Tillman strikes again!

Welli think this is a + for us, we get a a receiver with lots of potential, negociations with what seems like a D linemen that can be very succesful, far down the line. plus a draft advancment all for a back-up d linemen plus a 5th round pick


gets my approval

interesting don't know what to think just yet.

don't know if we really needed this trade, even with the loss of Flick I felt we have more depth at the receiver position than any team in the CFL at the moment.

From what I saw of Flemons in the exhibition season, a bag of hammers would have been a good deal, so sure, nicely done.
On the other hand, I pretty much have this in the "who cares" catagory as well. I am not a big TJ Acree fan, and doubt he is better than several of the guys we already have. Of course he helps my theory that all the hype over the "code of conduct" was exactly that--hype. hope the police have their tasers fully charged....

Well i know TJ is a fine receiver, and I hear Flemons lacks mobility for a DE, we also move up 2 rounds in the draft, but apparently Brian Smith broke his hip approx. 2 years ago and is still not in football shape......so if Smith does eventually play ball and signs with the Riders,then it will be a great trade....

I hope this doesn't keep Bagg out of the lineup.

I like what i have seen of Acree. Albeit not much, good route runner. And I agree with tillman the Shologan signing strengthend our Dline so Flemons wasn`t a nesisity. Smart move Eric =)

Ya the way i look at is is we dont need TJ, we don't need flemons so lets cancel those out, now we move up 2 rounds and get a neg list player.. so in the end it might not do us any good but im confident sure it won't hurt us at all.

I didnt like the Joseph trade. But I think this now. January has played very good. And getting Shologan with the number 1 draft pick from the Argos was lucky or good. Or both. Flemmons didnt pan out for us. But Acree might. Or the neg list player might. For sure we got this. A much better draft pick in 2 years.

It was basically a swap of draft picks in my mind anyways. I'd rather see Dressler and Berman play than Acree but that's just the glimpses of what they showed me in the preseason. It shouldn't hurt us anyways, we just picked up Shologon and lost Flick so we're just replacing depth.

I just want Riders to win. I will not like every trade. Will not like every decision. This is 1 example. I wanted Richie Hall to be head coach. But I do like winning the grey cup. And I like being undefeated. Who thought Riders would be 2 and 0 when the schedule came out? And do we miss Perry? Or Hunt? No.

I suspect that having recently signed shologon is only a small part of the rationale. I mean flemmons hasn't dressed and was basically a dude of a player from the start.

I am not sure what the rationale for this is given the talent we have at reciever. We have a number of guys sitting on the bench that could be brought in and tested...Berman, Bagg, etc. If they can't cut the mustard let them go.

I am guessing this was more started on the Argos side, they wanted Flemons back and Acree was what they decided on to give. I highly doubt Tillman initiated the talks.

My guess is this: we have several excellent receivers sitting right now (Berman, Bagg, etc.) but they have limited experience. Acree, while not necessarily any better than them, does have experience and may make it easier on a young QB. Just a thought.
Also, based on our offence, you can never have too many receivers around.

Personally I would prefer to see Palmer start and Bagg or Berman dress. No way can Acree get up to speed on the offense quick enough to start this week.

I also want Palmer to start. He doesn't have all star printed on his head or nothing but i remember last year he made quite a show a few times.

The only part of having so much depth that sucks is that we have saw some real good things from some of our receivers in the preseason and they likely will only see spot duty if any at all.