Tillman looks smart now eh?

Now I know its only two games into the season but KJ looks like garbage! :smiley: I know he had that one good drive, but thats it! Tilman looks pretty smart, for at least the first two weeks. :smiley: :thup:


Go Riders!

I don't understand this constant need to bash KJ. He got traded to a team that clearly has an inferior offense, with receivers that constantly dropped balls thrown there way tonight.

I think any player going to a new team deserves more than 2 games before we dismiss them as terrible :slight_smile:

I am a big Tillman fan. But I didnt like the Joseph trade. Still dont. But Crandall did look good last week. Very good. Cant say same about Fred Perry. And if Jyles becomes a good back up then yes I will say KJ trade was a ok. But not yet.

I think its ok to do this. Be happy Tillman is our gm. And want Joeseph to play good in Toronto. I want both.

I reserve judgement on defensive players that go to Edmonton, I think that’s probably one of the worst coached groups in the league led by Rick Campbell. Plenty of very good players that looked average at best last year.

No offense DJ, but Joseph played well tonight. Especially in the 2nd half. His team let him down huge. Missed catches all over the board.

I think Tillman had a feeling KJ would suffer without Kent Austin. I know its early, but he may be right. KJ eyed his receivers all night last night, but it does not help when the offence is very predictable.

I didn't see the Toronto game last night, but for those of you who are claiming Joseph's career is over. I suggest you go look at his four games of last season. Stats wise they were poor and that is without the rotating quarterback. Give the guy a break.

Kerry doesn't deserve the bashing he has received. Overall Toronto looks like a not very good football team. Their offensive line is porous - Joseph very seldom has any time to throw. Their defense gave up 298 yards rushing last night. So I think they have much bigger fish to fry than Kerry Joseph. He needs a chance to get a rythym with the new offense and continued playing time will make him more productive.

I hope he has a good season.

I agree I think Joseph is being let down by the entire offence. I Tillman made the right decision I think KJ will suffer without Austin but he would be alot better if the Argos could catch a football.

Great game by Hamilton.

I’d agree. I think the team is overrated more than Kerry Joseph is. But it is a relative thing. Last year, I think the team (Sask) was underrated and KJ a bit overrated. The team last year made him look good. So far, the Argos team is not doing the same. If anything, the performance of the Argos this year proves my point so far, but it is only two games …

I would say Kerry Joseph is a good quarterback that excelled in a great system tailored to his abilities. Now that his surrounding cast has dropped in quality his numbers will drop.

It is not a slight against Kerry but rather an acknowledgment that maybe Austin was telling the truth about the system and that Crandell would have looked as good as Joseph in it.

I will reserve judgement until later in the season. And I will wait to see the "Tillman screwed up in trading Joseph" thread after Crandell's first game.

There are dropped passes in every CFL game, even at the championship level. If these receivers never dropped a pass they would be playing in the NFL. If there is anything that seperates the NFL from the CFL, it is the NFL's intolerance of on field mistakes. Although there are dropped passes in the NFL, they are less frequent and are tolerated even less.

I don't understand the argument that Joseph is on a team with less quality players than the 'riders in 07. From looking at the Argo roster, they have some talent on that team.

Only thing I saw Joseph do last night is run around the field much like that jack rabbit does that occasionally shows up and entertains us at 'rider home games.

People are missing the point about last night's game in that Casey Printers is by far a better althlete and QB than Kerry Joseph.

Joseph looked really good in the second half. In the first half even Stubler said the receivers weren't getting open, he would have had no problem putting in Bishop. After the first drive by the Argos in the second half where they were backed up by penalties Joseph got them out and drove the entire field putting them right back in it. Then Bruce fumbled on a later drive where the Ti-cats capitalized.
The Argo D looked brutal last night. Joseph had better numbers than Printers in the first half.
As far as Crandal, he had two plays, the Flick and Bowman TD's which were individual efforts which accounted for 1/3 of his yards. Most of the other throws were high percentage throws.

Profound, my friend, profound. One day, that game will come so brace yourselves ...

KJ was let down by his own OL in T.O. I have been waiting for this topic of KJ to come up, because I have tix for the July 27 game. When he hits the field, I for one thinks he deserves a standing ovation and a huge thanks for all he did for us. Then after the first snap of the ball, he gets the crowd noise as we always do in Rider Nation. And he would expect no less. And of course he is going to play on the 27th like we're the bitter enemy.

I hate being in the "what have you done for us lately" province as we are so well known for. We love to have someone to hate. It's friggin embarassing. He's a great QB that is a huge threat during the rush. But he is only 1 man and can't help greasy hands and lazy blocking from his own team.

KJ deserves better from us. I would bet he never wanted to leave us, but let's face it, the 2007 MOP deserved a bigger salary and we didn't deliver. If we can't give that to him, then let's give him the next best thing. A thanks from Riderville. He deserves no less.

agreed neil

Ask this question again the day AFTER the Grey Cup. See if your prediction is on, or off.

Great point Neilca I totally agree I still think KJ can be a great QB but when Toronto comes to town he better expect to hear the noise when it comes game time.

I'd say give KJ a huge ovation when he comes on the field the first game. Then treat him the same as any other QB as soon as the ball is snapped. It doesn't have anything to do with respect once the game starts because from that point on he is the enemy.

Totally agree