Tillman to be named the new GM of the Eskies

"It appears the Edmonton Eskimos are ready to fill the void left when general manager Danny Maciocia was fired in July.

CFL on TSN Insider and Globe and Mail sports writer, Dave Naylor, is reporting that the Eskimos will name Eric Tillman as their new general manager.

The Eskimos interviewed a number of candidates for the position, including Roughriders' director of US scouting Joe Womack and Alouettes assistant general manager Marcel Desjardins, but while no deal is in place, multiple sources say that Tillman will be the Eskimos' choice as their next GM.

An announcement is expected within the next few weeks.

Tillman stepped down as GM of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in January after legal issues in Regina.

As a general manager, he has won three Grey Cups with three different teams, including the Roughriders triumph in 2007."

8) A very smart move by Edmonton, indeed !!
 Wonder why they didn't choose Marcel Dejardins ???     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

 Tillman will get things turned around quite quickly for the Eskimos.

  The bigger question is, will he retain Richie Hall as his HC, or put him in as DC, where I think he is more valuable !!

Excellent news. Tillman has a high quality football mind and the league is better with him in it. The Eskies are officially rebuilding.

He slapped his babysitter's backside like what happens in football and other sports all the time. The cops and her family didn't want to prosecute but apparently some zealot crown attorney decided that wasn't politically correct. Personally, I slapped the backside of a team mate once and instantly knew I'd never do it again. It's a strange custom.

"Tillman stepped down as GM of the Saskatchewan Roughriders in January after legal issues in Regina."

Legal Issues?

If memory serves me, wasn't he charged/acquitted of some sexual indiscretion , or possibly it was with a minor?

How quickly they forget.....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Smart move by esk

time for the intolerant ones to try and run some Tillman supporters off the boards. As I said then, the entire situation was overblown and he`ll be back. He is thank goodness

Thank God it wasn't my daughter.

Amen. If it was my daughter he wouldn't be around to tell about it.

I'm sure he will help the Esks, but I'm glad we have O'Billovich and not Tillman.

Here it comes. Right on schedule

Tillman made a mistake, lets all move on because none of us are perfect by any means. And your daughter people, will get shanked up more likely all the way by people her own age who will show far less respect than Eric Tillman showed. These young males get away with rape with drugs they put in girls drinks and then do the nasty with them without them knowing and they get away with it and laugh their f.....n as...s off. Disgusting compared with Tillman's actions.

He'll be good for the Eskies I'm sure, he's respected in football circles.

Banshee, you're Mr Perfect I guess - NOT I'm guessing. Let it go, man. :thdn:

Recommended reading for Ockham:

[url=http://www.thestarphoenix.com/sports/Tillman+avoids+criminal+record/2407621/story.html?id=2407621]http://www.thestarphoenix.com/sports/Ti ... id=2407621[/url]

Read clearly paragraphs 7 & 8.

I agree.
As far as my post is concerned, let me re-iterate that I have nothing against Eric Tillman, and wish him all the success.
I am certain that he is a good father, and husband as well.
What I objected to was how the media projected it, as a 'legal ' incident, without being more specific.
It made it sound like some kind of a minor incident, which it was ( if you know what I mean ).

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Earl, I am not MR anything. I've never claimed to be perfect, but as a MOTHER, I want my children protected from those kinds of "mistakes". You have the right to believe it was minor and I have the right to believe it wasn't. I merely stated that I am glad it wasn't my daughter and I would end anyone who touched my children inappropriately. It's not me who is getting all riled up about the issue. He knows his football. That is not in doubt. I will leave it at that.

The girl wanted the charges dropped. The court agreed. It should never have gotten as far as it did.

ockham:.....and he should never have done what he did.
Let's forget about dredging up that rat's nest and concentrate of what Tillman can do with the Eskimo's.
I'll bet he has them whipped into shape by the start of next season.
Wish I could say the same thing for the Tiger-Cats.

Did you read the entire article? He was suffering a reaction to the prescribed medication he was on. I don't condone what he did but he should not be condemned either. What he did goes on in dance clubs every weekend - should the Crown start prosecuting everyone there too? This case went to court and the court made its decision. Everyone else should respect that and move on.

Although I'm not a minor obviously, I had a professional at work, male, during a one-on-one teaching session, put his hand on my thigh afterwards and leave it for a couple of seconds. I didn't move, he got the point and left quickly saying he had a meeting to go to. I'm not going to report him, I wouldn't want his career in jeapordy, but if the hand went further towards you know where, I might have belted him. And guess what, me a clerk type would have been fired.

Life is what it is sometimes, not right but you move on. Unless it's real nasty then you lay charges and try and convict the person if it was significant, you don't back down.

Great for the league and the Esks. He was charged and acquitted. The judge didn't even feel that his indiscretion warranted a slap on the wrist. End of story.

An Argo-Cat fan

Half right. Yes he was charged but be was not acquitted. He pleaded guilty and was granted an absolute discharge.

I can understand you feelings completely Mrs "banshee."

I hope in forming your opinion though, that
you read the article that ottawacat provided.

[url=http://www.thestarphoenix.com/sports/Tillman+avoids+criminal+record/2407621/story.html?id=2407621]http://www.thestarphoenix.com/sports/Ti ... id=2407621[/url]

The courts must have felt the medication he was on played a large part

in causing those unfortunate few moment in Eric Tillman's life.


Eric is one of the best General Managers in CFL history.

Obie better stick around here in Hamilton
to, at least, get us into one or two Grey Cups.

I know it won't take Eric too long to do that in Edmonton.