Tillman to be named the new GM of the Eskies

Barneyfife wrote:

"Great for the league and the Esks. He was charged and acquitted. The judge didn't even feel that his indiscretion warranted a slap on the wrist. End of story."

Barney: Apparently it's not the end of the story for many Edmonton fans:

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 Tillman  has the support of the Board of Directors regardless.  He has been given a second chance under the condition that there will be no third chance. Seems fair and as one of the players says, if his family has given him a second chance why shouldn't the fans?
   I am surprised some of the posters on thread seem to think it was such an unimportant matter and should be dismissed so easily. Tillman, the Edmonton Eskimos and many fans there all have acknowledged that was a very serious matter.
   He has been given a great opportunity and I think the Eskimos will be better for it.

Always been impressed with TillMan football know how, as of today Ed just got a lot better. :thup:

8) Latest polls today indicate that Edmonton fans are still 2 to 1 in favour of NOT approving of Tillmans hiring.
 Wonder if there will be any kind of fan backlash, over all this ??

The Eskies are as bad as they have ever been in the modern era. Tillman will keep a low profile for the remainder of this season, bring a bunch of new guys into training camp 2011, the Eskies will be improved and looking like their old selves and all will be forgotten if not forgiven.

Ockham, with all due respect I think you missed ottawacat's point.

You said "He slapped his babysitter's backside like what happens in football and other sports all the time."

ottawacat was simply pointing out that that is NOT what he did, as the article he cited makes quite clear.

Good on the fans for not forgetting who he is.........he's a guy who was messing with another man's little girl while in a position of authority......Tillman had a fiduciary duty to protect that girl..........not sexually assault her.

He was found guilty in a court of law

Yes, I made a mistake in my recollection. The first reports indicated he slapped her butt, not pulled it into himself as later revealed.

Deer...hunter...he didn't rape her...she nor her family wanted charges...the courts ruled it a minor offence...let it go...

How quickly YOU forget, unfortunately it's people like you that give people a bad name. If you have done some reasearch or done a bit of reading you would see that the guy was acquitted........he did nothing. It's too bad that once you are accused of something and proven there is nothing to it there will always be that doubt by some people.

Careful mike, it looks like it's time YOU did "some research" or "a bit of reading."

Then you would have learned that Tillman was NOT acquitted. . . he pled guilty for heaven's sake.

And as for your "he did nothing" comment, again, do some reading. He DID do something, and he pled guilty to doing it.

None of you were there.. all you know is what was reported. Do you guys really have that much faith in the accuracy and fact checking of todays media?

All I know for sure is that after an apology they dropped the charges. You don't drop charges on someone who has done something horrific.

It's not our place as football fans to play judge and jury for Tillman so please remember that. You only know what you have been told by 3rd parties. Remember that.

Not true at all. The charges were never dropped, and Tillman pled guilty to those charges, thereby admitting what he had done. Had the charges been dropped, he never would have had to go to Court that day to plead anything.

"Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager Eric Tillman received an absolute discharge Tuesday after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting his children's teenage babysitter.

Tillman pleaded guilty to a single sexual assault charge Monday in connection with an incident that occurred in his home in August 2008.

Judge Murray Hinds told a Regina courtroom Tuesday he believed Tillman was "genuinely remorseful" for his behaviour.

"In this case there's no suggestion that Mr. Tillman is not generally of good character," Hinds said.

"He has no prior criminal record. His behaviour towards (the teenage girl) on Aug. 6 appears to be an aberration fuelled by his consumption of two non-prescription drugs, which he used for sleep and pain relief."

The judge's decision means Tillman is still considered guilty of the offence, but he will not have a criminal conviction and will not have to meet any sentencing conditions. "

[url=http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20100105/tillman_verdict_100105/20100105/?hub=TorontoNewHome]http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/ ... ntoNewHome[/url]

When I say they I mean the parents of the girl. The parents wanted the charges dropped after his apology. That is why the court saw fit to discharge him.