Tillman to Eskimos?

I just heard that the Eskimos are considering Touchy Tillman as there new GM? come on, am I the only one who is outraged by this? The Riders were smart enough to clean there hands of him and now this. He should be banned from the league, sure forgive and forget but he shuoldn't be allowed in the league. Remember he said did didn't do it and then said he did, and this is just unreal. Keep the scum out of the league and even with the players get a more strick code!

You have 4 posts - all 4 are virtually the same. Welcome to the forums but I think you have a misconception of what the forums are. We are a group of fans to either one or more CFL teams. No one on this site to my knowledge has any inside influence with any of the teams and how they run them.

If you use the search function there are several long threads dealing with this issue and both sides have voiced their opinions ( for and against him regaining a position ).

If you want debate on either side of the coin this is the best place for CFL fans - if you want to get the attention of officials I doubt any of them even view these forums..... You would be better of sending your complaint to the CFL directly.

Just my opinion :cowboy:

The Qu’ran burner has a new cause… :roll:

Good advice.