Tillman steps down

The judge is a moron. More than often the judicial system fails the general public. Some judges find extraordinary circumstances to give a pantload a break. Tilman most certainly had lust in his eyes. He placed his fingers in her pant loops and brought her fanny towards his happy spot. Back problems my %$#@. That’s the problem with our judicial system - too easy on the dirt bags. We need a sytem change - vote in judges. I would guess most judges were defence lawyers. So I guess if I take some back medicine I will lust for 16 year olds??? What a load of steaming crap!

Life goes on and so will everyone in this particular case as well.

You are correct life goes on and this type of crap will contiune on untill someone stands up and changes the way the judges manage judical sentening system. It's a joke - simple as that. The system is built on re-affending without any consequences.

|'m not going to trash anyone's opinion, Earl. You are right, you don't know about my background or my experiences but all I can say is that I am glad that the "law" has a different definition of a criminal sexual offence than you do. For all the good that does.

I also completely agree with the commentary in the link posted by deerhunter and I am sad at the precedent a case like this sets. I don't believe Tillman and I have no respect for him and that is my right.

It is a closed matter, but I certainly hope that Mr. Tillman doesn't repeat his actions and that the real victim can move on and lead a happy and normal life.

Link? I was my understanding that the prosecution accepted the guilty plea but were making no submissions as to discharge, conditional or absolute, and were leaving it up to the judge to decide on his own. Correct me please if I'm mistaken (it sure wouldn't be the first time).

It is a closed matter, but I certainly hope that Mr. Tillman doesn't repeat his actions and that the real victim can move on and lead a happy and normal life.

Me as well bg and I see no reason why in this case from what I've read that the girl won't be able to move on as you say and lead a happy and normal life. No reason at all to be honest unless she isn't that strong or doesn't have strong social support from her family and friends. I have no doubt she was shaken psychologically from this incident but then many of us are shaken as such in life from when we are youngsters to adults. I know of an old girlfriend of mine who was a victim of incest from her father and she has a family and is a social worker and is a wonderful person and has adjusted well to being extremely victimized as a young person.

And bg, I respect the law 100 percent and how judges rule on affairs, I have no legal background and have no idea what judges must go through themselves psychologically with so many incidents to tackle in many varied circumstances. The fact is the law is imperfect no question and so are humans and how law is interpreted is imperfect as well. All we are left with is a social condition that is imperfect and try and better the law and how it's applied so that the law becomes better at protecting and serving all of society. What Tillman did was wrong and he did victimize a young girl to a certain extent.

One last thing, my prayers go out to this girl, her family, Tillman's family and all victims in this world. I'm not overly religious but I am thankful that I do believe in some power that prayer can give to me personally and to the world at large.

...on the Tillman affair.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/article/749013--dimanno-tillman-case-patronizes-women]http://www.thestar.com/news/canada/arti ... izes-women[/url]