What a piece of work! I'll thank you not to speak on behalf of another community and another teams fans. You don't know sweet FA about what you are talking about. It is your opinion, and just like a$$holes, everyone's got one. The difference is, the people at Esksfans are talking about THEIR community and THEIR team. The "Eskimo Way" that you mock gave us 5 GCs in a row; 2 in the last 10 years and 1 in the last 5. It gave us 35 consecutive years in the playoffs. How does your vaunted Rider record compare to that? Thought so.

Tillman has a ton of CFL experience.
He has been successful and a winner.
Unprecedented contacts in the US and an excellent evaluator of talent, be it Canadians or Americans.
Sure there may be other candidates, but there is only one leading clear candidate.
If I was the owner of a team especially my Argos, ET would hands down be my GM.

Same post that's in the Eskimo forum. :roll: I don't doubt Tillman's football knowledge one bit, he's proven that. On the otherhand if they hire Tillman, I'll sit/review my thoughts rather than make a sudden rash lash out response. but we'll wait and see what is going to go down eventually. For me, I hope they consider Neil Lumsden and I'm sure he's been interviewed as well.

34 actually..

but who's counting?

ya the Eskimos have had a well run organization from the early 70's up to a bout 2005. then things crumbled.

I will definitely give them that.

but they were not exactly the most honest team in the CFL for many many years. their practices and ways they screwed other teams out of players was despicable and classless to say the least.

the Matt Dunigan trade to B.C. was the best example. they stole all those players from the Lions for Dunigan..

then the worst was their trade with Hamilton for Troy Davis for future considerations.. which ended up being Maas AFTER the season in 2005.

when the league should have stepped in and SAID NO. Maas goes now or the deal is off.

it sickened me.

Isn’t the object of trades to get the most you can while giving up the least. If they stole from B.C., blame the Lions.

The league looked into the Maas trade and ruled that no rules were broken, end of story.

I’m sorry your sick, maybe you’ll get over it in a few years.

right like the league is gonna tell people that the Eskimos broke the rules.. :roll: :lol:

esks didnt do anything wrong in the matt dunigan trade. That was all on Joe Galat, destroyer of teams.

ya. so why didnt the CFL step in and stop it?

are you serious? just because Galat was an idiot doesnt make it against CFL rules. They had no right to stop it, sigh

That's got to be one of your dumbest posts yet, and that's saying something.

Easy there FYB... you're using fact and logic... those come difficultly to some coughCITBcough 8) Especially if that interferes with that Borg-like mentality 'We are the Borg Nation. Insistence that the Esks were bad once upon a time is futile - but we still do it. Prepare to be ass-handled by ex-management - even though he didn't mean it and was on drugs so that makes it all ok." :wink:

I know you hate the Esks, dude, but this is taking it to a new level of ridiculousness...

I have to come to cflisthebest's defense on this one, He's posted a lot dumber posts than this. :cowboy: :lol: :twisted:

LOL !!!!

Good one!