Tillman joins Ticats as consultant

Drew Edwards reports the Ticats have hired Eric Tillman as a consultant along with finalizing some of the scouting positions.


[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2013/03/ticats-hire-eric-tillman-as-consultant.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2013/ ... ltant.html[/url]

Having more experience in football operations never hurts.

My understanding he is well connected to people down south who know the talent base so I see this as an excellent move. :thup:

Great signing. Tillman will be a welcome addition to our football operations. He'll help in a big way to raise
the bar for his football associates.

i'll probably be the lone person on this side of the argument, but I am not happy about this move at all. I can't stand the guy. Hopefully he doesn't have much say because otherwise we'll see Kerry Joseph and Jason Armstead signing here in the near future. :thdn:

I disagree with this hiring as well. I would have thought that the club would be very concerned about its reputation after the Stadium Debate, the tier system for season ticket renewal, the many poor performances on the field the past nine years, the friction with McMaster, and playing away in Guelph for a year. Eric Tillman has a less than savoury reputation; I can't see that hiring him will help to repair the damaged relationship between the city of Hamilton and the Tiger-Cats.

The hiring of this person may well be all the reason I need to end my 26 years as a season ticket holder. Inexcusable move.
What was Kent Austin thinking? A complete loser decision.

Explain further Bat, I'm all ears... never made a mistake in your life have you?

Well, he didn’t move to Edmonton even when he was the GM of the team. So presumably he won’t be moving to Hamilton to be a consultant.

I assume he will advise Austin to trade our starting QB, since that’s his patented move.

Ex, he's a consultant, I wouldn't expect a consultant to have to live any where near a team in this day and age of of the internet and Skype etc. :roll:

Earl, if you have followed this man's career, and done some reading, I believe there is nothing for me to explain. Do the reading, and come to your own conclusion.

If the hiring of a consultant (regardless of who they are) makes you want to abandon the team then you never really were a true fan in the first place. How can you possibly expect anything out of your control to be the way you want it?

You really lack fundamental fan loyalty as well as realistic perspective.

As they say... don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Zenstate, if all you have to offer regarding my loyalty and qualifications as a fan is the comment I made this afternoon, then I accept your opinion. You alone are the possessor of the truth. Good luck, my friend.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I like this move, and his experience, and his relationship with Austin.

I also like the fact that Austin is in charge and has the last say.


Three-time Grey Cup winner

GM with the B.C. Lions (1993-'94), Toronto Argonauts (1997, '99), Ottawa Renegades (2002-'04), Saskatchewan Roughriders (2006-'09) and Edmonton (2010-'12).


Tillman was charged with sexual assault Jan. 27, 2009 in an incident involving a 16-year-old girl in Regina. Tillman pleaded guilty to the charge Jan. 4, 2010 and was granted an absolute discharge the following day. As a result, he received no criminal record but resigned as Riders GM on Jan. 8, 2010.

Ricky Ray Trade

That mistake was a 50 year old man touching the neighbours 16 year old daughter.
That is a rather large mistake.

As a football decision I think it is a good one,
As a Public Relations decision I think it is a poor one.


Some tweets

cratchingpost #Ticats Kent Austin on Eric Tillman: “I've known Eric a long time and there is redemption for all of us.? #CFL #Riders @Ticats
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scratchingpost #Ticats Eric Tillman on lessons from Regina sexual assault case: “To the day I go to the grave, I will have remorse and regret" #CFL #Riders
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scratchingpost #Ticats Austin on Tillman role: “Where I see a need to get another opinion from a person that I respect quite a bit, I'll ask for it? #CFL
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scratchingpost Eric Tillman will be based in Saskatchewan for the moment while consulting for the #Ticats.
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scratchingpost #Ticats coach Kent Austin on Eric Tillman : "I've known Eric since college and have a close personal relationship with him." #CFL

If he is a consultant then he has no power at all so don't worry about him engineering some awful trade. Consultant simply means that he is being paid for knowledge and resource assistance. Think of it as team intelligence.

What is wrong with this forum is those of you who actually have the gall to say that someone who has held season tickets for 26 years is a not a true or loyal fan. 26 years? Are any of you that spout this garbage that old?

Well, I'm happy to see him here...AND to those that think otherwise...give this some thought..."the last person that walked this earth that was perfect, got crucified".

He made a mistake when under the influence...he's paid a BIG PRICE...move on. (besides, we don't know all the story, and when the family, and the girl involved didn't want to press charges...that tells you something right there.) :roll:

The good I like. :smiley:

The Bad, a couple of poor decisions. One personal as well as several years ago with no repeat.
The other a choice that would actually rest on Austins shoulders.

A good choice over all in my opinion.