Tillman Interview with Williams

Just watched the interview on TSN website, great interview, I loved the fan that stepped up and gave Williams 20 bucks towards paying Tillmans fine.

That being said do you think Tillman will get fined once again for his remarks during the interview? I don't think so but others may see it differently.


he didn't say anything bad in this one.

Tillman should be Suspended this time around for discussing this incident. The fact that he would engage in a discussion on TSN regarding an apology from the commissioner shows he cannot control his mouth.As I have said in the past he is of the same temperment as Shivers. Any Questions from Brian Williams concerning this matter he should have replied No Comment. All this has does is throw gasoline on the fire.This fan who handed Brian Williams and Tillman a 20 dollar bill just shows a total lack of respect of the league by Rider Fans. These are not the best fans of the CFL but the worst.


Really, you should not dip into that BC Bud so early in the morning-- it makes you post nonsense like this... :lol: :lol: :roll:

the only thing bad in that interview was his once again classless attempt to make Paopao look bad.

assinine little pissant.

The only one who made Paopao look bad was Joe himself.

I didn't see anything bad in that interview.

The only thing that I noticed that could be deemed questionable was Tillman's bringing up the comments of Wright, regarding accountability, thereby comparing Wright to Cohon...and even that, in my opinion, wasn't fine-worthy...

you guys, you truly need to get off their case.

Tillman is protecting his team and his coaches from retarded referees.


I knew if I hung around here long enough I'd find something to agree with you about.

There are enough of Tillman's old REnegade players still around, on the better teams in the league no less, to demonstrate that Paopao had the tools to work with, but that he blew it.

Tillman is getting ready to watch a home playoff game. Paopao is a coordinator for a OUA team that didn't make the playoffs. Neither is a coincidence.

Mind you, Tillman did hire him in the first place...

That is flawed logic. Individual players doing well on other teams does not equal one whole good team. Any one who gets it knows that the ownership mess in Ottawa was a double minus in that on one hand gm and coaches hands were tied, and on the other hand, it created a very negative environment. As for the ticats, nothing improved when they canned joe, because joe was not responsible for ticat woes.

In any case, that is not the point regarding tillman. Regardless of Joes supposed flaws as gmcoach, it is totally classless of this pissant to keep taking shots at him after the fact, no matter how subtle they be.

I was a strong supporter of tillman, glad to see he went to sask, and still likes some things about him. When Murphy first called him a pissant, I was against Murphy for doing so, but Murphy was right after all.

You are missing the point.
It is irrelevent whether or not Joe got the renegades to the promised land or not.
ET is attacking him on a personal level.
On these forums we call it flaming and it is against the forum rules.
It is no different in the real world.
And the thing is, there was absolutely no reason, no context requiring ET to bring the Paopao issue up.
He could have answered William's question concisely, openly, correctly without once slamming Joe Poapoa.
Instead he took the opportunity to take another shot at the man.
It was petty, and uncalled for.

ET has plenty of good qualities. But he can be a very small petty individual.

well said, better than myself :thup:

Actually, I agree with everyone then.

I saw your post earlier, FYB, but didn't have time to respond to it.

While I still consider Paopao to be a terrible coach (and that's where I agree with Sambo), I understand the point of view that there's no sense in bringing it up three years later when they really have nothing to do with one another anymore (which is where I agree with tyhe two of you). Fair enough.

works for me

Pretty tough on Tillman there boys. Maybe I missed something but it didn't seem like any kind of a shot at all. It was a simple statement of fact that he liked Austin in BC and he pushed Paopao to give him the OC position in Ottawa. That goes directly to the question of "why Kent?". How would you have liked to see him answer the question knowing that the most anyone remembered about Austin's history was him getting fired by Toronto?

Here is what ET could have said:

Williams: "So, Eric, when did you first realize that Kent had the makings of a good coach?"

ET: "I realized what a great football mind he had while he was my QB in BC.
I was so impressed that I recommended that Joe bring him onto the coaching staff while we were in Ottawa, even considering him as the offensive co-ordinator.
Joe went a different route for co-ordinator, but we all saw the success that Kent had with KJ then, and we continued to see that success with Damon Allan a few years later in TO.
So, Brian, I have always felt Kent was going to be an outstanding head coach someday."

ET is plenty media savvy and a precise enough speaker to have known full well what he was saying, and how he was saying it.
There was simply no reason to take a shot at Joe.

almost word for word what I was going to say, specially the bolded parts.