Tillman on the Cap

[url=http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/news/sports/story.html?id=024839d2-0166-4780-b8b2-16c875ebeb1c]http://www.canada.com/edmontonjournal/n ... c875ebeb1c[/url]

So the league has yet to even look at the Riders books and he suspects they will be over by around $50,000. Further that injury related costs will be around $385,000 compared to the other teams average of $225,000.


Looks like ET has had time to conspire with the league and "cook" those books.
No way is it possible that the Riders are that close to the cap!!

So much for that report comming from somone who knows!

And sometimes when there is smoke,
there is only smoke!

Right now, it looks like the “smoke” from that TSN report, should be passed around so everyone can have a hoot…

I love it when people are put in there place.

Who knows maybe somebody forgot how to use cut and paste and it should have read Calgary and Toronto…or BC and Edmonton…then it wouldn’t have been much of a story. But more readily accepted as the same old thing happening again.

The riders are at what over 300 thousand with injuries. I have not seen a reprieve of injury related costs. Until then again we are all speculating. The fire was real and that is where the smoke came from. :lol: :lol:

Sounds to me Tillman is setting the record straight. The only problem is he is riding on the fact other clubs will be high up on the scale of costs for injuries. Now if injuries count in the salary structure guess what the TSN report was right.

I am not saying ET is correct or not regarding these numbers, but we heard lots of yapping from people saying "ET knows the numbers, but as he won't share them, they must be bad".
Now he tells you the numbers and you just refuse to accept them?
Fair enough.
But just thought I would point out that nowhere in that article does it indicate any "reprieve" for injury related costs.
What he says, is, "despite injury costs double the league average [likely triple those of the Stampeders] that the Riders are likely still within 50,000 of the cap".
Summing up, he has already counted the injury costs in his numbers and just because you, 05, want to count them twice doesn't mean the TSN report has any traction at all.

edit: or to put it another way, had the Riders injuries been at the league average, the club would have been under the cap by approximately 100,000.

They have 2 sets of books. 1 for revenue Canada. 1 for CFL that are in the pot. There is no law about cooking a set of books for the CFL. It would not look very good if the Riders were over the cap as it would be full fledge damage control for the league. Just by Tillman making a comment that the league is not even close to looking at the books cast some suspicion of wrong doing and cheating. By all the reports that are floating around about ET being over the cap. The league you would think would be holding ETs butt to the fire and getting to the root of this problem. You can bet ET has had numerous discussions with the league about how the figures can be skewed. Injuries ETC, ETC, and what they had to shave from the 2006 salaries. Where there is smoke there is fire. And a lot of hot air blowing out of Tillmans office.

Housedog your correct. The fact he addmits they are 365 thousand oer tel you that is the number and I bleieve TSN reported that. You can paint any picture you want that is not 50,000 over. Now Tillman is hoping (he does not know) where the other teams will be once this is done. I do not know about you but I think Tillman is crapping his pants right now. Is it Tillmans fault absolutely not. He explains it very well in the journal. I believe his story but painting being over the cap by 50,000 is too funny. Arius you take that 1.1 million subtract 700,000 that he deleted by getting rid of a few contracts and having players drop some salary that leaves 400,000 at season start over. Hmmm seems Ted was correct.

Its not illegal to be over the cap, if you are over you pay a penalty. Just as if you are caught for speeding, you pay a fine. Simple as that, really. Are you that upset about the GC loss that you want Tillman and the Riders to look bad? Oh , look they "cheated" because they were over the cap. The fact is that if they didnt have to pay $385K for injured players they would have been UNDER the $4.05 figure!

I really cant believe that you think they are that much over, the 385 thousand is what they spent for injuries or is it that you cannot read?

SAmbo you keep convincing yourself of that. Many have stated that your team released 700,000 piror to season start where did the other 400,000 go that Tillman mentions remember 1.1 million. Hey I am sure the excuses will come along nicely. But really your right it does not matter if your over the cap. But when you are one of the teams being protected by the cap it looks dam foolish know. Tell that to the Eskimo fans that they follwoed the cap they used a hatchet to get down to the cap. And that cost them their playoff record. Yup justify it to them sambo.

7. The additional numbers, which the league will validate later this spring, will show the Riders lead the league in cap-related injuries, with $385,000, while the average injury number of the other seven teams will be in the neighbourhood of $225,000. So even with the highest injury total in the league, our commitment to adhere to the CFL's new cap will result in a final number of about $4.1 million, clearly validating an $800,000 reduction in total football expenditures, all while winning the Grey Cup championship.

I guess this is the part you failed to read, 05. Where does it say they are 300K+ over? He says around 50,000 over the cap. I will take Tillman's word over yours, no offence!

Add to that the fact that the salary cap went from 3.8 to 4.05-- 250,000 thousand dollars more than it was in 2006.

05? Not able to read?
That's a good one, Sambo.
Apparently, he can't add either.
I know you want to ignore ETs numbers when it suits you, and pick out the ones you like, but....

The Riders were $1.1 million over in 2006.
The cap was increased by 250,000.
The Riders cut 800,000 in salary.
Those are the numbers in the article, 05.
That means, 1.1 million - 800,000 - 250,000 = 50,000.
Your 400,000 number is just another fabrication on your part.
And ET very clearly states that INCLUDING 385,000 in injury costs, the Rider budget will come in at approximately $4.1 million.
Again, say it as often as you want, but the league isn't going to count that injury number twice.

As for housedog and his BS.
It is illegal to "cook" the books for your partners as well as for Revenue Canada.
One is called tax fraud, and the requirements for that are different than what the SMS and the league partners demand.
As the numbers above show, it all adds up.

Funny how when TSN gave a bogus report it was fact.
Now the the GM of the team says they have not even been audited yet, it is all speculation!

...someone at TSN got some 'splain'n to do....

When does the media ever splain anything?
When its turns out to be true, they say "SEE SEE SEE" When it is more of their BS lies, and they get caught, you never hear about it again.
Prob because they are working on their next lie!