Tillman tried to trade for Fantuz

Jamie Nye twitted that Tillman had attempted to trade for Fantuz and also had attempted to get Hugh Charles earlier this season.

See, Tillman is so much smarter and knows how to build a winner.

Taman? Uh no.

So because Tillman tried to trade for Fantuz, last years leading receiver, he's the smart one, when it was Taman who told him no way.

I would bet that almost all of the gm's in the league made at least a phone call to Taman about Fantuz, if they didn't they aren't doing their job. Tillman is just the a-hole who blabs about it in the media so he can get these stupid reactions out of the stupid fans. Border line tampering really.

Go cheer for the Esks. PLEASE

It’s trade season?

Hugh Charles would be a free agent. He’s been public about not being happy with touches and playing time. It also is evident that the riders are happy with Brandon West as back-up.

So, you trade a good little back for conditional pick? I would have liked to get more but the guy was entering free agency meaning as an asset would would get nothing in return had we waited. It’s too bad because he’s good, but the reality is you won’t get much more than that.

Fantuz…teams will ask right now. Riders are in a friggin jam with this guy. If he waits for another NFL shot we too have to wait? If he waits for an NFL spot he must first become an outright FA which means he’s avaialble to other CFL teams too…and if he bolts its an asset that got nothing in return.

I am not saying trade Fantuz…but every GM has to look at every option. A deal for Fantuz must inlude a proven starting Cdn player (Foley, Flory, Messam, that type of Cdn) and first round pick in 2012/2013? It’s gotta be rich rich rich.

On our side is the fact he likes playing here, likes DD and DD is a young up and comer. Home is Ontario for the guy…but Jyles looks like it won’t work out and Hamilton you have Glenn who is hot and cold and the Ti-cats are flirting with missing playoffs?

Tillman is Tillman. Good for Tillman.

Sorry but Taman has to go. If we truly want to have any shot at winning again, we must start fresh, from the top

That may be true, but pining over Tillman is not going to do anything. I personally want to see what Taman can do without having his hands tied, aka Miller having veto power on everything.

It's very simple. Charles would not have resigned with the Riders. So ... either you watch him simply leave the team or you get something in return. Sometimes there is no choice. If anyone doesn't understand the current scenario with Charles/Riders .... why are you posting?

so at least get something that will give us some help next season. a draft pick 3 seasons from now is pointless.

Than Taman.
Although I'm not disagreeing with you, one question comes to mind. Why has Drew Tate been the backup in CALGARY and about to become the next greatest thing, according to lots of posters on here, when he was in Sask., at the beginning of his CFL career under Tillman, and then allowed to walk away for nothing in return, because Tillman obviously didn't think he had an upside ?????

I'd say Tillman had a number of QBs to choose from as 2 and 3rd string. Look at all the QBs in the league. A lot of them have gone through the Riders. Put it this way... Look at Edmonton last year to this year. It's more than a rookie head coach. Tillman is the best t his job in the CFL.

I agree that pining over Tillman is fruitless, but in all honesty he still should be GM of the Riders... Taman was the GM in Winnipeg... so I agree with cflisthebest, Taman has got to go... we have become Winnipeg west with him at the helm... the 4-10 record speaks for itself...

Umm, we got the best we could get, and as far as I know, on the last day. Sorry there weren't any better offers. Just because we would like more doesn't mean we are going to get it.

nah I think whoever made the trade gave up too much for what they got in return. I'd never give Edmonton so much for so little. Make them earn it, they want Charles? give me something close to equal value or next year's draft pick.

don't ever Give the Esks the advantage.

I dunno. I'm kinda with krog on this one. Charles is going to be a free agent and doesn't want to be here as I understand it. We get something down the road (future draft pick) and, if we really wanted him back, we bid for him in the free agency market. It's the same argument some (don't recall if you were one of them??) were making about Fantuz - trade him to get something and then bid for him in the free agent market if you still want the guy ... it will be a bidding war anyways. I wouldn't want the Riders to do it for Fantuz but I'm okay with Charles.

Firstly, the best GM in the league is Jim Popp, not Tillman. I won't even argue about this.

Secondly, what we got for hugh Charles was a miracle. The guy is a FA and stated he likely would not return. Why would he when he's watched Brandon West ascend over him. He knew he was 3rd string going into 2012. All we could get was the future draft choice.

Getting that draft in the future is not so dumb. If Ottawa enters the league for 2013 I can predict that Ottawa will likely get 1st pick overall. They might be given multiple first round picks............meaning the other clubs take a little hit.

Also, 2013 Ottawa gets to steb away at every team's roster and pick unprotected players? So by the time of the draft we're all going to be crying about the fact that the Riders have lost 4-8 players (some imports and some non-imports).

Having alot of 2013 picks will be advantageous to whomever stocks up draft choices for that season? Teams will need to replenish their Cdn talent due to it being picked over by Ottawa.

If Charles can factor in, make the 42 man roster, return some picks I can any hope our conditional pick can maybe become a 2nd or 3rd rounder? If he sits on the 46 man roster, never gets to dress and never factors in then we're maybe getting 5th/6th rounder? Charles will not play running back alot due to the import ratio. Messam is pretty darn good and McCarty is his backup...............both Canadians.

Re-think the "oh this trade was really dumb". Think 2013. We are 6 weeks away from many contracts becoming short term or longer term because of this Ottawa nonsense! Ottawa won't be picking free agents because they are not under contract. It starts now. just wait until this time next year when Ottawa will be hiring a GM to run the team and will start to actively become another magnet fighting for talent.

very well stated.

so what do we do then when it comes to the end of 2013?

Ottawa will likely select two QB's.

they want a proven player who they are sure will be able to start.

so.... depending on who's still around when 2013 ends, there's a chance that Bergquist may not be with us.

there's also a good chance that Drew Tate will definitely be the starter for Calgary in 2013. and McPherson the starter in Montreal.

look at Hamilton!? they have Glenn and Porter. now you know they will protect Porter over Glenn because he's younger and is supposed to be their starter eventually.

look at the Bombers? Brink will some day be a starter he's not far off.

the only teams that are uncertain at QB are Toronto and Edmonton. Ray only has so many years left, and Joseph has already given up on being a full time starter.

Toronto..? well, they have Jyles who still hasn't proven that he can be a starter in this league and lead his team to a successful season. We already know that Bell is not the answer for them either.

Considering that De"andra Cobb, Daniel Porter both were and by the end of the year Jamal Robertson will be, cut for nothing and probably not picked up by anyone, getting ANYTHING for Charles is not bad at all.

Running back is a deep deep talent pool. Tons of talented guys unemployed. It's the most instinctive position on offense (unlike QB) and you only need 1 or 2 tail backs on the roster, and only 1 on the field on any offensive snap (unlike receivers or linemen), so it's by far the EASIEST spot on the offensive depth chart to fill. Not less important than any other spot by any means, but easiest.