Tillman Fired

Whats your thoughts on Tillmans firing? I think its incredibly premature for such a move... Now someone new is going to come in and destroy the past 2 years of progress. And thats not what we need at the moment. I think this is an incredibly stupid move.

You got it. You fire your GM after your season ends; you don't fire him a week before a playoff game.

That tells me there's more to come about this move.

Man i would love to have some of what you are smoking!!!

Regression is more like it.

  • We traded a hall of fame quarterback for a below average field goal kicker and a quarterback no one else wanted.
  • He panicked and gave away a FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK for a kicker when Dales went down.
  • Traded Chris Carr for next to nothing.
  • We have a 40 year old starting quarterback who has lost more games than he has won.
  • We "moved" a near useless offensive co-coordinator to quarterback coach, and have made no move to replace him, leaving our head coach doing both jobs.
  • We won our way into the playoffs last year and other teams lost so we could get in this year.
    I have been watching the Eskimos since we were coached by a guy names Neill Armstrong was our coach. I remember times when we were awful and bad but what I see now is we are screwed. Our coaching is ok but we need an offensive co-coordinator in the worst way. We have no quarterback and nearly no development.

Excepting a miracle and offering a few free agents a whack of money (doubtful though we couldn't even hold on to Rod Davis last year) we are hooped for next year too.

^^ Agreed.

This team fooled themselves into thinking they could do something if they could just sneak into the playoffs. Reed should've kept Nichols as the starter instead of going to old man Joseph and continuing to waste Nichols.

This season's been pure regression. We backed into the playoffs because Hamilton happened to suck more than us.

I'm glad Tillman's gone. Next they can fire Reed and Crandell (he should've been fired earlier instead of being demoted), and then they can release Joseph. After that, then maybe we can start to forget about this joke of a season.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Edmonton/2012/11/03/20329126.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 29126.html[/url]

Don't know if you want to fire Reed. From what this article suggests, it sounds like he's been crippled by having to be the real GM on top of being head coach and de facto offensive coordinator. Don't see how any coach could manage all that. And that's not even getting into how badly Tillman hosed Reed and the franchise with the Ray trade and not getting any free agents re-signed.

I don't know. Lotta speculation. This is the problem I have with sports writing. It's 90% speculation and rumours. To be honest, I'm just growing impatient with Reed. Not only with some of the decisions he's made this season, but also with his constant outbursts on the sideline.

Edit: I just finished reading the other articles in the topic in the main board. It sounds like there may be some truth to the speculation and rumours. What a disaster Tillman turned out to be...

As a long time supporter of the Eskimo francise and a real love for the city of Edmonton. I feel like someone has just stuck a knife in my back as well into my heart.
At this point I think it's time for the community to take back the team and clean house.

Jesus, I just read that article, not that I know its all wrong or right, but for all of that to come out after Tillman was fired surely says something about the people in the organization and the situation...

A problem with Len Rhodes interview is that he made it seem terribly clear that he was not honest with the whole story, which seems obvious now, you can tell of the way he spoke, looked around, trembled with words and stuttered. How is someone who does all of that even hired if he cant properly give an interview or speak professionally (if he even wasnt trying to hide anything and was telling the blatant truth)? He looked more nervous and scared than a 6th grader giving a class speech for the first time.

Im sorry but you are completely wrong Squishy21!

First off, its GREG Carr not Chris Carr. And second, we got a STEAL for Greg Carr! Eric Tillman signed Greg Carr as a highly paid free agent (so other then paying him his salary, we got him for free). He was a HUGE BUST and trading him to Sask Riders with our 4th round pick to get Matt O'Donnel (a former 2nd round CFL draft pick) and upgrade a round and get Sask's 3rd round pick was also a good throw in. Matt O'Donnel is 1 year away from being a STARTING Canadian O-LINEMEN. Thats a huge deal for Edmonton, which was one of our biggest holes. Carr still hasnt done anything. And to make over $100,000 for his lack of production is a total waste of money. Edmonton would have simply cut him, if they couldnt move him. But they didnt and they made a great trade!

To the Ricky Ray trade. Yes last year the team surprised most and was one win away from the Grey Cup. But when your QB (Ray) the year before didnt lead Edmonton to the playoffs, and made over $450,000 a year, thats a HUGE BUST. Specially when the salary cap is only $4.25 Million for 46 active roster players, plus injuries, plus practise roster players, etc. Eric Tillman got Ricky Ray to take a pay cut to make $450,000. Before ET was in Edmonton, Danny Mac was paying Ricky Ray over $500,000 a year which is why Edmonton never won anything. Our longest playoff streak in sports history ended and the Edmonton Eskimos did not have depth. Yes Ricky Ray won us two grey cups. But the first one, he was still young and had an amazing team infront of him. Making around $85,000 a year. Edmonton could still keep guys like Hervey, Tucker, Gass, Frank, Vaughn, etc etc. But once the Edmonton Eskimos became Ricky Ray's team. They have not done anything. Ricky Ray was not making Edmonton any better. Without Ricky Ray, Edmonton has more money for depth, and alot better chances going forward to fill their roster into a championship team. NOT TO MENTION 90% OF EDMONTON FANS WANTED RICKY RAY GONE Everyone boo'ed Ray and cheered for Zared Zabransky, or even Stephen LeFors. Lets not forget that. Its not ET's fault at all. Plus even Ricky Ray wanted a change.

Now to the trade. Lets make a comparable:

Ricky Ray dealt to the Toronto Argos for the 2nd overall overall pick, Grant Shaw (top canadian prospect kicker) & Steven Jyles.

Henry Burris dealt to the Hamilton Ti-Cats for Kevin Glenn (who at that time was finished according to everyone on TSN).

Which trade would you rather have? Of course its the Ricky Ray trade. I can tell you for sure that Tillman had alot less of an offer from Hamilton for Ray and it was only Toronto who stepped up at the last moment to make the deal. NO OTHER CFL TEAMS INCLUDING WINNIPEG WERE INTERESTED.

Getting Jyles has been a bust. Yes i agree on that. But at the time, he was a new starting QB. Had some promise and could run and gun (unlike Ray). But lets not just blame Jyles and Tillman for that. Its Marcus Crandells offence and he did not work to Jyles strength at all. His play calling was also bad and it put too much pressure on Jyles in key situations. No QB would have had any success. Now getting Grant Shaw was huge! He will become the next Sean Fleming in Edmonton. So lets turn the clock back, Danny Mac spent a 2nd overall pick on Kicker Warren Kean... How did that turn out??? Thats what i thought! (Even Dwayne Ford said this draft pick was huge risk at the time). Lets see who was a 1st round pick in 2007: Jabari Arthur (Calgary), Justin Phillips (Calgary), etc. Ouch! Danny Mac also spent a 1st round pick (2009 4th overall) on bringing in Noel Prefontaine. How did that work out? Another bust! At least Tillman traded him back to Toronto for DT Etienne Legare (non import) & LB Damaso Munoz! A HUGE trade for Edmonton! And thats all because of Eric Tillman! Getting Grant Shaw gave us someone who can do the job well and he is very young. Alot of years left in him. And now look at him, he can Kick Field Goals, KickOff (tops in the CFL) and Punt. Very few teams have guys who can do that. No team has a young kicker who can do that! Brody McKnight trade breakdown will come in my next post

And now to the draft pick included in the Ray trade. Tillman moved down, getting his man anyways in Austin Pastor. A huge o-linemen prospect who if he comes to Edmonton next year or year after will be a starter like O'Donnel. And ET also got another draft pick, using that to replace a key postion at LongSnapper in retired Taylor Inglis, drafting Edmonton's own Ryan King. Now some people say about Pastor, well yes... "if he comes". Your right. But so what if he goes to the NFL for a year on a practise roster? Thats great developement! And he is already interested in coming here. Matter of fact, he had a deal in place with Edmonton but the NFL came calling last minute. If Tillman drafted Chambers in that spot (instead of Pastor), then the whole trade would look different. But ET still got Chambers at the 6 spot and Pastor would not been around at 6. So taking everything into consideration, including the fact that Edmonton has a young stud QB in Matt Nichols (we would never know that if Ray was here), and also.. Everyone in Edmonton says well the Eskimos never developed their QB's.. THATS WHAT THEY DID THIS YEAR! Nichols is the guy! And imo, id rather have Nichols, Messam, Howard & Sherrit then Ricky Ray, Barnes & Aj Harris! ALSO FACTOR THIS IN: When you are the team trading the best player in the deal... you NEVER win the trade year one.Thats a fact! Unless Ray was serious hurt, Edmonton knew that. Its 2-3 yrs later. Honestly im happy Ray is gone. Edmonton hated him when he was here and he deserved to go somewhere else for a change. Getting what we did was the best we could have gotten. Unless you people think Kevin Glenn is the long term solution which isnt the case at all and to be honest, yes Glenn has a decent year at QB... But he is still not going to start next year over Tate. So it was a HUGE BUST for Calgary in the Burris deal. THEY GOT NOTHING. AT LEAST Tillman got something! And wait 2-3 years to talk about the trade. Its WAY WAY to early to say anything.

*Now lastly, i agree with the guy at the top of this page who said Edmonton was stupid to fire a guy who has been working hard for 2 years to turn this around. Tillman has done an amazing job for what he was given! Lets just hope the next guy in line wont be another Danny Mac! That would kill this team for another 5-6 years.

*Squishy, montreal has a 40 yr old starting QB.. and Kerry Joseph was at one point the best QB in the CFL. He's still better then some. Matt Nichols is the guy. Not Joseph.

*You cant replace the OC in the middle of the year, its too hard. Edmonton did that way too many times. Watch for Kavis Reed to talk with Paul LaPoilice about the OC job!

*Making the playoffs is making the playoffs, who cares how u do it!

*I think your thoughts Squishy are more frustration, then anything. I understand. But everyone was feeling the same way you did in 2009 with Ricky Ray in Edmonton. So nothings new. You cant turn the table in 2 years. And Tillman almost did. Which is amazing.

*Rod Davis left because he wanted WAY TOO MUCH MONEY! And Eric Tillman let him walk, not the other way around, why keep Davis? We have the best LB in the league in JC Sherritt who broke the record in tackles. What has Davis done? Munoz replaced JC and Hill has been great. Our linebacking core was stronger this year then last for sure! We do NOT miss Davis at all! Just like the people who were mad at letting Greg Peach go, he hasnt dont much for Hamilton. Howard/Williams are better DE's then Peach. And again, Peach wanted top dollars.

Edmonton is fine. We are a WAY better team because of Eric Tillman. And thats the honest truth.

LMFAO! Fire Kavis Reed? Are you kidding me? The guy is one of the best coaches Edmonton has ever had!

As for Nichols starting right out of the gate over Joseph???? LOL. Joseph played very well when he took over for Steven Jyles. The guy has experience. Nichols needed time to develope! And now look at Nichols, he was given the time and he has developed. He is the starter going into next season and thats what everyone wanted.. a young stud QB. They are NOT wasting Nichols. He's not even 30 yet! lol

Our defence has been a regression? LOL NOPE! And making the playoffs is making the playoffs. Edmonton lost 6 games this year by less then 10 points total. if we won those games, we'd be in a run for 1st place! Just like Winnipeg in 2010, look what they did in 2011!

Eric Tillman has done great things for Edmonton. The blame lies on Danny Mac! The guy was a complete idiot! Its easy to play the blame game and say fire him or do this or do that. Your not in the room, your not the one playing the game. Its alot harder then a person things. Kavis Reed is a great person for the Edmonton Eskimos organization and he is in the running for the GM job.

Now i do agree that Marcus Crandell should go, and he will. But bringing in a new OC half way or so into the season is stupid. IT DOESNT WORK! And Kavis Reed will talk to Paul LaPolice about the OC job for next year.

Eric Tillman made a few mistakes, he's only human! But he sure as hell improved this team and had a clear path upwards! It would have taken anyone 5-6 years to do what Tillman did in 2 years. Letting him go was a mistake in my opinion. Len Rhodes doesnt know ANYTHING to do with football and thats the problem. He things he's so powerful and let an ACE walk out the door. Lets just hope a deuce doesnt get hired to replace tillman. We cant afford another danny mac!

you make some great points. I think Tillman made some good moves in the NI department, the trades don't bother me so much as his trip to TO and the rumors about him talking about the GM job for the Argos. The fact that most of the front office staff quit and felt the office ran more smoothly when he wasn't there and Reed having to do most of the off field duties for me that speaks volumes about Tillmans character.
Nice post CFLvs NFL :thup:

hope we hire him. nice post CFLvNFL. dont think the dude ever got a fair shake over in Edmonton. too bad

Maybe you should read the articles first then decide if you would want him as your GM.

Three titles in 12 years? I'll take it!

Can you back up that statement somehow? My information (and I can't stay if it's accurate or not) is that Tillman called Toronto about Ray and didn't contact any other team. What was Hamilton's offer, and how do you know about it ?

OK :roll: I suppose thats not bad for an Argo fan as an Eskimo fan we expect better. But then again you do have the Leafs.

And a lot to cover up so they are starting early ...

A whole lot stinks about this situation to me, and that will be more the case for many if Tillman somehow ends up in Toronto in 2013 or 2014.

And how I wish I had known that he never moved to Edmonton to start his new job too. That fact right there would have had me suspicious given his past in Regina. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

i hope we hire him in Hamilton. really, dont think that Popp spends that much time in montreal but if that was the reason why he was fired with the team moving into the playoffs instead of at the end of the season, sure ok, your president should be next after that mind blowing presser he gave to explain everything. seems pretty politically motivated from here. if the cats gm put a winning team on the field and he wants to have his family live in montreal i dont give a !@#$

i will be bummed too if he goes to the argos, because they suck and thats the way we like em

how could trading ricky ray be a conspiracy, do you think he will keep him if he comes back to argoland anyway??

Maybe that was his plan all along " I'll trade Ray to the Argos knowing full well I will be their GM in a year, then I'll refuse to sign any of the Defensive stars so I may be able to grab a few of those guys from free agency." I could careless myself if he lives there. but the optics of the whole thing makes you wonder what he's up too. This is the main reason I want him gone. their were other issues with the media as well that show this guy is a real snake in the grass. So you decide if you want him to be your GM.