Tillman should be disciplined and fined

Eric Tillman is more than living up to Cal Murphy's claim of being nothing more than a pissant which the dictionary defines as "one that is insignificant" and "not important".

His campaign to get Lion players suspended for the purse swinging incident in the Riders game is a matter the CFL should investigate and this includes listening to the tapes of his radio interviews yesterday and today on Vancouver radio stations.

This conduct should not be tolerated by the CFL as he is clearly trying to influence league officials who have a challenging enough job and should not be bowing to the pressure of this turkey.

This is a matter that is under league review apparently and GMs commenting as he is bringing disrepute to the CFL and this should get Tillman a reprimand.

Both Tillman and Austin are becoming unglued these days and for different reasons.

Kent Austin has never accepted responsibility in football as a player - he was always one to blame everyone else and now he is calling out his players which he will find will wear thin by year's end. Now we might be seeing why Toronto dumped him mid season.

Tillman is wearing out his welcome mat in the CFL for coming across like goody two shoes. He should be concerned about his own team.

I have to agree, ET should let the league office handle it and leave it at that.
As far as Kent Austin is concerned I couldn't disagree more, Clovis has been missing assignments in almost every game and on Kent Austin's team if you don't perform you will be called out and if calling him out in the locker room doesn't work then maybe calling out in public will.

I also agree and its nice to see a Rider fan agree that these things need to be done through proper channels not through the media. Its not an issue of the plays on the field being right or wrong. Its how you handle things afterwards. I am very disappointed at Tillmans action and his attack on Buono.

Looks like Tillman was right. Justice is served. Time for W.B. to start whining.

That won't happen. Buono does not act the way Tillman does. You watch and see but I understand that your feelings are what a lot of Rider fans are grasping at. Big difference between saying you didn't like something and sending in a tape and doing what Tillman has done every day since the game. Tillman did the same act when he was in BC Its sad to see him go on and on and on and attack an entire organization over and over. Any well run league would fine him and tell him to zip his lip. The only reason I see posted by Rider fans is to say the the fighting was out of line so Tillman can act in a completely unprofessional manner. The fighting was out of line as Buono has said several times since it happened.....if you bother to listen to him talk instead of assuming he is crying like Tillman. Saying that his players were standing up for the QB is not condoning the fight......its not that hard to understand that but all you see is people that can't grasp that. Its right in front of you if you chosse to see it.

I seem to recall Wally crying the same tune when DD was hit . To me it seemed the hit was completly accidental but a hit to the head none the less. Their should have been a least a one game suspension for it are possibly a fine (but linemen make so little so how much can you really fine them).
as far as calling it a purse swinging I think the replays that I saw showed a clear knee to the head this is unacceptable even for Wally . Remember this is the same guy who may have cost the lions a win in Calgary.

The difference between what Buono did and what Tillman did and is still doing 3 days later is huge. Tillman is going out of his way to slag players, coaches, well.....the entire organization. He has done it for 3 straight days and is looking very unprofessional. Buono said it looked like a hit to the head and then sent a tape to the league. He only answered some questions asked about the hit. He didn't go out and attack the Riders organization and everyone in it. You can't do things like this in pro sports and expect to be taken seriously. I love the CFL and Tillman is out of line. The stuff that went on the other game was out of line and a suspension has been given. I agree with the suspension.

Although I agree with you booyatoo, we have to applaud Tillman for one reason, and that is the next time the Riders are in town their will sure be a lot more a$$es in the seats in the dome. Helping the lions anyway so let Tillman rant.

3 lions were diciplined for their behaviour, 0 Riders. E.T. was right (again), Wally you and the rest of the lions organization was wrong (again) and the CFL agrees (again). I expect there wil be a lot of whine with your crow. Enjoy. :lol:

You come across as a disgruntled soccer Mom who has been banned for poor sportsmanship. Since the league did investigate and reached a conclusion that supported what Tillman was saying one can't call it whinning. That's like telling a child that if they witness a crime and report it they are being a tattletale. The scale of the tasteless garbage posted by some Lions Fans on the official CFL forums begs the question if it is moderated at all. Free speech is one thing - portraying the CFL fan from what you read here is anything but noble.

Good bater is one thing - the posts here cross a tasteless line that I am suprised the CFL would want to be associated with - go figure.

HA HA HA HA HA. My dad can beat up your dad.

Puhhleezzeee -- Jerko and that fat pantload Murphy should be suspended for the rest of the year.

Even though his punches and kicks were lady-like, Jerko DID intend to hurt the Rider player and DID rip the helmet off of his head and toss it. Pretty sad for him that he wasn't able to hurt Schultz who was pinned and defenseless. Man to man, Schultz would turn Ragouli into a shimmering puddle of crap within one minute !!

Unless this suspension can be appealed to a BC Lion ticket holder (sound familiar), this tub-of-goo Ravioli should take his punishment and be happy the league doesn't have any balls to hand out the type of suspensions that losers like he, Murphy, Gass and O'Shea have deserved for years.

Murphy waits until someone is on the ground before plopping himself on top of the player and cocking his arm -- STAND UP AND FACE HIM MAN-TO-MAN you chicken**** !!!

This guy will get his just reward someday (and soon) hopefully bad enough that he thinks about how much pain he is in every time he stands up for the rest of his life -- I would pay out of my own pocket to get the chance to play aginst Rob Murphy for ONE series ...

TSN Headline .. ET fined.

This guy is losing it in his meglomania. Shoot the messenger..lol. That is a further attack on the CFL and it further brings disrepute to the CFL. Fine him again and again until he learns to stop attacking the CFL and its teams.

"Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager and VP of football operations Eric Tillman was $1,000 for publicly making comments disparaging to the B.C. Lions. "

The articles goes on to quote Tillman's further attack on the CFL:

[b]"Tillman released this statement in response to his league imposed fine.

"Yesterday, the league validated our complaints at every level,? stated Tillman. “Today, they felt it was appropriate to fine the messenger. We accept both decisions made by the Commissioner and believe each speaks for itself.""[/b]

TSN Headline says it all but misses a key point. Eric Tillman did much worse than attack the BC Lions and the GM/HC and players. His words and continued attacks which ran in the BC media from Saturday night to Tuesday night brought the CFL and its officials and its teams into disrepute. That is unacceptable for a GM.

His statement that says the CFL by fining him is shooting the messenger is a further indication that he just does not get it as to what he has done. This deserves further and stronger action than the one grand fine.

TSN headline and a quote:

"Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager and VP of football operations Eric Tillman was $1,000 for publicly making comments disparaging to the B.C. Lions. "

The articles goes on to quote Tillman's further attack on the CFL:

"Tillman released this statement in response to his league imposed fine.

"Yesterday, the league validated our complaints at every level,? stated Tillman. “Today, they felt it was appropriate to fine the messenger. We accept both decisions made by the Commissioner and believe each speaks for itself.""

You need to get outside and take in the fresh air and repeat after me ...

The world will not come to an end if I don't get my way.....

Say it often because your becoming obsessed to the point of fanatical with this issue

HA!!! HA!!!!
Tillman got his just rewards..., $1000.00 fine.
If only he could reflect more on the team Shivers built (Sask. Rough.'s)and maybe do his job instead of acting like goodee two shoes , he could get some plan to get out of the losing slide they're in right now.What a pissant!!!!

I think the league got it right and now we can move on and kick some Stampeder ass Saturday night. Come-on Rob Murphy , take it out on the D-line and lets run the ball down they're throats. All the WAY!!!!!!

Football16 I like the purse swinging phrase do you mind if I use it in the future thats a good one.

What a twit you are sir. What is Murphy going to do? Wait until they are done plundering JJ and stand up and then go after the dude? What are you smoking? Murphy was protecting the QB and that involved rolling Chick over and holding him down. That was the quickest and easiest way to get him off JJ and that was the right thing to do from the standpoint of protecting your QB. I bet Murphy was thinking "I should let them finish piling on JJ and wait until Chick stands up before confronting him so I dont anger some twat in the cfl forums!" LOL, give your head a shake.

To call Murphy a chicken shit based on the weak spin you put on the situation is sad....but not as sad as the internet tough guy routine you ended your post with. Pitiful.

They had Higgins on a local radio station today discussing how many have said the Lions O line is dirty etc. Higgins' response was to basically suggest that people who say that are just jealous of the team BC has and that when a team is the top dog, the haters come out to hate.

I think it is funny that someones play like Murphy's make you all pissy. I would hate to see how you melt down during a real issue.


Is there zero moderation of these forums? Come on calling someone a Twat as you call it on an open form - This is an official CFL forum is it not? I'm not sure they would agree and nor do I - Really offensive. Do any mods even check these forums?