Tillman to plead guilty.

I wonder if the ban on discussing this is still in effect:

Report: Saskatchewan Roughriders is expected to alter his not-guilty plea in provincial court on Monday

Eric Tillman, general manager of the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders, is expected to change his not-guilty plea when he appears in provincial court today regarding an alleged incident in August of 2008 at his Regina home involving a 16-year-old babysitter.

According to a source familiar with the case, the crown prosecutor has accepted a guilty plea from Tillman. Tillman was initially charged with sexual assault, a charge subsequently lessened to a summary category by the Crown Attorney. When a guilty plea is entered, it's possible that the Crown could recommend an absolute discharge today.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/tillman-to-plead-guilty-in-sexual-assault-case/article1417760/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/t ... le1417760/[/url]

...pleads guilty to avoid a long drawn-out court case, but guilty is guilty all the same, will this result in his dismissal?....

He is not a Canadian citizen. If he is guilty, he should be asked to leave the country IMO. I am very disapointed, I was hoping he was going to clear his name.

A guilty plea will most definitely lead to at the very very least a cordial businesslike parting of ways.

More likely he will be dismissed flat out with sugar coated words.

Looks like the judge has taken the request for unconditional discharge under deliberation and will let them know tomorrow morning.

Local radio claims that the charge was that Tillman was going for the belt loops of the babysitter from behind her with some contact between his groin area and her butt. Tillman obviously has been claiming it "accidental".

So there is a record of Eric's actions for futur use but he get's the benefit of the doubt, no criminal record and no punishment.

So in plain English. Eric the court thinks you may be a sexual offender but we think we caught you just in time. Since our case is paper thin, we'll agree to the plea bargain but if there is a next time we won't be so nice, now go run our football team and get us a Grey Cup.

Weird everything..

I for one hope he is gone from this province. Yes he brings in good football talent, but I just don't like the man.

Oh boy, not good. Probably best he gets out of Canada and out of sight, something like this just won't sit well with the general public even if he isn't a registered sex offender.

He's just been suspended from his work duties (no more working from home) until they can find a way to part ways.

...as he should be. He'll be (formally) gone shortly, and the Riders will find a new G.M. I'm pretty sure Hopson and Co. had a short list prepped months ago.

....does this mean Taman might get the job and we don't have to worry about him returning to the Peg :roll: ...i sure hope so...
.....Eric will most likely slink out of town....i think his career in football is over as he has become a liability to the CFL... and that's an under-statement :thdn: He has caused a girl and her family a lot of anguish and has disappointed a lot of people..What else can you say????? :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Steve Simmons in the Toronto Sun indicated that once his legal difficulties were resolved, he'd end up as GM in Toronto.

With a guilty plea, I think you can throw that idea out the window.

The report I heard said that he was suffering from a reaction to medication. Co-workers said he was acting strangely that day, and he said he has no memory of how he got home.
"Reaction to medication" is becoming an overused defense among celebs who act like idiots. Hopefully he won't get off scot-free on this, and for the sake of the Roughriders and the CFL I hope we've seen the last of E.T.

The defense requested an absolute discharge. The Crown did not oppose a discharge, according to accounts from reporters in the courtroom. If the judge granted it, basically Tillman would be guilty, but not convicted. In that case, he would technically be getting off scot-free, but would still likely be losing his job in the process.


I disagree with what he did. But, once the courts make their ruling, it bothers me that he would lose his job based on what has been presented. He made the mistake and has paid for it. If the family (including the girl) isn't asking for him to lose his job, can someone tell me what is gained by firing him?

It's unfortunate for the young girl,her family, Mr.Tillman and his family,but there is only one option; this option is: immediate dismissal. I don't see how a CFL team can require the services of this person. He is "lucky" that it took more than a year to know the truth,since he received his salary for this period.

Another bad "moment" for the CFL; let's hope that the good news will come soon.


The Saskatchewan Roughriders cannot come out of this looking bad. It has to be done. The team, and really our province, needs to dissociate ourselves from this situation. It sucks for him, but the team comes first.

This is the image-conscious CFL we are talking about here.. its almost a certainty that he will be gone. We could even discuss this case all season long, and it totally shocks me that we can discuss it now. Actually ET himself instituted a "code of conduct" which he himself violated, so I can't see where he would be able to keep his current position. There is another former CFL GM waiting in the wings(Taman), as insurance for this possibility.

Exactly, he has to go.

Just how would he have "paid for it" if he got a discharge plus kept his job ? I would think losing his job is part of having "paid for it" .

Paid for it how ? in legal fees ? No time, no fine, no criminal record. I'll tell you football is BIG in Saskatchewan ! If my kid came home and told me a 50 year old man tried to undo her belt. I'd kick his arz in to next week.