Tillman fired by Edmonton!

Just heard this on TSN at halftime of Mtl-Wpg.


That Ricky Ray deal sunk him...

Too bad,because I think Tillman is a pretty sharp football man but I think he basically outsmarted himself on that one...

Having said that,Eric Tillman would be on my short list of GM's for what should be the upcoming Hamilton Tiger-Cat GM position...Frankly,the last time he was available we made the grave mistake of passing on him and choose Marcel Desjardins...

WHAT??????? What the hell is going on there out west? Now if we can only get Tillman as our GM...

you guys do realize there are obvously other issues with tillman beside the Ray trade. Internal issues and personality conficts etc. Are you really sure you want Murph's little pissant? He never seems to last long anywhere, in spite of some success.

Edmonton has not been impressive at all under Tillman`s reign. No we need somebody better.

Wrong on football.
Wrong on organizational development.
Wrong on ethics.

Sorry, ED, but I beg to differ on all counts.

Hire him. Hire him Now.

:o :lol: :lol:

What if he trades Burris for Jyles? :lol:

The timing of Tillman's dismissal is highly unusual and suspect.

The team is in the midst of a playoff run, and yet is now subject to a major distraction and upheaval during the most crucial period of the season.

Could CEO Rhodes not have waited until the playoffs were over before announcing the termination?

and imagine the egg on his face if the Esks managed to win the Cup. (or even advance to the Final)

Please.... somebody explain the love for Tillman. While he generally makes good football decisions he then makes spectacularly bad one, destroys organizational cohesion, and we won't go into the assault charge. He DID have several good signings that helped the Riders to the '07 cup but I place most of the success of that team on Kent Austin and his staff. They teased success out of players like Baggs and Holmes in ways that later coaches just couldn't.

...based on his personal ethics....no one (anywhere) should hire the guy.


maybe Paopao will :wink:

Fire him. Fire him Now

Tillman's been a GM for 12 years and has 3 championships. By that math, worse case scenario, TiCats would win a Grey Cup in 4 years. Based on our recent history that's better (as Wendy says).

A wrong hire ethically but the comment about emerald and teenagers is equally wrong and makes its author no better than the people he falsely ridicules

Sorry but cheap humor is not funny and not cute

tillman never lasted more than 3 yrs anywhere.

tillman gets very little credit for the 94 grey cup win as the lions players simply got on a roll and overacheved.

in 97, he inherited a grey cup winning team complete with doug flutie. No credit to him for that.

So really, he only gets credit for the sask cup, and still didnt last there more than 3 yrs.

The one thing that would be in ticat favour is that it only took 1 year with tillman for the riders to win the cup.

Something stinks. No team in their right mind would release their GM one week before a play off game. If Tillman ends up in Toronto, there is something fishy about the timeing. Just as fishy as Milanovich and his D Co-ordinator ending up in Toronto before last season ended. I guess we all have to wait for the dust to settle and the future annoucements. Has the David Brailey football league struck again? As far as hiring Tillman, the man has an eye for talent and will likely end up in Toronto or Ottawa.

Vince Lombardi could rise from the dead, offer to coach the TiCats along with a host of archangels as his assistants, and there would still be critics here saying not to hire him.

Tillman's rings speak for themselves.

I'm a desparate, desparate man...