Tillman you better have on your Christmas shopping list


A proven CFL Head Coach
A quality starting quarterback
A proven Offensive Coordinator
A young promising running back (sorry Wes your time is up)
Some younger/faster DB's to replace Davis and Morgan

shut the **** up!

thats about your speed, time for your pill now.

All ET has on his Christmas list is a sympathetic judge.....

you make me laugh..

you honestly think you're smarter than I am???


I find it comical that you speak to me like that under the cover of the internet, would you speak to me like that if you were face to face to me?

i’d laugh at you and ignore you because clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

I don’t talk football with idiots.

My good friend Mr. Bananas says, when your IQ’s hit 50 you should sell

Give it a rest fellas... you are going to get yourselves banned and then the only people you will be left with to keep abusing will be your wife and kids.

And this would be a bad thing. . . how?

I'm not liking your chances. I bet the other 7 teams need alot of these individuals too. They are in short supply.

well your name calling capabilities are very good I must say and the rest of the Board will note that you never attack the substance of my posts, you only attack me personally with "idiot", etc. That is in itsef enough evidence in itself of your lack of confidence in your viewpoints. Then you get into this tirade about how much smarter you are than me. More evidence of your lack of self confidence. It's easy to make personal attacks against someone over the internet anonymously isn't it? Makes you feel good doesn't it?

you call your posts having substance
best joke of the year

what is the point in having a discussion with someone like yourself who is always negative.. there's zero point.

Stop acting like children. You know who you are.

Terminator has just as much right to talk on here as anyone else. He is not resulting to name-calling. Instead of saying he is not smart, prove it. Otherwise you become the idiot.

Thank you and have a great day.

A proven CFL Head Coach - I agree, Miller has stated he is not long for this job, so Tillman should be looking, not necessarily hiring, but looking.
A quality starting quarterback - I don't think there is one out there available that is more talented then the ones we have.
A proven Offensive Coordinator - LaPolice has introduced a lot of good things into this offense, but he does need to get better. It would really help if he could get a healthy O-line
A young promising running back (sorry Wes your time is up) - See comment about O-line. If healthy they would be able to open up a semblance of a hole. Wes is a sitting duck out there.
Some younger/faster DB's to replace Davis and Morgan. I'll agree these two are on the decline of their careers yet they are still two of the tops in the league. Them at their current level is better then most reach. That being said, there is nothing wrong with new recruits, and these two are some of the best teachers in the game, so I agree people in.

by terminator on Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:51 pm

I may start giving him credit or laying off the criticism. However, anything less than a win and a 60% compl average, 275 yards passing, 0 interceptions and I will be all over his a__s harder than ever. Its up to him.

So this is the guy your defending BIlly
Yes everyone has a right to say what they want
and yes i have tried to debate issues, all he does is hides
hence why everyone is ticked with him
He doesnt debate he just puts our team down
I for one is done with him
I will treat him like a liberal
ignore every piece of garbage that comes out of his mouth

Billy Soup thank you for the mature and intelligent reply and debate of the issues. I agree with most of your assessment and I think I may have been a bit harsh on Wes Cates. Maybe O-line improvements will help him. However , I noticed that he is running more upright and tentative than last year. Could he be scared to get hit again and injury his knee?

Firstly Snowdencurt, I find it an insult that you call me a Liberal. I am the farthest thing from it.

Secondly I don't hide from anything, where do you see me hiding? I have responded to the insults given my way, in mainly a civil manner, maybe not right away, but I do have a life rather than sitting on my computer all day on this website.

I have tried debating with all of you by providing statistics to back up my assertions but all everyone does is attack me personally, read all the posts, except for the last one by Billy Soup.

I have heaped praise over several Riders on this forum and that seems to go unnoticed by you. I have praised:


I have a problem with the performance of some players, so what? the team is not perfect, the record says that. Is there any reason whyI cannot criticize Riders who aren't performing up to standards?

Got to give this guy credit he has by far the funniest posts on this forum. Don't stop replying to him cause it just get's better.
He has topics that start on Oct 3 at 1pm and then 8pm which he replies to at 9 then 10...then 1am. Sure enough he's back at 830 on sunday morning. Obviously he's lacking attention at home and it seems to me his Saturday nights are kinda sad :frowning: .
Don't stop posting Teminator cause you keep the forum heated. You're completely out to lunch when it comes to the riders but you keep ppl in their seats. Can't wait to check in next Sunday to see whats next so think up something good.

I'll finish with your last sentence..The Riders ARE performing up to standard.Maybe not YOUR standard. I suggest maybe trying on an Allouettes jersey it would be a nice fit. That way you only have to complain once at the end of the year :rockin:

Since when does every player on every team play perfect every game? I have not seen it once, even with the teams that go undefeated in sports have players that have bad games. It is ok to point that out, but only to a certain extent, you constently go after DD, even if he plays a very good game, no not perfect, but has a player EVER played a pefect game?? I have yet to see one!!
So just remember "A beautiful thing is never perfect" :rockin: