Tillman steps down

Article from Spectator regarding Tillman


Obviously he was fired. Earlier this week he was hoping they'd let him stay, they let him save face in stepping down which is kind of silly after what he said lol

I really think this is an unfortunate incident that Tillman is going to have to live with for some time. I just hate to see the CFL lose someone who has proven himself to be a very talented GM.

As sexual assault goes, this was a pretty minor incident, but it can't be downplayed, as it clearly was sexual harassment, regardless of what state Tillman was in.

The fact that he stepped down, shows that he is not entirely without class. I'm sure there were enough irate fans who would not forgive this type of behaviour particluarly when the team has put an effort towards cleaning up its image. Eric could not "talk the talk" and then just blow of this incident.

I hope takes some sexual harassment training to show he admits this was unacceptable, goes into hiding for a year or two, and then comes back a better man.



Token gesture based on the fact that he would have been fired. Good riddance. I don't care if he created the team of the millenium, he is now an admitted sex offender and should have been fired based on the morals policy in Riderville alone.

Whatever bg, I don't know your background and of course you are entitled to your opinion, and mine is different than yours. And I'm not ashamed to admit it here.

I just hope the police spend their time going after real sex offenders out there rather than the Tillman types which are basically what happens in many workplaces out there, not saying it's right - but it isn't a sex offence in my books. Not saying I'm right, just sayiing that's me and this is from someone who has tried to been picked up and sexually abused by a priest who was later caught for real sex abuse of a minor.

You're free to slam me bg...

And read this document, the person who tried to get me is mentioned here and this is where I want our court system to concentrate on and our police:


Well, I think most of us got our views off our chests in that other thread that got locked ultimately......

So, instead of getting repetetive myself, I'll just say I agree 100% with the Winnipeg Sun guy who wrote this:

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/news/columnists/paul_turenne/2010/01/08/12389891-sun.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/news/columni ... 1-sun.html[/url]


Tillman's 'punishment' disgusts me


8th January 2010

The punishment handed to Saskatchewan Roughriders GM Eric Tillman this week for his sex assault conviction is unbelievably lenient and pathetically biased.

Tillman pleaded guilty to sexual assault for approaching his 16-year-old babysitter from behind, grabbing her by the belt loops, and yanking her towards him in a sexual way.

He admitted it, and what was the court's response? No sentence and no criminal record.

Tillman received an absolute discharge, which is the most lenient punishment anyone convicted of a crime in Canada can receive.

(to read the whole article, click the link above)

And he was discharged, absolutely as the court deemed. What else can I say. I'll tell you about real abuse.

This may have been a resign or be fired situation, but you don't really know that for sure. In his heart, Tillman may have wanted to stay as he said earlier, but if there were enough fans calling for his head, I think he knew what he had to do. If he didn't, then there is a good chance the Rider's board of directors made it clear what needed to be done.

As far as him being an admitted sex offender goes, while he did plead guilty of the charge, he was not convicted of the charge. I can only guess this was because in terms of sexual assault, this was considered a minor offense. I don't know if he got off with some community service or councilling, but you can bet the judge would have told him the next time he touches a 16 year old's a$$, he is going to be put behind bars.


I don't know if he got off with some community service or councilling, but you can bet the judge would have told him the next time he touches a 16 year old's a$$, he is going to be put behind bars.

And let's hope that this is exactly what happens should this happen, god forbid.

Who knows ? Everything Eric Tillman says has to be viewed as a potential lie,spin or misleading comment. Maybe he got a call from another organization between the time he stated he wanted to stay and agreeing to step down. Also today his story changed again when he stated that he was using Ambien, this is not an over counter drug but a powerful sleep aid prescription drug.

The bottom line is that the guy who was in the best position to know ALL the facts, the judge, granted Tilman an absolute discharge. That means, no community service, no fine, no probation, no record, no nothing. The judge said he didn't believe that Tilman was a risk to re-offend and that his actions were a result of being under the unanticipated effects of his medications.

Let me put a different spin on it. If you've been given a speeding ticket or drive using a cellphone, you're more of a threat to my personal and my familiy's safety than Tilman.

An Argo-Cat fan

Amen Barney


Soooo does that now mean that the Argos are going to sign him?????

Not likely. Its way too soon for cooler heads to prevail in the court of public opinion. I don't see the CFL suspending him but you can be sure they'll make it clear that signing Tillman is a bad idea to anyone who feels that he's worth the PR risk

I think as well it'll take a year or two for someone to sign him, give it time to dissipate this whole thing. In the meantime, he'll be making contacts with more players and coaches and the football world in the States which will make him valuable to a CFL team. He has connections and knows talent.

Regardless of the discharge what Tillman did is Sexual harrassment. You cannot downplay what he did that 16 year old girl has the right to be able to go to work(babysitting) without the fear of bending over etc. Even though I agree that there are more serious sex offenders out there that we should definetly be focusing on but that doesnt mean we should ever let a Crime go Unpunished regardless if there is Criminals out there who commit Crimes that are worse. Do you say let the husband who beats his wife go Because the guy down the street kills his The Law is The law thats it. I can tell you if that was my daughter Tillman would have more to worry about then losing his job and whatever pathetic punishment the law passes to him.

If this went to the court of appeal they'd throw the book at him. In Canadian law there is no such thing as minor sexual assault when a minor is involved also none of this drug crap would be allowed as an excuse, they set all kinds of ridiculous precidents with this case in Sask, now someone high on crack who beats his wife has a perfect precident to bring up to get a discharge. This whole trial was a joke and would not have gone down this way if it was a regular citizen involved.

Step down..fired..who cares. Justice has been done....thanks to the same organization that stands to lose a very good GM.
Too bad the judge couldn't have done his part.

IIRC, it was the PROSECUTION that suggested the unconditional discharge... Gee, do ya think that they thought that there was no way they could get a conviction based on the evidence and testimony?