Tillman moves

I'm getting to the point where if Tillman wants to make a move, let him...he's dealing aces!!

who do we trade?

next year is what i'm waiting for in regards to a few receivers. ie Walker, Marshall

keep em' - but that thought could change, wait and see.

Last season Tillman robs Calgary (Wes Cates), Hamilton (D.J. Flick-Wayne Smith) & this year he has picked apart the Argos in a couple trades (need I mention them)??

Memo to any CFL GM...when Eric Tillman calls, politely hang up the phone!!!!!

lol, kind of like a former girlfriend, you know when he's calling, it can't be good.......

The list of great tranactions is enormous, and even when everyone questions him, he comes out smelling like a rose the very next week. I think he must have made some deal with the devil......wait a minute, red hair???? :lol: