Tillman revisited

Havent lived in edmonton for a long time but still have a great soft spot for it.
When the Esks were considering Tillman I had asked if the fans there were opposed to him. Got a lot of vitriol then. And then during his short time in reassembling the team a lot were stewing about his moves. Many were scratching their heads and condemning.
Is that subsiding now? Or is the jury still out?

Interesting Flag but here's my take; I'm not from Edmonton either, so thus I do read a lot of newspaper articles on line and haven't come across anything negative of late. Though I do know when Tillman got hired there was some noise by the Woman's group; not that this is a bad thing but I think they were concerned and have a right to speak out. At first I didn't like the idea of his name being mentioned either as the next GM of the Eskimo's; upon Eric being named GM I decided to think about it before ranting and screaming verbal crazyness. I came to this conclusion; If I was/am able to forgive Mike Vick for what he done (and I own two dogs) then I am able to forgive Mr.Tillman and I leave it at that. Lastly; I knew the team was going to be different in 2011, but I didn't think to this extreme. However, I started to get into it as there wasn't any choice, but didn't know what to expect what the Esk's will look like or who was going to be on the field. Now at this point; they are showing good things and I think that's a plus to attract fans on board into having some sort of faith.

I supported the hiring of Tillman because I knew he had a history of turning teams around. While I didn't agree with every move he made, I always said I'd take a way and see approach because I knew his track record. There are some moves that've panned out (Bowman), but there are still some I'm not thrilled about (Duval, QB situation if, God forbid, Ray goes down). The team is exceeding expectations right now, but we're only two weeks in. There's still a lot of season left. We'll see what happens.

I had no opinion on the hiring of Tillman, that changed to a fair dis-like of his decision making process. At this point I'm more than pleased with the team's success as I had only hoped they wouldn't be embarassing again. I'm still no fan of our backup QB or the releasing then re-signing players but Tillman has apparently proved he can build at least a competitive team.

Have to give credit to Tillman, Reed, and Crandell. I thought Edmonton was going to tank this season, and while it’s still possible, they have come out the gate looking crisp and confident in all phases of the game. Reed looks like a great motivator of men, and Crandell has put together an excellent offensive playbook tailored to the strengths of his offense.