Tillman on the Cap

Well Tillman is specualting that other teams are over. Again what happened to the 400,000 left over from the 1.1 million did it disappear?

No problem Sambo you just do that. I would not think badly of you. That would take care of 250,000 meaning 150,000 unaccounted for right. so add that to the injuries you come up with 365,000 over. So this would mean they were over at season start.

We explained it over and over again, 05, how many times do we have to explain it to you?

Where does ET say any other team is over.
I couldn't find that part.
As for where the $400,000 went, you pulled the number out of thin air, so you tell us what happened to it....

Arius I guess you should read it. Your teams GM mentioned those figure and he is hoping or guessing the other teams will be in the 275,00 range :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Buy a calculator...

Holy Moses...I have concussed hockey players in my classes who can put two-and-two together faster than some people on this board...:roll:

Look at the numbers again, '05...50 grand over, according to Tillman...not 50 grand plus injury costs...

Don't paraphrase...show me the quote...

If he's referring to the $225,000 number, isn't that just the average injury costs for the other teams?

Just for you Arius:

2006 > 1,100,000 over
- 700,000 salaries deleted
400,000 over
- 250,000 Salary cap increase
150,000 over at season start

End of 2007 season > 150,000 over from season start
115,000 injuries
365,000 over

Seems to work for me now your turn you get that ababcus out and remove your socks and get to work

Someone who can read?

Yes, Chief, that is what he said.

Would that not be speculating and would that not be praying that this occurs. He has no idea.

$115,000? Where are these numbers coming from? :?

And you say no one reads. First the 150,000 season start where did that go that has to be added to the injury numbers to equate 365,000. Or is the books fixed and that 150,000 disappear.

1,100,000 (2006 overage) - 250,000 (2006/07 cap increase) = 850,000

Subtract from that 800,000, as per item #6 of Tillman's report..."The Roughriders reduced our cap number by almost $800,000 over the previous season."

850,000 (difference as stipulated above) - 800,000 = 50,000.

Where'd you learn math, '05?

Thanks JM02 you are correct I will remove my socks and do a recount.

He didn't

Is it against the rules to tell 05 he is pathetic?
Because if it is, I won't tell him.
But if it is within the rules, then....

If you would stop making up numbers for a minute, and use the ones in the article, and for that matter, grasp what the numbers in the article mean, it would all become clear for you.
Maybe a refresher course in basic arithmatic.
I'll start you out.
You do the next one.

The numbers ET gave in the article very clearly state the Riders are approximately 50,000 over.
You can dispute those numbers, deny those numbers, refuse to accept them.
But if you want to use them, then you must also accept the final tally--50,000 over the cap.

You don't get to pull numbers out of thin air and add them to the numbers ET gives and create some new fabricated mystery number.

Here, let me show you.
Calgary was 300,000 over the cap last year.
They added 150,000 a year with the signing of Bo, so now they are 450,000.
Then they had 225,000 in injuries, so 675,000 over.
And Ted said two teams were over at the start of the year.
As the CEO of Calgary, the only team he could reasonably expect to know that about was Calgary.
So clearly they were over the cap at the start of the year.
TSN reported someone was 300,000 over.
Must have been Calgary they meant, so now we are up to 975,000.
Calgary is over the cap by $975,000?
Man, that must be embarrassing to Ted.

And all those numbers are a combination of false news stories, real numbers and ones I arbitrarily choose.
Just like what you have been doing...

Funny how you know more than the GM of the team.
A team that hasent even been audited yet

Lets see in your world 50,000 is the same as 365,000
By the way JM02 thanks for the recap. But you can not discount the injuries. Yes I guess we will have to wait until April Tillman can rest easy until then.