Tillman is the Choice.

The latest report is just out and the decision has been made and with an expected announcement shortly!
Here is the story.

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/football/montreal-alouettes/Eskimos+expected+sign+Tillman+soon+sources/3514395/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/f ... story.html[/url]

why is there a picture of hopson and not tillman?

If he's the best guy for the job, than might as well bring him in early so he can start evaluating towards next year.

He should still be in Regina.

To be honest, I've already "forgiven" him for what happened, and my main concern is turning the Eskimos franchise around. This once proud and dominant organization has fallen hard. In three of the last five years (including this season), the Eskimos have finished with a losing record, and we could potentially miss the playoffs again for the third time in five years. I want this franchise turned around now, and Tillman seems to have success wherever he goes, so if the Eskimos are working toward bringing him in, I'll support the decision.

You can have Taman, we'll take Tillman back.

No thanks. :lol:

True Tillman does seem to bring success I'll admit.

And that's something the Eskimos need desperately... :?

Even TSN is reporting it. Guess we just play the waiting game now.


(Ah, the waiting game sucks, let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos.)

tillman will turn the eskies around in a hurry.

when your team has 90% of the talent but not getting the results, tillman is the perfect 'hired gun'.

just like when he took over the riders. 90% of the talent was there, just put in his coaching staff, made a couple of tweeks and the grey cup was in regina.

The Riders are the one that made the big mistake in letting him go.

Can't wait to read Tillman kissing the butt of the hardcore Eskfans forum fans. The guys is slicker than his hair.

I'm sure he isn't worried about the 20 "hardcore" fans who demanded he not be hired.

I would guess that tillmans biggest issue wouldwill be how his peers accept him, and will the players respect him. Probably they will, and if so, thats all he needs.

This may be true but until the announcement is official I will remain unconcerned. If this was a done deal, why wouldn't they announce it, makes no sense at all to wait if he is going to be the GM. This may be a trial baloon to guage the level of response from Eskimo fans.

They're probably working out the details of the deal right now. Takes a little time.

I'm guessing he'll run a lower profile in Edmonton, he was quite the attention getter with the media here in Regina and I think at least for a while he'll be low key.

Why do you say that Dust? :wink:

I agree with VoR.

And if it is true then the real test will be two things:

  1. How will ET demonstrate atonement to the public? He'll have to do some very visible and genuine community things to sway public opinion. Lip-service and sugar coated messages just won't do... it'll have to be 'real'.
  2. How will the Esks handle the outcry from the fans. This is the issue that I've been going on and on and on about. The Esks under Maciocia were a communications swamp. They'll be tested to the limit with this.

I can see some of the Esks fans following through with their threat about dropping their season tickets.. although I think they're really allowing this to get personal when it really shouldn't be.