Tillman gone shopping: QB, WR, OL, DL, DB...

Rod Pederson:

Tillman and Rider head scout Joe Womack have set out with a clear shopping list on their American excursion. It includes - according to Tillman - a quarterback (or two), two receivers, an offensive tackle, a defensive lineman and a defensive back; all imports.


It looks like Tillman has found some wiggle room with the Riders salary cap. Rod Pederson reports that help is on the way from NFL cuts. But just a week or so ago, Tillman was fined for complaining about how the salary cap was stifling his abilities to deal with the teams injuries. My guess is that Tillman found a way to get the now injured (retired?) Dominguez salary off the books. Hopefully the Riders can bring in some new talent, without breaking the leagues rules. Tillman is in negotiations with:

Gerran Walker, WR Pittsburgh Steelers
5’10" 185 lbs
40 Yard Dash: 4.45
College: Lehigh
Atlanta, GA

The article linked suggests that Walker will be used primarily for returns . . . and that it will be hard to put somebody into the offence mid season.

I feel Tillman is good at these types of situations and have faith that the Riders will continue rtheir winning ways.

Don't forget about Tillman's goal upon getting back to Regina with the Grey Cup.

Injuries or not, this isn't any different than any other year--when NFL teams start making cuts, you bring people in. That is why the PR is expanded at this time of year--and that should have been in the budget already--and it is just business as usual.
The fact so many players are on the 9 game may actually have helped us regarding cap space--another reason why ET's earlier tirade was a little silly. Obviously, with Matt now done for the year, that remaining amount clearly saves a lot of cap space--likely in the neighbourhood of 100,000. Now obviously, you need to pay his replacement. But the replacement likely will get half that amount.

Uh no, there is no way in hell MD was making over 100k. His contract was largely based on his performance. And since he only played like 4 games, he will get very little. Add to the fact that the cap hit was kept because he wasn't on the 9 game at the start of the season, the most we'll save is 10,000.

ET went over this on Riderville. The 9 game helps, but it's not nearly as big as you think. A lot of the contract is in the signing bonus, which doesn't help when the player gets put on the 9 game.

I don't particularly care what ET said or didn't say on Ridercult.com. What you are saying doesn't make any sense. Matt Dominguez took a pay cut this year, I believe. But if you think he went from nearly 200,000 a year to less than 100, well forum decorum doesn't allow me to say what I think of that.
I suspect he was making as much as 150. Perhaps lots of bonuses, but bonuses based on him playing, so that money needed to be budgeted for. Now it is free. At 150, he was one of the highest paid players. Even if it was 120, he was one of the highest paid players. So if his replacement gets 90 (which is likely a bit high), that is a savings of far more than the 10 you suggest. If he was making 150, and the replacement gets 90, after you pro rate the 4 games, we would save over 40,000. Add in the fact that DJ Flick, Andy Fantuz and John Chick are all likely among the highest paid players on the team, we are likely saving considerable amounts on each guy.
My guess is we have saved in the order of 100,000 because these guys were badly hurt enough to go to the 9 game...

200k at the start of the year for MD??? If you say so, Arius ...


Nice to see you have no clue what you're talking about though.

Ridercult is how Arius tries to insult us. He thinks this. He is smarter than us. Smarter than Tillman. Smarter than Miller.

He is always to busy telling us he has everything figured out. What does Miller know? What does ET know? Who cares what they say. Arius will tell us what is happening. Or what happened.

This is what Tillman wrote on Ridercult. That is the word Arius uses to kick anyone who still isnt with him in Shiverscult. Or doesnt agree with him on Barrett.

Tillman said this on Riderville. Or something like this. He didnt name names but he was asked about Fantuz and Dominguez and Flick.

This what he said. If player is making 120 he probably got 20 to sign. I may be off some. But that is very close to what he said. If player has 100 left and is replaced by player making 60 the team only does this. Saves 20 on cap. Half of 40 different salary. He said 9 game saving are some money. But savings are lost when Riders have to pay new players and good players hurt like Szarka and Durant and Hughes and Johnson and January. Players not on 9 game. ET talked about this to. Parenteu being hurt for 1 month and Dressler missing 3 games. Or 4 games. He talked about some other hurt players to. He said when they are hurt Riders have to pay both. He said injured players and new players give Riders cap problems. Every hurt player not on 9 game gets paid and it counts against cap. So do players that replace them.

I dont know what Dominguez is making. But Arius doesnt know either. Dominguez may be making less than 100. The rest may be playing incentives. Tillman said this on Ridercult. He said he was just picking a high number to help us understand. He didnt say what Fantuz or Chick or Flick were making.

I am just guessing. But is believing Tillman Ridercult. Last year Riders cap was what he said it was going to be. Maybe 15 off on 4 million.

Never said that. Not even close to saying that. Pay attention.

Thanks for providing numbers that back me up, Austin....

I can't believe people are still listening to what Tillmen says on ridercult.com without looking at things logically.

So lets look at Matt D. remember being on the disabled list for game 1 doesn't count agains the cap....Matt D. is counts for 5 games against the cap. or another way of thinking about it....less 30% of his salary. Assuming his base salary is $100K, that means right away the riders have $70K to spend on a player for the remainder of the year. Now lets do the signing bonus, I will make the assumption signing bonus in the CFL all counts against the cap not like the the NFL. So if he signed for $20K that is lost no savings. Then what about incentatives....he likely won't qualify for any....so that is instant savings there...lets assume for the a minute his bonus were another $50K is an instant savings. Therefore the riders have $120K to sign new players. The projected and budgeted salary for Matt D under the cap for this year would have been $170K which might be high but is likely close.

Now, for those people who are saying that the riders are having problems with the single game list, I would suggest you go look at last year. The riders budgeted $300K last year, so far this year, they don't have as many people on the paper cut brigade as they did last year. Add to that some of the long term paper cuts such as Tate have been on the 9 game list the whole time and don't count.

I believe disabled list is 40% of salary, not all of it.

Anyways, let us look at it logically indeed.

Let's say his salary is 100k. Likely, his signing bonus was then 30k. That means 70k. Now, miss half a season which is 35k. Include the salary of a backup and that's barely anything left over.

Note: I'll gladly believe Tillman over anyone especially on here. He's generally not Tilspinning that much on riderville unless it's about prospects.

You cant believe? This is what I cant believe? You have not given up on your negative BS. Tillman has made a fool out of you. Over and over. You said ET was bad hire. You said Austin was a bad hire. You said Riders would not win last year. You said Riders would be over cap by 300. Or more. You said Riders could not win without Joseph.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I cant believe this. Anyone listens to YOU.

I hated the Joseph trade. Said so here. Riders are winning without him. I sat in stands and watched Riders beat Argos with Jyles. Yes Stephen Jyles. I was wrong about Joseph. I can say that. Can you say this Mike? You were wrong about Austin? Wrong about Tillman? Wrong about cap?

1 more question Mike. Tillman said Riders would be over cap by 50 last year. They finished over by 70. You said Riders would be over by more than 300. Said maybe way more. You called Tillman a liar before league announced cap numbers. Why should we believe you on cap now? And not listen to the gm? Why should we believe you Mike?

Logically? Nothing logical about your statements, your numbers are made up to reflect your position as opposed to reflect reality, and again, no one here has an actual quote from ET to back them up, but we are supposed to trust the accuracy of what you say. Just post it. Quote + link= credibility.

Note:, I'm neither believing nor disbelieving anything ET has said, because he has not said anything. I am choosing not to believe you however.

Hey guys get back on topic, this isn't a discussion about Matt D. and salary cap situation around him and being on the IR.

I would like to see them bring in a WR and DE, I am not worried about tackle I think January will get it turned around, but we do need to find some Canadian talent Geno and O'Day aren't going to last forever.

I would guess that Dominguez likely was set to make around 125k. I guess the saving grace with having all these injuries is that salaries on the 9 game don't count against the cap.

125 as a base is a fair guess. With another 25000 at least as incentives. I really don't see the guy going from the 200,000 range to less than 100,000 as some are suggesting...
When healthy, he is arguably the best receiver in the league. The best receivers in this league receive in the neighbourhood of 150-200 thou, with a few likely making more than that.

1 thing I will agree with Arius on. Has Tillman ever said Riders are going to be over cap? I go to Riderville every day. I listened to tape of radio interview. Never heard him say Riders are going to be over cap. Not 1 time. He did say this. Changes in off season were to give Riders cap room. He said Riders could not extend players with all of these injuries like he had planned. Said injuries counting against cap was dumb. Injuries had killed all of Riders cap space. But like Arius said. Is there any quote were Tillman said Riders would be over cap?

No doubt the injuries are putting the pressure on. But injuries must count against the cap. Or there isn't much reason to have a cap. Could there be a more transparent and effective system? Sure. But no system will help with this many injuries.
Just be thankful we have a soft cap, and move on....

Austin just what do you take exception to with my comment. Was it fact that some ridercult.com member came in the forum and said Tillman said this and Tillman said that on ridercult.com to which I have said, I can't believe people are still trying to quote Tillman from ridercult.com. That isn't a reflection on Tillman that is a reflection on you.

Now in terms of my comparsion of Matt D's salary do it yourself. Post something here for anybody to comment on. Just don't be critical for the sake of being critical. Oh wait that is all you can do, when some asks you to look at things with an open eye.

Now in terms of the paper cut brigade, I said the riders are actually doing much better, they have eliminated that vast majority of the part time players. But then again you missed that.

I also guess you missed the fact where I said the riders budgeted $300K last year for injures. So this year, if what you have said, the extra money for Joseph, the extra money on Hunt and the extra money on Perry all went to the short term injury fund. So with all the savings assuming another $100K, then the riders should have an injury fund of $400K this year. But a smart guy like you should be able to phone up Tony on your speed dial and ask him, Tony, last year you budget $300k for short term injuries what is the budget this year? Knowing Tony like you do you should be able to get a real answer by Friday at the latest....